Let's talk about this weirdo….(+sharing personal stories)

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  2. I don't think all guys have crazy fantasies like that. I think you've been very unlucky to meet two people with very extreme stuff.

  3. Essentially an unfortunate number of kinky ppl don’t want to be shamed because they assume their kinks make them special or more importantly a personality trait but shame people who don’t want to have anything to do with it. Hypocrisy!

    Also hate the unspoken agreement of someone bringing up their kink(s) immediately entitles them access to enact said fantasy on another persons body and bypasses the importance of that persons consent, boundaries, and enjoyment. It’s selfish! Lastly, No sherliza you weren’t being too judgmental any situation wherein your personal safety and boundaries aren’t seen as priority doesn’t oblige you to negotiate, compromise your safety.

  4. I havent had that experience at all. maybe 1 or 2 guys who revealed weird kinks but for the most part ive had long and close relationships with guys and they didnt have any weird and especially not truly disturbing kinks.. i think its about finding people who are healthy and not letting them fetishize you as an object. its easy to see these dark people right away bc they will say things that objectify you early on and they dont even know its not normal so they dont hide it.

  5. trauma, can be the reason why certain people have stranger kinks.. HOWEVER!!!!! if tht kink is illegal.. DO NOT ACT ON IT! people who practice BDSM and more dangerous kinks/fetishes make sure that there is 100% consent from both parties, and that there are safewords for when you can no longer handle. you are supposed to feel good during sex, not fearing for you life.

  6. I don't think you're kink shaming at all!! Everything's about consent but also playing with a knife is like super dangerous… What if someones loses control to their impulses like A-train's girlfriend in the boys when she accidentally chrushes a mailmans head 😮

  7. As someone who's been into BDSM for an embarrassingly long time (I was looking into bondage before I was legal help 😭) there is absolutely NOTHING wrong stating your boundaries and sticking to them. Consent is the CORNERSTONE of BDSM relationships and if you don't have that it's just r*pe. How dare that guy try to pressure you into a kink you already said no to, that is 100% not okay and I am proud of you for sticking to your boundaries, unfortunately there are a lot of young people in this community who just say yes so their partner will stop pressuring them and it's just sad. And the other guy, what the fuck?! So gross, 100% not okay what he did either. BDSM relationships are not all whips, chains, and pain, they require a lot of trust and respect of boundaries. That's why safe words are so fucking important, I am livid someone would try shit like that without even asking your consent or establishing a safe word. Those guys are not true representation of the BSDM community, they probably watched some dumb shit like 50 Shades of Grey thinking it's an accurate portrayal of BDSM relationships while missing the memo on the rules of BDSM or disregarding them entirely because they want to use their kinks to excuse some absolutely deplorable behavior. Again, so sorry these things happened to you and good on you for sticking your ground!

    EDIT: Also, you are not kinkshaming at all, kinkshaming is reducing a kink as a whole as disgusting or shameful. It's very clear to me at least you are just not into certain kinks, which is totally fine, and sharing your bad experiences, no shame there.

  8. as a sub, i’m always somewhat distrustful/cautious about doms and what they might get out of that. i try not to think about it too much because it creeps me out a bit but i always wonder what that does for them and why? idk if i’m making any sense but it’s hard for me to not worry about what their motivations might be, especially when i’m letting them hold so much power over me

  9. I’ll say that there are dudes out there that are majorly fuxked up and who will try and project on someone young and impressionable, especially if you are not totally sure about your boundaries or if you seem easily swayed. And most of the time, this is from my experience of being in kink from a young enough age, these men will flock to you because of your inexperience. And most of the time, it’s abuse under the guise of kink/fetish, with these men being the most dangerous. But there are people who are kind and trustworthy, and you just need to hold out for them. They appear at moments you least expect them too

  10. Honestly I shouldn't be laughing at how you said
    "can you not breathe"

    That's crazy… Love love your videos BTW

  11. I don't think you are vanilla at all, but then again I cannot say that I have plenty of experiences. Let me put my two cents here: if you feel uncomfortable, your feeling of discomfort is valid, and you genuinely should not do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. Thank you for sharing these stories, by the way! I thought I was pretty obscene (?) for an Asian woman, but your experiences taught me that there is another level of these stuffs.

  12. Remember people, if you feel uncomfortable about a fetish that someone wants to preform with you it’s okay to walk away. It doesn’t mean you’re vanilla but It’s okay to also be vanilla too if you are.

  13. Wish I could dm and ask u about this weird kink, I’m a lil weirded out but mostly seems harmless?? Don’t know lol

  14. as someone who likes extreme bdsm LET PEOPLE BE VANILLA IN PEACE IS WAY BETTER OK

  15. No one here will call you prude, he kept insisting on something that made you feel uncomfortable. No hate here, violence is such a turn off….

  16. Hey Sherliza just wanna ask how can I email you?! Because for some reasons 😊 if you've seen this comment please do reply 😀

  17. I remember watching your video about Justin Bieber's yummy song, and i can't find it anymore… Or am i just blind

  18. These dudes don't necessarily strike me as standard representations of the bdsm community. Especial knife guy. These are creeps with no respect for boundaries, which is imo, antithetical to bdsm.

  19. Omg yes, never negotiate. A good rule of thumb everyone: if you're doing something out of fear, obligation, or guilt, you are being manipulated.
    I had a guy tell me his fetish was to imagine impregnating me (after a week of talking); it made me uncomfortable but I didn't speak up, until once during sex he said "If I really do impregnate you, I'm not letting you get an abortion". That's when I knew it was time to run.

  20. 1. You are not kink shaming, there is definitely a line between a kink and just dangerous, abnormal behavior. It’s thin, but it does exist.
    2. About 3/4 people I slept with were really kinky, 2 of them men, but I don’t think all men are like that as my current boyfriend is very very vanilla. Personally, I like a little kinky, but consent is always super SUPER important. Men shouldn’t be doing things that make you uncomfortable without asking first, and if they ask to physically harm you in a very permanent way, that’s definitely a red flag.
    I think maybe men who watch a lot of porn are like that, lmao; I’ve definitely seen similarities between the men who watch porn consistently, and my current boyfriend who doesn’t.
    It’s so weird how guys automatically assume all sex is just like what they watch in porn videos, like not every girl is the same, and even though verbal consent isn’t a typical thing at all in porn, you should always always ASK before doing something that might make a girl uncomfortable.

  21. I think it's normal to have specific "kinks" because everyone has their own experiences, man or woman, and to that extent they will be "weird". It's "abnormal" in the sense I think you are asking about when it is actually harmful. You're not kink shaming when you are only talking about your own personal boundaries. If you feel like you don't trust someone to not get out of hand, that is your boundary. There, there is the specific fetish and the trust in another person, and then the trust in others as a whole in that scenario, which is personal. Sure, you can make statements about the "majority" having this or that fetish, but what's important is the individual's grasp of the end of their fantasy and separation from other aspects of real life, which can vary with external factors like age. I am not a psychologist, but this is my opinion.

  22. Crushing and slicing open living things??

    Who cares about "kink shaming" honestly.

    That's a fetish not a "kink"

  23. Aw u looks so cute also said factz

  24. As a woman who has some very particular and sometimes "violent" k*nks, I think it can be a pretty "normal" thing for some people, but only when it is consensual, safe and sane. That's the thing with many men who claim to be doms – they don't understand the concept of true, continual consent and what that means. Many men use bdsm as a way to act out their actual sick fantasies without caring whether their partner is actually into it or checking to make sure what their partners boundaries are and making sure consent is continually given throughout the entire scene. So yeah, you have to be cautious and only "play" with people who practice safe, sane consent.

  25. Off topic but you are so gorgeous 😍

  26. I— I literally can’t watch CMBYN anymore now because I’ll just feel weird. Fuck

  27. Ngl the one guy I dated was really into victorian vampire, elegant gothic fashion, like, corsets,crinoline, the whole 9 layers. I told him the price of my nice clothes, and that most of them are dry clean or spot clean only. and he agreed with me, that no, its not worth the price tag or the dry cleaning bill.

  28. The red flags are just….. APARADE OF RED FLAGS.

  29. He was my dream daddy 😢

  30. this necrophilia ftish thing is terrifying i can't

  31. no way is this real lmfao 💀 you guys are wayy too gullible 😭

  32. Stay the fuck away from elio😡😡😡

  33. you know, you kinda sound like you, idk, live/lived in a european country? cuz, like, your english is really good, but your pronounciation on some words sound kinda off, in almost the same way mine does (but not exactly) on some words and i live in norway

  34. I don't think everyone into knifeplay is a red flag; unless they're pushing it and try to convince their partner even after they say no. Personally I think knifeplay can be hot, as long as there's no actual blood involved (so just for cutting clothes or ropes) and I think should be done with a more blunt knife than your typical kitchen knife (so like a letter opener I guess lol).

  35. It's not kink shaming to stand up for yourself, say no, or set boundaries. There's nothing wrong with being vanilla and all people who practice bdsm correctly know that.

  36. How is trying not to be murdered “vanilla”?

  37. not to psychoanalyze the guys but you dodge a huge bullet there, it seems it was much more complex and dangerous than a kink and indeed, it takes some kind of disturbing experiences/numbness to 'regular fetishes' to reach that point.

  38. This is why I hate kinks

  39. I agree with most everything you said, Michelle. But just one thing I have to say; please everyone don’t forget that ALL PEOPLE are capable of having these weird kinks not just men and not all men are dangerous. Basically, just look out for yourself and if anyone makes you feel unsafe or doesn’t listen to your boundaries; run far and run fast.

  40. Also- Armie has been dropped by his agency. The accusations are very real. It’s clear you saw those photoshopped messages by a person who stans Armie……

    And they admitted to photoshopping them in order to make the victim look like she faked the whole thing.

  41. You really don't have to explain yourself, when you don't want to do something. No means no.

  42. This isn't like a normal thing with men or with most people just in general, and you aren't vanilla for having set boundaries against things that make you uncomfortable

  43. if someone calls you vanilla or a prude for not being comfortable with any kind of kink, no matter how extreme it is, they're sexually coercing you. stating your own boundaries and being true to them is not kink shaming 🙂

  44. Nah, nah, nah, you're not kink-shaming girl. To some degree, kinks come from mental illness or trauma as a child. I honestly feel kinks should be viewed as a psychological problem than a desire that needs to be quenched.

  45. I'm so sorry you went through that. Thank you for your honesty girl❤❤❤🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  46. Hi~ kinkster here! YES! CONSENT IS THE NUMBER ONE RULE! If your kinks and their kinks do not fall in line you should walk. Setting boundaries and communicating your line is not kink shaming. There are entire contracts writen out to keep both parties SAFE. Your safety (physical or emotional) should NEVER be at risk. And this goes for anyone in or out of the community. Experimenting or otherwise!

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