Lee Min-ho puts the P in Public Displays of Affection | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 6 [ENG SUB]

With all that PDA going on, we’re convinced that Lee Min-ho’s secretary and bodyguard deserve a hefty raise for having to sit through it.

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  1. This is so familiar to me as my husband and I do this kind of writing all the time.

  2. The way they're talking with each other is amazing……I love it 😍🤩

  3. They bashed this drama and said some awful things about the storyline and the actors, because they can’t see the art and the brilliant and very refreshing concept of the story that is really interesting if you really watch it thoroughly. They bashed this because they don’t want KGE with LMH period.

    Also people really liked the tiring 3rd party love story concept and the “save me all the time because I’m pretty but useless female lead that is poor but really rich long lost heiress” that is the household theme for asian dramas. 🙄

    Months later… after bashing the series, The King is one of the top streaming drama in Netflix internationally yow! 😎👊🏻🤘🏻

  4. I love how the secretary said wow and then right after that yeoung was giving that look of being jealous

  5. Napusak gaand war kar na

  6. Amache kand ek nahiyet anek kaand kelelet

  7. haha love this scene… 💙

  8. She is like – here we go again😂

  9. Those 2 jo yeong and the secretary they have the best shook expressions

  10. This is why I keep thinking to quit watching K-drama. Guys in K-drama are incredibly romantic, caring and sensible!! Far away from real life 😫😫 and chemistry between lead couples is always top notch


  12. The body guard is shock because the king does not want anybody touching him

  13. In kingdom of corea she is the only one cam talk to him in informal maner

  14. Whenever he say "you arts student" I feel attacked

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