LESSONS FROM ARIANA GRANDE'S DADDY ISSUES: How To Break The Cycle of Toxic Relationships!

Sick of getting stuck with toxic guys in toxic relationships? #Coachella’s new queen #ArianaGrande has messy love life thanks to relationships with Big Sean, #MacMiller and #PeteDavidson were completely toxic and we can blame #ArianaGrande’s #daddyissues! So, I’ll tell you how to overcome daddy issues and break the cycle of toxic relationships!

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  1. Good number of girls in their 20s and early 30s: ‘Slightly older men (especially those who work on themselves and have created an interesting and stable life) scare me a little, but at the same time attract me with their calmness, assertiveness, unapologetic masculinity, directness and insight,…it really turns me on and gives me a sense of being safe and nurtured at the same time’

  2. Omg you are right about tall skinny dudes!

  3. The therapists in New York are wonderful!! Excellent job

  4. What is your opening song??

  5. she has no right to speak on mental disorders or issues when she knows NOTHING about them

  6. Nathan Sykes was a pretty good guy

  7. Thank you for this video! much needed. Any advice on dealing with a boyfriend's best friend's inappropriate and deliberately provocative girlfriend? a girlfriend who seemingly seeks validation from my partner (her boyfriend's best friend)

  8. Talk about Arianna's lips instead. She absolutely ruined them. Girl is broken inside.

  9. Sister Shallon has come to teach!

  10. Omg girl i have been saying this to girl friends for years that tall skinny dudes have the biggest dicks lol loved this video

  11. Did Sharron make one about daddy issues on boys??? If not, u guys know anyone who made a video about it???

  12. I really think you should have a vid or even a series, talking about the very gritty/raw parts of sex/dating that most people are too afraid to dive deeply into. I think Shallon would be PHENOMENAL at talking to young adolescent women and teaching them about sex, helping them to see and understand that women have sex drives also and it's amazong and exciting that we enjoy sex and encourage them to figure out what that means, that it's okay to learn what you like and explore your own sexual desires, likes and dislikes, etc. And to help guide them through realizing what to expect in certain common (or even some uncommon) sexual/dating situations, what's normal and what isn't, how to ask for what you want and knowing that's our right and that men won't hesitate to tell you how to please them better, buy few people discuss with young women how to ask and advocate for your own needs. The list goes on literally forever, I'm sure. I just was thinking about this and I would have loved having Shallon's confident, proud, female voice helping my young, naive, and bendy little 16-year old backbone finally started standing up on it's own by telling me that it's okay to say no, even if it "hurts his feelings" or makes him mad because we are all ALLOWED to value ourselves and to not accept less than we deem appropriate from someone who wants to be involved with us. I wish I would've had a mother who talked more candidly with me about this stuff, or someone like Shallon on YouTube who would tell me straight, "Well girl, if he does leave because you told him no, then GOOD RIDDENCE!!!!"

    I just find your advice and life experiences you tell us about on this channel invaluable girl, they are amazing resources that you've decided to use to help other young women (and/or men!) learn from your choices, mistakes or not! Please keep doing what you're doing. And if you ever begin to feel just so exhausted and you start wondering if what you do even makes a difference, then I hope you remember that it actually makes a HUGE difference. I can't even imagine how many young teenage women you help by showing them what a warm blooded animal is, and how to truly be one themselves. Thanks Shallon. 💜💋💯

  13. I'm sure I speak for a lot of us when I say, Shallon we want the answers to ALL of the "BD" questions.. (as she mentioned at very end of this vid 🤣 lol)
    And the "SD" questions.. (small)
    And the "AD" questions.. (average)
    And every "D" in between!
    Hahahahaha 😇🤣🤗🤭😛🤣😅😁👻

  14. You know I judged you a lot on the Selena Gomez videos. And you do assume a lot. But here I can respect what you’re saying so much more because you’re not being rude.

  15. How hilarious, u're intelligent, sexy, experienced, independent, and still u can't succeed in a relationship Shallon🙄?

  16. she said your mouth isnt that big lol sweetie that is what you throat is for lol

  17. Psychology and Vedic astrology specifically nakshatras (lunar mansions) was fascinating when it came to Ariana being a HASTA woman .. the martyr, dexterous and molding with the hands (hasta) Claire Nakti’s YouTube channel is EXTENSIVE and takes a LOT of research and data with conclusions.

  18. Yup!!! I wouldn't say I have a 'type' , but tall and skinny is frequently yhw common denominator in my relationships and the Big D is deff attatched to them!

  19. Psychedelics help with trauma and ptsd anxiety etc when u have someone who knows how to, around that can help u face ur fears

  20. I have a mum complex. She was my worst parent by far. Now if I like a chick, normally she's bossy, pale and/or blonde. Oh and normally FRIKEN STRAIGHT

  21. No hate, but Ariana’s mom didn’t change her name. Ariana’s official name still is Ariana Grande-Butera, but she goes only by Grande since she is closer to her mom.

  22. as soon as she said "we date our most difficult parent" my mind went but how can i date someone i dont remember…and then you said the working mom thing and I went oooo

  23. This is why my thick ass stays with my skinny man 😂

  24. "what are you hiding under there? a weak chin" I CACKLED

  25. I feel so very sorry for Ariana. Something will happen to her and she will change for the worse. Right now, she seems wholesome, and sweet. You wait.
    I hope she gets out of the industry before that happens. To watch the video of her being grouped by that nasty "pastor" was so hard. I hope she realizes she doesnt need all those riches, and saves her soul.

  26. do madison beer and her past relationships

  27. Watch it…. I like you and all but I LOVE MAC MILLER.

  28. This is probably my favorite shallon video omg the ending

  29. I'm 30 and still trying to break my pattern of toxic relationships that are similar to the dynamic between my dad and me. Like Ariana, I too suffer from PTSD.

  30. I was ABSOLUTELY going to say the skinny dudes have the biggest dicks!!!!

  31. “Tall skinny dudes c=======3” girl u are totally right 😂😂

  32. I know you may not be aware of this, but ur talking shit and complimenting her at the same time. What do you think she's gonna feel if she watches this video? Revealing your perceived version of her and self-analyzed problems in a stranger's private life and digging into her history. You don't know her. You have no right.

  33. Guy from 13th
    Jai brooks
    Nathan sykes
    Big sean
    Mac miller
    Pete davidson

  34. OMG‼️⚠️‼️😲 IM LITERALLY LOST FOR WORDS AT HOW ACCURATE YOU ARE IN YOUR ADVICE & PSYCHOLOGICAL BREAK DOWN IN THIS VIDEO! He’s told me 100 times for OVER A DECADE how he’s fallen for a woman who is JUST LIKE HIS MOM! And it’s sooooo true!!! And he has MANY, MANY traits like my dad! 💯💯💯✅ WOW SHALLON! WOW 😯


  36. I don’t remember where I read about this but the psychology behind why we may date someone that is similar to our more difficult parent is because of our familiarity with the pain that they cause us. I’m gonna try to source out where I watched it (I actually think it was a TED talk) but I remember it being beautifully and logically explained.

  37. 3:20 she says it perfectly

  38. If anyone wants just one easy example of the many that show she's a narcissist, let's look at the donut shop example! A huge sign of a narcissist is entitlement and treating waiters/waitresses badly and in the video she's so damn arrogant in her attitude and on top of that treats the worker like shit and spits on the food? Are we sure it's not her who's toxic? The biggest indicator of it all though is the fact that when everyone came at her for it she got defensive and didn't even understand what was wrong and couldn't issue a proper apology which is absolutely what narcissists do..im so tired of narcopaths like her always looking like the good person

  39. I think it's be a lot more helpful if you made a new vid about the fact that so many more people are seeing through ariana grandes fakeness now and people can realize she's actually the toxic one..im tired of seeing narcissists like her come out of every situation unscathed, hopefully reality hits her in the face one day

  40. I couldn't disagree with this video more, if you even really pay attention to her patterns of behavior and how she handles them and her relationships it becomes pretty obvious she's a narcissist if not a sociopath..not saying the guys she dates don't also have toxic qualities but she just seems to bring out the worst in people

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