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How To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From CuttingsHow To Propagate Plumeria Plants From Cuttings Propagating plumeria is a great direction to expand your collection, or share your favorite plant with friends. In this position, I ’ ll lecture about different plumeria propagation methods, show you when and how to take plumeria cuttings, and then show you how to grow plumeria from a cut, bit-by-bit .
How To Propagate Plumeria From Cuttings

Plumerias ( aka frangipani plant or hawaiian leu tree ) are beautiful tropical plants. They grow to be large trees in warm climates like Hawaii, and are popular for their fragrant flowers ( which are used to make wreath ).

I brought home my first plumeria cuttings from Hawaii several years ago, and have propagated it several times over since then .
It ’ second fun and easy, and I ’ ll show you precisely how to do it in this guide for propagating plumeria .

Plumeria Propagation Methods

There are two main plumeria propagation methods you can use for growing fresh plants – from seed or by rooting plant cuttings .
In this article, I will show you how to grow plumeria from cuttings. I ’ ll save the semen starting for a future stake .
I know it sounds chilling, but growing plumeria from cuttings is actually pretty easy. First, let ’ s talk about when is the best time to try it .

When To Take Plumeria Cuttings

The best clock to take cuttings for plumeria propagation is during their active growing season, which is in the spring and summer .
summer is the easy time of the year to root them excessively, particularly when it ’ randomness warm and humid outside .
If you take cuttings besides late in the summer, or in the fall as the plant is starting to go dormant for the winter, then they credibly won ’ t take rout .

Rooting Plumeria Cuttings In Winter

Plumerias go dormant during the winter, therefore if cuttings were taken excessively late they will likely stay dormant and won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate develop roots. however, if you store them correctly, you can overwinter them, and root them in the jump .
just leave the cut in the pot, and keep the land completely dry all winter long. You can mist it with water every once in a while if you want, but don ’ thyroxine overdo it .
then in early spring, give it a good drink in of water, and follow the plumeria cuttings care instructions below for growing them .

How To Cut Plumerias For Propagating

There are a few things you ’ ll want to keep in beware when cutting plumeria stems for rooting ( and for pruning plumeria plants excessively ) .
It doesn ’ t make a difference where you cut the stem, so it ’ s just a matter of how long you want to make your cuttings .
But you do want to be sure to use a astute pair of pruners, and constantly sterilize them so you get a nice clean cut .
besides, plumerias are very prone to tip putrefaction, so it ’ mho important to constantly make your cuts at a down angle thus that body of water can ’ thyroxine settle into the wound .

How To Grow Plumeria From Cuttings

Before you get excessively aroused and stick your plumeria cutting directly into the scandal, there are a few steps you ’ ll motivation to take to prepare it for the best chance of success .
first, remove the leaves from the cut. This will allow it to put all of its energy into growing new roots, rather than supporting the leaves .
second, be certain to allow the scent to cure ( dry out ) before you attempt to root it. This footprint is ace important, so don ’ t hop it, otherwise your plumeria cut will likely rot alternatively of growing newfangled roots .
Let it sit in a dry put until the injure is completely cured. This can take respective days to over a workweek, therefore be patient, and don ’ metric ton rush it .

Rooting Plumeria Cuttings In Water

A common question I get asked is “ can I root my plumeria in water ? ”. The short answer is yes. however, rooting them in water system international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine constantly a huge success. many times, the stems will only rot when placed in body of water .
If you have batch of cuttings to work with, then by all means experiment with this method ! My prefer plumeria propagation method acting however is rooting them in territory. sol, I ’ ll lodge to that for nowadays .

How To Root Plumeria Cuttings In Soil

When planting a plumeria abridge, it ’ second identical authoritative that you always use a clean pot to avoid any type of contamination .
besides, make certain you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use a huge pot for planting plumeria cuttings, differently you risk overwatering which will only cause it to rot .
I use 4″ pots for rooting most of mine, and once in a while I might go up to a 6″ pot if I ’ thousand rooting a larger stems .
Supplies Needed:
Here are the steps for how to start a plumeria cutting in soil…
Step 1: Dust the cut end with rooting hormone – Rooting hormone will help plumeria cuttings grow roots, and besides speed up solution formation .
You can try rooting your cuttings without it, but I find that I have more success with plumeria propagation when I use it .
Step 2: Make a hole in the dirt – Use your finger or a pencil to make a hole in the territory where the write out will go .
If you didn ’ triiodothyronine dust the end with rooting hormone in step 1, then you don ’ t have to worry about this step. But making a hole in the dirt first will keep the rooting hormone from rubbing off when you stick the ignore into the soil.

Step 3: Put cutting into the soil – Put the abridge end into the trap you made, and then pack the territory down around the base of the stalk .
You want to make surely the soil comes into contact with the cutting, and that it will stay in put. The roots will grow out of the bottom of the stem, so you don ’ t have to establish it very deep. just deep enough so it will stand up on its own .
Rooting plumeria cuttings in soil Step 4: Wet the soil – Give the dirty a good swallow, until body of water starts coming out of the drain holes .
Allow the water system to drain wholly from the potentiometer, and never allow it to sit in a tray of water. then place your cutting in a protect, humid placement, and wait for the roots to grow .

How To Care For Plumeria Cuttings

To encourage roots to grow, be sure to keep the atmosphere around your plumeria cutting humid, but the dirt on the dry side. If you live in a humid climate like I do, you don ’ t need to do anything .
Simply leave it outside in the heat and humidity, and soon it will start to grow. just be sure to keep it out of the sun until then .
But, if you live somewhere dry, or you ’ re trying to root the plumeria establish cutting indoors, then it ’ s a good estimate to mist it every couple of days with a plant sprayer to keep the humidity level gamey .
good don ’ triiodothyronine water the territory, you want that to stay on the dry side. Damp dirt will merely cause your plumeria cutting to rot, and you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want that. You ’ ll know roots have started to grow once you see new leaves growing from the top .
Leaf growth means plumeria root system has formed

How Long Does It Take Plumeria Cuttings To Root

How farseeing it takes for the cuttings to root depends on the environment. If it ’ sulfur in truth dry, then it will take much longer for plumeria cuttings to root .
But, if you keep them in a humid location, and give them undimmed light ( not direct sun ), then they will root much faster. In the right conditions, plumeria roots should start growing in a week or two .
Successfully rooted plumeria cutting

Transplanting Plumeria Cuttings

once your cutting starts growing and has a few fledged leaves on it, then you know it ’ randomness safe to pot it up .
You surely don ’ t need to worry about repotting plumeria cuttings mighty aside, you can leave them in the small pot until they become pot-bound if you ’ five hundred quite .
The best pot land for plumeria plants is a porous desegregate, and they should constantly be planted in a pot that has drain holes .
They do not like to be overwatered, so it ’ randomness extremely significant to make sure to use a fast drain potting blend, like lush potting soil .
Or you can try to make your own plumeria potting soil by mixing coarse sandpaper and perlite or pumice with general potting soil .
once your raw baby has become established in its pot, you can start fertilizing it to encourage flowers ! plumeria plants can flower starting their first class .
You can use tropical plant fertilizer specifically made for plumeria and other tropical plants. Otherwise, some of the best fertilizers are compost tea ( you can get in liquid form, or buy compost tea bags to brew your own ) .
I besides like to use fish emulsion or fluid kelp, but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use these two indoors because they are a little bite icky .
Learn more about how to grow a them in my detailed plumeria plant caution guide !
New plant after propagating plumeria from cuttings

Plumeria Propagation FAQs

Below I ’ ll give you answers to the most frequesntly asked questions about rooting plumeria. If you can ’ thyroxine find what you ’ ra looking for here, add a comment below .

Can You Replant A Broken Plumeria Branch?

Yes, with some care, you can replant a break plumeria outgrowth. Make certain the ramify is dry and not rotten. If the break off goal is mangled or crushed, then cut off the damaged parts so you have a uninfected cut .
Clip off any leaves that are on the stem, and leave it to dry in a fly-by-night place for a few days. then follow the steps above to root it .

Why Is My Plumeria Not Rooting?

Your plumeria cutting may not be rooting ascribable to overwatering. The dirt needs to be kept on the dry english at all times, and it should never be moisture .
besides, the roots grow best in territory that ’ s 75 to 85 degrees F. You can use a heat felt placed under the pots to promote new ancestor growth .

Where To Buy Plumeria Cuttings

If you ’ rhenium always in Hawaii, you can find plumeria cuttings for sale all over the rate. But if not, don ’ t worry, it ’ sulfur besides pretty easy to find plumeria cuttings for sale on-line ( I bought this red plumeria cutting last class, and it ’ randomness growing great ! ) .
If you want to purchase them online, just be sure to regulate your cuttings in the jump or summer for full results .
Plumeria generation by cuttings sounds like it would be very hard, but it ’ sulfur actually pretty easy when you follow these steps. They grow actually fast besides, so once you get the hang of it, you ’ ll have batch of new plants to share with friends !

If you want to learn how to multiply any type of plant you can get your hands on, then my Plant Propagation Made Easy eBook is for you ! It has everything you need to know in club to start propagating your favored plants right off. Download your copy today !

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