North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, but its leader Kim Jong Un has still found the money he needs to finance a nuclear weapons program, despite the country’s fundamental poverty and international economic sanctions.

This documentary looks at how, and introduces the men who have helped Kim Jong Un keep his dreams of reaching nuclear power status alive. North Korea has not reined in its nuclear program, despite a number of UN resolutions that have tried to force it to do so. So how has the isolated country kept the program going despite sanctions? Every year Pyongyang sends millions of North Korean workers abroad, selling their services to over 40 countries around the world. And their salaries flow directly into Kim’s treasury. The only ones who know exactly how the system works are the men who have helped the North Korean government carry through the program for years. A film team spent years researching these men and their secrets – from bankers and diplomats to the laborers and specialists who worked abroad and whose wages flowed into the regime’s coffers. Come and meet all the dictator’s men.


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35 thoughts on “North Korea – All the dictator's men | DW Documentary

  1. It’s very similar to what used to be the Soviet Union. I’ve lived in the USSR and these images remind me of that time. There are some remnants of the USSR like «proposal or registration “ of your living address. You can’t move to another address without government permission.

  2. the sanctions are the cause of the starving of north korean people economy the US neoconservatives and south korean far right conservatives want them to starve to death even if they give up their nuclear arsenal or regime change , at the same time they need north korea to stay to keep the reason for staying in south korea forever and keeping the country divided eternally

  3. wait a minute…..office 39?….is this the HATE for Trump funded and fostered by global corporations because he threw out the TPP on day one (where they make secret trade deals)…were the Globalists going to use Labor from N. Korea which funds his nukes and they know that won't sit well with people? wow…..

  4. You hear that metal banging sound? That's Michael Kim's balls of steel while he walks lol. Thank you Michael!

    I'm very hopeful also that the man in Mongolia got to see his son when he left Mongolia…

  5. If I lived in North Korea I would be the MOST compliant person in the country. I'd be so terrified. I truly hope things loosen up in the years to come 🙁 Fantastic doco. Wow.

  6. Would chemical weapons cause families to suffer; and to effect the whole world by ecosystem to be found ruined?

  7. 15 million a month went into Kim Jun's pockets over the last 2 decades??? and which he spent on Nuclear materials and weapons ??? outrageous! ironically while most NOKOs are Christian like their SOKO relatives.. their government is demonstrably NON Christian.. petty, self absorbed greedy Thieves intent on complete domination at any cost…

  8. You can be a slave and happy as well you can be free and suffering the reality will be seen after the "dictator" look todays Libya

  9. Those solar panels were clearly placed and installed that same day. cleaning solar panels is quite the arduous task, i just dont believe those are the real source of energy.

  10. Model apartment…let's look at those beautiful homeless tents and cardboard box homes of America…don't point fingers right wing spooges!

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