48 thoughts on “Lee Minho admits he regrets this kissing scene with Park Shin Hye in the heirs

  1. They are so cute and I wish to watch more dramas with both of them☺️ actually I wish to see them real life couple ❤️ they are perfect 👌

  2. I think it was a mesmerising kiss very passionate and beautiful I like the way male actors lead the kiss and female actress is shy and held back that scene was a beauty in the show

  3. Já assisti várias vezes “Os Herdeiros” porque admiro muito! Nesta cena deste tão comentado beijo não consigo aceitar a reação de PSH ….não tem hipótese de não estar preparada para a cena, nada é filmado na primeira rodada…acho que a intenção dos escritores era mesmo nos desagradar e valorizar ainda mais a perfeita atuação de LMH (que beija como nenhum outro)

  4. mine fav. character was choi young do aka kim woo bin… he actually is an amazingly good actor…Saranghae kimwoobin ❤❤❤❤❤❤from India

  5. I am surprised Lee Min Ho regrets the kissing scene with Park shin Hye. Then why did he do it. Dear Shin Hye was younger than him, he even said she could be his younger sister. Perhaps he had loving feelings towards her then and when the drama was over and he no longer sees her, that feeling was gone. He has done many, many more kissing scenes with other co-stars but did not mention having regret any of them. That makes me sad. I hope his regret is not because It is creating a bad influence for him.🙏🏼☺️

  6. Unpopular opinion but I disliked Heirs. It was a toxic relationship. Both characters would of been better off if they had never met each other at all

  7. Still the most awkward kissing scene I've seen in Kdramas. Actually, most of Park Shin Hye's kissing scenes are awkward. I guess she's a bit on a conservative side.

  8. As a viewer I loved the kissing scene, but now knowing that Park Shin Hye wasn't informed about the scene brings up the question of consent and sort of makes me want to apologize to her for liking something she never consented to……

  9. That scene was epic literally it gave me goosebumps 🤭 in other words I felt the feeling of kissing min Ho
    And I think many others might have felt😉😊😝😚

  10. This is the best 😘 kissing scenes I have seen on Kdrama, it at least lasted longer than the ten seconds it takes to give a girl a peck on the lips. This looks more like a proper kiss even though Park Shin Hye’s lips are clamped together. It’s as if she’s determined not to let Tan kiss her.
    ….She should have been told the kiss was in the scene. Her expression could be blamed on her being unaware of the expected kiss scene, however I don’t think she handled it well.
    Park Shin Hye is not one of my favourite actresses, I find her to be quite wooden and as an actress she does nothing for me. I’ve seen more emotion from a dead fish on the end of a fishing line! 🐠🐟

  11. Lee Minho is the best kisser in Korean Dramas. I find other more handsome or better actors (he is a great natural actor too) but his kissing skills on camera are the best! 👌

  12. I like this series very much and yes you could tell in the kissing scene that it was a little off. I would like to see a lot more realistic kissing in these series and movies as it would make them so much better. I am a big fan of these Asian pictures.

  13. Well in ma opinion, I like how lee min ho kissed her, it’s portrays his character in the movie, Nd for the her I think her reaction was on point given her character in the movie. For their chemistry it was there but didn’t feel it that much. Unlike legend of the blue, the chemistry was natural and it was simply the best

  14. Amazing series …
    One of my favourite 💜💜
    I love lee min ho 💜💜💜
    And all the cast.❤️❤️
    And specially I really love Kim woo bin and his role in this series….. Amazing work by all the cast and every body behind this series🙏🙏🙏🙏 love from india

  15. The kiss was perfect for the culmination of the emotions stored up in both them. As they had been through many difficulties during their relationship. I loved it and it looked real. Perfect couple 💑 😍 ♥

  16. Minho and yn has been dating and tomorrow is their weeding yn turn the TV on then yn see this she was crying a mess then Minho came then yn slap Minho making him fall in the satan hole just kidding in the floor then yn leave and broke the end-author nim

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