DIY Necklaces: 30+ Ideas for Gifts or Selling


Learn how to make over 30 DIY necklaces using these easy bit-by-bit tutorials ! All of these necklaces are perfective for beginning crafters. These are perfect to make for yourself, as gifts, or to sell .
DIY Necklaces I ’ ll be the first base to admit – I go through phases with necklaces. And earrings. And bracelets. sometimes I wear them and sometimes I don ’ thymine, and I repeat this behavior for long periods of fourth dimension. For case I might wear necklaces for two years in a row, then stop wearing any jewelry at all for six months .
I don ’ t know if it ’ second strange or not .
But it doesn ’ t change the fact that when I get into a necklace phase, it ’ s like discovering jewelry all complete again ! I love making new pieces to add to my collection. I love DIY necklaces, so I put together a collection to share with you. Some of these are necklaces that I would like to try, and some of them I have made. All of them are pretty and I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wait for you to see the list of tutorials !

DIY Necklace Making

One thing that ’ s crucial to know when making necklaces – possibly the most crucial thing – is how long you ’ d like the necklaces to be. Because of that, I ’ ve provided a necklace size chart below. Most necklaces can be customized to the size you like, so this graph will help you decide .

Necklace Length Chart

Keep in take care that this necklace chart is a road map for character entirely. The dependable fit of a necklace depends on a variety of factors but most importantly, your person body type. If you want to have a more accurate idea of where a necklace falls on you specifically, cut a firearm of decoration or string in the distance and dislocate it over your neck .
Necklace Length Chart 14″ Length – fits more tightly around the neck, like a choker .
16″ Length – falls justly around the base of the neck, above the clavicle. If you ’ re wearing a shirt, it will fall above the collar.

18″ Length – if you would like the necklace to hang below your throat at the clavicle, this is a adept choice. Pendants are normally added to this distance deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
20″ Length – falls a few inches below the clavicle. This works well for lower necklines .
22″ Length – hits at or above a moo neckline .
24″ Length – necklaces at this duration are below the lowest necklines and are at the top of the breast area .
28″ Length – hangs over the top of the bosom .
31 – 32″ Length – will hang below the breast area .
Are you ready to check out the DIY necklaces ? Scroll down and enjoy the list below. Let me know your favorites in the comments !


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