Lorenzo too hot to handle

Jorge Lorenzo’s front brake disc lights up as he decelerates from over 300kph to 80kph for turn 11 at Motegi.

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  1. No winglet
    so clean

  2. this is good study for me.
    this is why brake doesnt act well, when it gets hot

  3. One of the best riders, Love You Lorenzo ❤️

  4. Lorenzo slow motion…
    Sound : everyone full throtle after corner

  5. Brembo be like : plisss stop, i wajt Showa do it

  6. wtf with the sounds

  7. Yes, disk brake is made from plywood

  8. Incredible brakes are heating when used…

  9. For no reason youtube hey man watch this
    after 5 years

  10. i want the link of same video from different camera angle

  11. Considering its carbon ceramic not steel, its way hotter to glow red

  12. Video 2015 , recommending 2020 ohhh thx u youtube …. welldone

  13. JAI HIND 🇮🇳🇺🇳

  14. i remember when i first got my 2016 r1 i had to change out my rotors from stock due to them getting so hot they were smoking. cant imagine how hard hes pushing to get custom rotors glowing.

  15. thank you youtube for recommending after 5 years and thank you all imaging scientists for making super slow motion capturing this good

  16. jebo vas bog jeste glupi dajte cijeli video jebo ga…

  17. so rear breaking is pretty much useless eh in motogp?

  18. to think that the diameter of that rotor is like a foot, such insane braking

  19. The brake discs are red hot!!

  20. Let’s to barbeque on there.

  21. babes18.ru?v=zy6cvHsb9RQ

  22. Hats off for the cameraman

  23. I didn't even understood what was in it?

  24. try to put your finger on that hahaha

  25. I bet Eurasian Bank covered the Brake pad costs 5 Years Ago,.

  26. Honestly, I didn't understand anything.

  27. am i being to critical if i ask for a real time version alongside the slo mo version or no

  28. people who disliked the video,actually tried trail braking on their scooty and their frontend washed out

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