LYDIA & DAVID FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Matt leaving | Too Hot To Handle ep.6 review by cast


  1. Netflix actually said in the making of video that that's how they came up with Lana! I wonder if it has anything to do with not being able to have "regular" sex maybe Lana backward was the loophole and the key to winning the game lol

  2. Did anyone else think that guy is Vinny from Jersey Shore?

  3. You look way better than in the show (however you looked good in the show as well!)! And you seem so kind and funny! Pleasure watching your videos here, keep doing it! Greetings from Poland <3

  4. Wow…21 KM!!! I can do at best 7KM

  5. Lmfaooo you talking in your sleep was the funniest part of that episode 😂😂😂

  6. Greetings from Turkey 🙂 🇹🇷

  7. Sad to know you live in London, while I’m in the U.S 🥺

  8. He is Tom Holland in a bigger body

  9. Well him and chloe together were cute😔

  10. I liked him and chloe😕

  11. Yo bruh is there going to be another season

  12. I love it David 😍 cannot wait time go to London after this pandemic.

  13. Hi David! I know you probably get this a lot, but I just finished the show and you are absolutely my favorite! It would mean the world to me if you’d respond. I know that’s not gonna happen. But have a nice day anyways!

  14. David ya better stick with Lydia👀

  15. You should have a photo of you reacting for the thumbnail and the netflix cover or a scene on the right bottom corner edited in so that more people watch this video !!!! ♥️

  16. You are my favourite person in the group can't wait for more video and to know if you and lydia are together or not .love you from Kenya 😘😘

  17. it was such a pleasure watching you in the show!! you were such a nice guy throughout and it was nice to see that polite british representation ahhaha keep up the good work

  18. They should all y’all your own show together and can u do a video about what couples still go out

  19. The cast of Too Hot To Handle: "its so hard not masturbating for a month, you can't believe it"

    The noFap community :"am i a joke to you??? "

  20. awww you and Lydia it's cute

  21. You guys were so funny when you were cooking 😂

  22. Lydia seirouslyyyy was gorgeous!! don't blame you haha

  23. Ok, on epsiode 4 and now Im totally headover hills in love with you. Marry me 😜😍

  24. Hi David 😊 I think you should change your thumbnails! Maybe to an image of you watching the video/reacting to it? I think you'll get more views. The current thumbnails look like the videos could have been uploaded by anyone. Just an idea! Love the show ☺️

  25. you talking in your sleep was so funny 😂😂😂

  26. Are you still together with Lydia

  27. You are a legend dude. I have already watched the whole show in a day. Surely season 2 coming soon?

  28. So David how you and sharron going to keep y’all friendship alive with y’all being so far apart

  29. He said, "dark skin ✔
    dark hair ✔
    light eyes ✔ "

  30. Is there going to be another season

  31. Anyone with OCD will be cringing in this video… 😂

  32. You live in a nice ass neighborhood man

  33. Finished "Too Hot to Handle." You're super cute, and you have morals. Kind. Stand up guy. So sexy. I don't know who would reject you. Thought that was crazy on the show.

  34. Did David and Lydia ever start dating??

  35. Euh dont talk behind hailey back i love her 😐

  36. You were my favorite on Too Hot to Handle! Such a sweetheart and so handsome! I wish you all the best

  37. I wanna see when Francesca and Corey went on a date Cos Harry should’ve left her as soon as she said yes to that date

  38. Your Friend looks like Season 5 Vinny from Jersey Shore

  39. Bro you just gain a follower, drum and bass forever , Abraço de Portugal 🇵🇹

  40. just because you said you like drum and bass you gain a follower 😁
    Abraço de Portugal 🇵🇹

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