LESSONS FROM KYLIE & THE KARDASHIANS: The #1 Reason Guys Ghost On Dating Apps! | Shallon Lester

LESSONS FROM KYLIE & THE KARDASHIANS: The #1 Reason Guys Ghost On Dating Apps! | Shallon Lester
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Do you keep getting ghosted on Tinder, Bumble, Match.com, Hinge or Happn? I’ll tell you the number one reasons why guys stop talking to you and unmatch! When it comes to photos, learn from Khloe, Kim, Kourtney and Kylie’s mistakes and keep it real…

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Got a love, sex or friendship question? You’ve come to the right place! I’m Shallon Lester, a two-time published author, NYC magazine editor and star of Howcast’s viral kissing videos. I spill the tea on celebs like Kylie Jenner, the Kardashians, Beyonce, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Rihanna and more, breaking down their relationships, scandals and psychology to see what lessons WE can learn, and give you no-nonsense advice and real-world tips on everything from dating apps and players, to family and friends!

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  1. Hey can you talk about the “I’m not like other girls/I’m different/ I don’t need makeup” mentality

  2. she almost looks like bebe rexha to the left

  3. Damn it Shallon… but I like jazz… guess you’re hate me. I still love you.

  4. Love love love this!! 💕

  5. Why do you need 2 truths and a lie? Why not just 3 truths? Do we really need to lie?

  6. Before all these “Dating Apps” people used to meet in person, which is much better , and there were no “ photoshop app “ the only way to look good in photos is if youre really photogenic

  7. Would love to hear you speak Italian 😍

  8. Currently bingeing shallon and the queen says she hates jazz. Welp I guess I hate jazz.

  9. This is a result of every man cheating on Khloe with women and drugs….she will never stop “fixing” herself…what ever happened to being Stronger Looks Better Naked mentality?

  10. Good lesson. They need to teach

  11. Excuse me shallon, why do you hate Selena Gomez???

  12. Oh you don't like jazz music sweetie that's fight 😂👊

  13. I only dress up FULL glam if I've seen a guy for a while ! He has to work for it😂

  14. 1:38 if you look closely at their faces, u can see those vertical lines. That’s when you know the pic was hella edited. I saw the original photo and girl!!! The added a shit ton of make-up to their faces, sculpted their cheeks everything! It’s crazy!!!

  15. Lol "Your highschool Mascot was door?"

  16. It’s simply because fuck boys only care about how hot a girl is and absolutely NOTHING ELSE. They just want to fuck a hot girl. He don’t care if she’s crazy or a damn ax murderer he just wants sex without having to use any time, money or resources. That’s why men love sluts. They get one of their basic needs met without having so do anything. That’s why men cheat on good women with sluts because it’s easy, convent and well sex.

  17. short guys reaaaaally hate women like never date a short guy not even if youre a short gal lol

  18. it attracts anyone who likes pretty…

  19. Oh thank you finally someone is talking about it !!! Enough facetune honestly all instagrams pictures are fake that’s crazyyy ☹️

  20. This video taught me a lot about myself 😳

  21. Just maybe, maybe start connecting with ppl offline instead of dating apps

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