20 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho And Kim Go Eun Are Confirmed To Be Dating!! | LynArc Vlogs❤

  1. let them be in a relationship with much love, who wouldn’t?… the past months of their shooting really made them get closer till maybe they both hit it off and there, love blooms…. they’re both single and so i am so happy for both of them to be in real love….keep going…you both deserve to be happy full of love and respect…

  2. I guess this was an old pics taken..i remember when LMH was asked what can you say about KGE in your first meeting..he said she was wearing a hat 🙂 she is full of charm..but since the drama just ended…i would be so happy if my guess was right because it means that he is into her 🙂 💗💗😂😂

  3. Ищите девушку, которая любит ромашки, из его окружения, знать бы ещё, куда подевалась наша ГоЫн, что-то не верится, что на снимке она🤫😘💏🌼🌼🌼, кстати, я тоже люблю ромашки, ЛМХоше огромный привет❤️💃

  4. If she is playing with her smartphone, then she could probably be KGE. And this was taken when Lee Min Ho went to Jeju after the last shooting of TKEM. I heard that KGE and staff were in Jeju, too that time because her staff posted pictures of Jeju in their IG.

  5. It seems like his one of the staff,i dont think that in his drama the King that's only way to showing up co'z 2 years in the Millitary Services is not very easy to go back in filming drama again so aside from that it's very impossible that Lee Min Ho involved to one girl so fast,everybody knows that what he's ideal type of aa girl already right. One is have a big eyes,cute,charming,love sports,love to travel,he wants to be friend almost. And last he wants to know to cook. That's my only opinion. Thank you… korean idol they like private life.

  6. This are not true KGE is not with LMH.He is with Jong il wooh, Kim and whodoowan. Kge is in Seoul having photo sesion that is what i read on dispatch phil in one of fb group

  7. This is a disservice to both LMH n KGE. Using their ig posts n putting in captions that are not theirs. Its misleading . You should not do this @!!!!

  8. Why put some photos and comments that never existed in either Minho’s or Goeun’s ig account? You are not a genuine fan of either one of them😡

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