Lee know ( lee Minho) funny moments 2020 edition part 1

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  1. Should I do han jisung's next?

  2. 2:43 song please?!

  3. today we learnt that no one clowns minho more then himself


  5. It's my first video of their group is he the most savage one?

  6. at first di ako sure pero pinoy pala channel na to hahaha thanks for the content po!

  7. So sorry but what is the name of the intro?

  8. 1:38 where can i watch the full video ?

  9. Not Video related but i wish New Stays dont call him the meanie like ive seen alit of new stays who thinks that he hates all the other members

  10. Lolll my minho

  11. How not to love this man!! He's my happy pills , my day could never go wrong when I see him!!!

  12. whats the name of the mobile game??

  13. XX: Seu utt é normal?

    Eu: Claro, imagina…

    Lee Know:

  14. Lee know is so soft with felix

  15. 1.28 where can i watch the full vid?

  16. he’s a crackhead ,,, i love him-

  17. Sometimes he is so relatable to me

  18. 3:15 ikaw mabaho😂

  19. can someone tell me the title of the opening? I'm new!

  20. 1:56 where's video from?

  21. 2:02 where can i watch the full video?


  23. Suami gw unyu kali bgst 🙂

  24. Where can I watch the full video of 1:59?? 😅

  25. Le know…. We know he is so precious…..

  26. Did he really say ikaw mabaho HAHAHAHHAHAHA


  28. I love him so damn much

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