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  1. ⭐Can we get 1000 likes on this video?

    ⭐Watch me play LIVE here! – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVwO0-o7MVx_ZZPCvyQjDMA

  2. I am playing in call of duty

  3. What is name in call of duty

  4. Could you please make a tutorial about "how to move'n shoot like parker"?

  5. Before starting the video I got an ad from the worst battle royale game which assumes itself to be the no.1 game between The legends such as COD, PUBG and FORTNITE. YOU KNOW THIS GAME!!!!!

    It's the fucking FREE FIRE the worst low graphical, no recoil gunned game, like the comment if you think it is the WORST GAME😎😎

  6. I don’t like how his aim snapped on the enemie there a little suspicious maybe you should talk about that Parker explain why it does that 😬😶

  7. I got him mace nikto roze velikan ronin gaz ghost alex price on mw.

  8. Every Parker Videos: Ladies and Gentlemen if you’re new around here 🤣

  9. Realmente no entiendo cómo juega tan bien es increíble la agilidad de este tipo en cuestión de segundos termina con duos y escuadras completas y sin tener adrenalina, valla

  10. Yes bro even the sniper skin is op

  11. How much cp in total do you spend if you get unlicky in the draw and get the skin last?

  12. how many fingers do you play Parker?

  13. Very good…i like👍

  14. I say parker and narco and blink and yanrique is the pro players 😁😁

  15. i really like that skin but i dont have it

  16. It’s pay to win cuz it’s a ghille suit

  17. YES, is full Pay2Win, Total OP, and as always to get this skin you have to spend a lot of money in a manipulated """draw""" to only get the skin out last, making you spend a lot of money

  18. hello parker can you help me get that new operator im in 4thdraw im out of cp please i really need to get this new operator this is my id 6849126774807199745 i hope u read this comment and help me 😢

  19. That blind echo drop was nasssssty

  20. Try to show vest

  21. Please play with me {Ahora121210}

  22. codm shoul remove the red in the shoulder.

  23. Pls help me to get this skin I only, have 10cp ang I can't afford it😩

  24. I do br in call of duty mobile in 1st person

  25. Parkers slayer is just dumb many people use emp drones there xD

  26. Does anyone have this glitch like in YouTube when you're seeing a video and scroll down but its scrolling up in a phone.

  27. I don't owe anyone anything now because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  28. hi, parker I have a question for you?
    At the starting of the match, I saw your health means HP was 100 so why did you use the health kit
    please reply to me after you read my comment

  29. Really nice skin 🔥 another to the collection, this one must hit some tactical gifts 🤘 pura vida

  30. Why he can see enemies in smoke?

  31. What happen if they gave this skin for free

  32. Parker Im tired of hearing about your bush!!! Its gross😝!!!

  33. Problem is they can see ur other gun on ur back. Just one weapon

  34. I like the sound “hoo” when you find out something :)))

  35. You killed child

  36. What set up do you use when your talking on your vids? I wanted to do a channel with my son and I playing. Thanks….👍🏻

  37. Pubg players: its a nice skin
    Codm players: take my money🙄😁

  38. What a beast 👌

  39. Youre the best parker

  40. if only the people in my matches were this shit😔

  41. Chicom or rus parker?🤔

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