How to Plasti-Dip Your Car Wheels or Rims

Auto Faction enjoys keep, improving, and modding cars .Wheels coated with black Plasti Dip Wheels coated with blacken Plasti Dip

Looking for a New Look?

If you ‘re tired of your old, curb-rashed wheels or merely want to try a new look, then you should consider a Plasti Dip wheel coating.

Plasti Dip has become extremely popular and has proven to be a great way to safely and temporarily change the expect of your cable car. You can do this on grilles, badges, shipshape, and precisely about any other separate of your vehicle, but today we ‘re going to focus on wheels .

What Is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip is a colored, rubberized coating that you can dip, brush, or spray onto parts. It was originally used for coating cock handles, but the variety show of applications for it has grown exponentially. You can use the rubberize material to change the color of parts, like wheels temporarily, and you can peel the corporeal off if you ever decide to remove the stopping point or change colors. Although Plasti Dip can be removed well, it is quite durable, and a great direction to protect the original stopping point of your wheels .

What Colors Does Plasti Dip Come in?

previously, Plasti Dip was merely offered in a few flatness colors like crimson, black, and white. You can still get these colors, but you can get many more ; they now offer a “ mix-your-own-color kit. ” Websites like offer a kind of premixed colors like gunmetal, giant green, blue, purple, and yellow. You can nowadays buy semblance coatings or “ metalizers ” arsenic well, to add a glossy, argent, or gold attend to your Plasti Dip coatings .

Step-by-Step Guide

1. The first step is to clean your wheels vigorously. Dirt, grease, or wax will keep the Plasti Dip from sticking to small areas, and as a leave, your finish will not be as durable. No early planning is needed other than cleaning the wheels. Sanding may just make your subcontract more unmanageable, as the Plasti Dip will be harder to remove from a approximate airfoil. Do make sure that the wheels are completely dry before moving on. 2. After cleaning the wheels, you need to decide whether you are going to apply the Plasti Dip while the wheels are on or off your car. It ‘s easier to apply Plasti Dip to wheels that are off the car because you can tilt the roulette wheel and spray at angles that are unmanageable to reach when the wheel is sitting good. That does not mean, however, that you ca n’t spray the wheels while they are on the car. You good have to be careful of any hide surfaces you might miss while spraying. 3. You have two choices for how to mask off the tire to reduce the measure of overspray. Overspray is not the worst thing in the global here, because Plasti Dip will peel off tires, but it ‘s a lot easier if we take some steps to keep overspray to a minimal. You can either use dissemble or painter ‘s tape to tape off the bore around the boundary of the wheel, or place your deck of cards erect around the outer brim of the wheel ( see below ).

How to Plasti-Dip Your Wheels

now we can talk about how to apply Plasti Dip. Before you start, you ‘re going to need a few things :

  • Soap, water, and a sponge
  • A roll of masking tape OR a few decks of cards
  • Your Plasti Dip

Masking the tire off with cards Masking the bore off with cards

More About Adding Style to Your Car

If you like this guidebook, check out my other articles on how to Plasti Dip cable car badges or grilles, and how to choose a performance summer tire. Get a copulate of grippy tires to match your newly finished wheels and add the complete touches of vogue to the outside of your cable car. 4. now that the run down is masked off, you can begin spraying your wheels. Spray using arcing, evenly-paced passes. Spraying Plasti Dip is a bunch more forgiving than spraying rouge, but hush, try not to create drips or bubbles. The first coat should be very inner light and still seem about crystalline. After it dries for 10 minutes or indeed, you should be quick for a second coating. Again, just lightly cover the wheels with placid, even-paced sprays. After the second coat, the semblance should be more solid, but hush not wholly opaque ; again, let this coating dry before moving on. The third base coat will be the survive. spray barely a light as before, but you ‘ll notice that the color will become completely firm now. After the third coat dries you can extra spray to areas that might need touching up. After you apply your last coat, let the wheels dry at least 40 minutes to an hour before trying to handle them. 5. If you want to add a glistening or metallic finish to the wheels, make sure the last coat of Plasti Dip is wholly dry, then spray the glossy or metallic coat on top of it. Try to spray very lightly, specially if using the silver or aureate coat ; these metallic-effect sprays go on pretty heavy. When you ‘re done, wait for everything to dry and remove the cards or masking tape.

You’re done! Enjoy the new look of your wheels! If you ever want to remove the finish or change colors, simply peel the coating up from the edge of the wheel, it’s that simple. This article is accurate and dependable to the best of the author ’ second cognition. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes merely and does not substitute for personal guidance or professional advice in clientele, fiscal, legal, or technical matters .

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