44 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho reveals who his favorite actress is

  1. I forgot his answer :
    He said, 'Among the female co-stars who I have acted with, the partner who I was able to film the most comfortably and have fun with was Kim Hee Sun.'
    They even played games together.

  2. Among the leading lady of lee min hoo koo hye is the beautiful most talented and cute perfect skin w good ❤ jandi natural beauty w/ or w out make up she always beautiful they have chemistry on/ off screen 😍😍😍😍

  3. Lee MinHo ( junpyo) and Ku Hye Sun (Jandi,) closest best friend.wish season 2 of Boys over flowers hurry up start showing.

  4. For me, my favorite actress that Lee Min-Ho had been paired was his partner in City Hunter. They we’re compatible both of them are good looking.

  5. Don't include Gu hye sun he said his girlfriend is single you mean to say Lee min ho likes again with Gu hye sun he is number 2 after Ahn jae hyun hehehehe

  6. I watched all these dramas but TKEM surpasses them all. The dramas are so monotonous and so is their acting. But TKEM has no comparison. It's a beautifully made drama. The actors Kee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun are so natural and matured. Their emotions, eye contact ( not seen in previous dramas), their sensitiveness, their love for each other scenes is par excellence. Hats off to both Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho

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