We stopped at the Loma Linda Market on the campus of Loma Linda University last weekend. This place is a top notch vegan & vegetarian grocery store. They have a huge stock of vegan products and no meat at all. None, zero, nada, zilch! The Loma Linda area is one of 7 blue zones of the world. People in the blue zones live longer than other areas. Many people in these regions eat a plant based diet with little to no meat. The Loma Linda blue zone is a no meat zone. If you’re anywhere close to this area do yourself a favor and check it out. We found all kinds of new to us products and some family favorites.
You can find the market at 11161 Anderson St. #100, Loma Linda, CA 92350.

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2 thoughts on “Loma Linda Market – A Blue Zone

  1. Would you please put a link to the video where you cook with the Light Life Ground? I'd like to see your sloppy Joe's. 🙂

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