The King: Eternal Monarch
더 킹: 영원의 군주

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Title : Dream
Artist : Paul Kim (폴킴)
Genre : OST
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25 thoughts on “Paul Kim (폴킴) – Dream (The King: Eternal Monarch 더 킹: 영원의 군주 OST Part 8) LYRICS

  1. The King: Eternal Monarch OST Playlist:


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    You are my dream

    You are my love

    내게 사랑을 알려준 너라서

    Follow your time

    Follow my heart

    눈이 부시던 그날에여전히 머물러 있어

    I love you

    I love you

    너를 만난그 시간 이후 모두 다 너야

    내 맘 가득흩날리는 너

    You are my dream

    You are my love

    너의 온기머무는 그곳에 내가 있기를

    ’till the end

    You are my dream

    You are my life

    흑백의 나의 날들이너의 색으로 물들어

    내 맘은어느새

    너를 만난그 시간 이후 모두 다 너야

    내 맘 가득흩날리는 너


    엇갈렸던 그 많은 시간 속에서

    이렇게 난 깨달았어

    네가 없는 난 의미 없단 걸

    I love you

    I love you

    내겐 너야세상 어디라도 널 찾을게

    눈부시게 아름다운 너



  2. The king eternal monarch.this is the one of my favorite kdrama, hope to see you again king lee gon and jeung taeuL 😭

  3. I love all the ost of this drama so beautiful so unic music… I love yu creater.. so peaceful and so beautiful 😍

  4. This song 🥰😭🤗 I can't speak the language but wow this songs slaps hard!!!!! I just can't stop crying, smiling and feeling giddy inside whenever I listen to it. 🥰😍🤗😍😘

  5. Paul Kim thank you so much for a wonderful love song.your singing voice is excellent…more power and god bless to you Paul Kim..

  6. this song always makes me emotional.HUHUHUH to be specific the lines “you are my dream, you are my love” ughhhh🥺

  7. I love this movie "The King " Im an avid fan of Lee Min Ho
    Feel so in love ! Thanks Netflix . More movies for Lee Mi Ho pls.

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