osu! World Cup 2020 Round of 32 | Singapore vs Japan

0:00 Greeting
0:19 team rosters
0:40 picks/bans
1:20 1st map
3:40 final scores 1map
4:50 2nd map
7:40 final scores 2 map
8:37 3rd map
10:20 final scores 3map
12:30 pick 4th map
13:20 4th map
16:08 final scores 4map
17:00 pick 5th map
18:14 5th map
22:00 final scores 5map
22:52 pick 6th map
23:25 6th map
25:35 final scores 6map
26:25 winner winner chicken dinner
🎮Team roster Singapore: k_1tty, GSBlank, Rtyzen, LanJay, Demonical, Loslite, [-Lockon-], megumic

🎮Team roster Japan: Delis, EIGER, dectopia, rollpan, Varvalian, chankoma, —-, a_Blue
The osu! World Cup 2020 (OWC 2020) is a country-based osu! tournament hosted by the osu!team. It is the 11th installment of the osu! World Cup.
✔️Tournament schedule
Registration phase 2020-09-24/2020-10-08
Qualifier showcase 2020-10-17 (14-00 UTC+0)
Qualifier stage 2020-10-24/2020-10-25
Round of 32 2020-10-31/2020-11-01
Round of 16 2020-11-07/2020-11-08
Quarterfinals 2020-11-14/2020-11-15
Semifinals 2020-11-21/2020-11-22
Finals 2020-11-28/2020-11-29
Grand Finals 2020-12-05/2020-12-06
The osu! World Cup 2020 offers a $5,000 cash prize pool up for grabs and limited edition merch!
Gold crown 50% of the prize pool, exclusive single-run merch, profile badge, “osu! Champion” user title for one year
Silver crown 36% of the prize pool, exclusive single-run merch, profile badge
Bronze crown 14% of the prize pool, exclusive single-run merch, profile badge
The osu! World Cup 2020 is run by the osu!team and various community members.
Manager: juankristal, WalterToro
Mappool selector: idke, Kano, Omgforz
Commentator: Azer, BTMC, Bubbleman, ChillierPear, Dohland, Doomsday, Halfslashed, Kano, Monko2k, Omgforz, this1neguy, ToGlette, Will Stetson
Referee Deif, ill onion, LeoFLT, nik, p3n, tigereyes144, WalterToro, Yazzehh
Statistician LeoFLT, Nwolf
Tourney info:
Discussion thread:
Pick’ems page hosted by hallowatcher
🎵angela – Otome no Route wa Hitotsu Janai!:
🎵Xi – Shoujo Kisoukyoku ~ Speed Battle:
🎵Maoki Yamamoto – PIRATES BANQUET:
🎵Eagle – S!ck:
🎵Morimori Atsushi – Time Machine:

🎵Gesu no Kiwami Otome. – Romance ga Ariamaru:
🎵Gentle stick – Amphitryon:

🎵BEMANI Sound Team “Nekomata Master” – Painful Fate:
🎵Kiryu – EVE:

🎵ClariS – SHIORI:
🎵Aki – Darkish:
🎵Akiyama Uni – The Grimoire of Alice:

🎵Memme – BSPower Explosion:
🎵BUTAOTOME – Gensou no Satellite:

🎵My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade:
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  1. Without Emilia and M4ki Singapore really depends on Demonical (Singaporean Here)

  2. japan can probably actually listen to the songs and know the lyrics, i sorta envy them

  3. Hey Lanjay, you dropped your Lanjiao..

  4. That was an epic match

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