12 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun relationship CONFIRM thru their instagram post?

  1. Did anybody think that they just wanted to post cause they felt like it???😂😂😂😂
    All these speculations make me laugh, that's why I continue to watch them.
    Majority of the leads always get paired after the movie, which I find very funny😭😭😭

  2. Both are cancer it's obvious thinking would be same. It doesn't mean they love each other, in their profession quite common on rumours dating costar. Always opposite signs are attracted not same. If it is in real love blossoms no one can stop😉.

  3. Lee min ho didn't confirm they are in drama date he said so they are not in relationship until it finished TKEM kdrama

  4. stop talking nonsense because lee min ho is still single. and kim too. i think i will stop putting pictures of me or best friend on IG because we will also say that i am in a relationship with. the buzz, the buzz

  5. The best love couple. Their love is taken to another level. Koreans stop hating her, that only shows how narrow minded you'll are. I pray that King Lee Min Ho and Queen Kim Go Eun just get married to eachother for real.

  6. Yes , she's wife material for King MinHo . At last, they finally found each other after many years of searching and waiting. Praying for you King Minho and Queen Goeun!💕💘

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