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By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers
If you ’ re worry you ’ ve waited excessively long to get started, fret not and read on for some advice and encouragement about learning guitar at any old age.

Is there an optimum age for learning guitar ?
There very international relations and security network ’ t—any more than there is a perfect age for all people to get married or have children or take up tennis. We all live and learn according to our own schedules, and the simplest answer is that we are ready to take up the guitar when we are ready to take up the guitar—when we have the desire, the energy, and the time .
Of naturally, our age and stage of biography does importantly affect the teach action. Kids are famously flying learners, with high energy, flexible limb, and a endow for imitating what they see. But Marcy Marxer, who along with Cathy Fink has been teaching and entertaining both kids and adults for several decades, points out that some things can be harder at a young age. “ The coordination and dexterity it takes to play guitar is often a bigger challenge for kids than it is for adults, ” she says, “ so they need to be patient, as it may take a bite longer. But the one thing kids have is time—they tend to have more rid time than adults do .
“ Adults have other advantages from having listened longer, ” she adds. “ I once had a scholar who was in her mid-50s and was playing guitar for the first time. She wanted to learn swing music, so we went in that commission, and all she needed to know was how to play a few chords—she knew mechanically how to put them together from how they sounded. She ’ d say, Oh, that ’ s equitable like this birdcall or that song. That biography experience truly helped her. ”
Carol McComb, a seasoned teacher and performer and the author of Country and Blues Guitar for the Musically Hopeless, observes that certain aspects of the guitar tend to be easier to learn at certain ages. She says, “ For case, fine fingerstyle playing is hard for younger people ; I don ’ metric ton think they have developed the motor coordination, by and large, to do it. Some kids are unusual and are all right with it. Teenagers get very coordinate from about 12 on. ” That coordination remains with adulthood, but she finds that some students over 60, particularly those with arthritis, have difficulty getting their fingers to learn basic techniques .
Because of the guitar ’ s cheeseparing affinity with rock ’ n ’ roll, many of us start to play in our teens, a clock in which we ( potentially ) have not only the coordination but the drive and schedule to devote countless hours to listening, commit, and poring over guitar magazines—Bill Purse calls hungry young students like these “ legends of their own room. ” Of course that same well of department of energy can well be diverted into any number of early activities, leaving the method reserve or the lessons unfinished .
What it all comes down to, Purse says, is commitment. If we would rather be shopping or flyfishing or surfing than playing the guitar, we won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate very probably go army for the liberation of rwanda with the musical instrument. But if we, at whatever age, are sincerely determine to make music come out of those six strings, we will .
Any advice for a grown-up founder with a job and a family ?
As a grown-up, you may well look enviously at all the kids learning guitar, with apparently bottomless supplies of prison term, energy, and confidence in their ability to conquer the six-stringed animal. But you ’ ve got some special advantages, besides. As noted by Marcy Marxer, your years of listening have given you a set of intuitive cognition about the structure and traditions of music, angstrom well as a sense of what specific stylus ( s ) you want to play. Your know in mastering so many new skills, from driving a cable car to job responsibilities to parenthood, has undoubtedly given you insight into the ways you learn best—lesson that you can apply to this newly bay.

And while you may have passed up the prospect to be a child prodigy or adolescent heartthrob, it is never excessively former to start. Ask any teacher. Cathy Fink tells about a darling scholar who picked up guitar at 55. “ I went around the room and asked all the beginners what they were doing in the class, ” she recalls. “ This guy said, ‘ Well, I watched my founder when he retired and he was lonely and bored. That ’ s not going to happen to me, thus I got a guitar. ’ ” Too badly that man ’ s father didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know about the pair in their 90s who once took Carol McComb ’ s beginning class at a music camp !
As an pornographic novice, you beginning need to strategize about time—this project is going to take a regular commitment. Be realistic ; it doesn ’ t do you any good to set a goal of practicing three hours a day if there ’ s no hope of actually pulling it off. If you are taking lessons, discus time issues with your teacher right away. Your play sessions need not be long : efficient 20-minute practice sessions that tackle specific and accomplishable goals are more effective than hours of mindless noodling. so fit aside small chunks of clock at frequent intervals for you and your guitar, and protect them. Finding a distance at home where your kids won ’ thyroxine be climbing all over your back while you ’ ra play is not a bad idea either .
There are indeed many ways to learn guitar these days, from books, videos, and apps to secret and group lessons to music camps, that you can surely find matchless that matches your schedule and your personality. ( Check out our guide to the best websites and apps for learning guitar. ) Plus, you ’ ve got more options than a child does, considering that you hold the purse strings and presumably have wheels .
many adults are inclined to study on their own, and there ’ south nothing wrong with that. But many teachers powerfully recommend group classes, jams, and music camps as a way to accelerate learn and have big fun in the process. ( Check out our guide to planning your summer camp pickup. ) The opportunity to play along with flush one other person can bring frightful rewards. I know respective parents who decided to begin playing guitar along with their kids, a special feel for all concerned .
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Remember that whenever we are learning something modern, we need to allow ourselves to be bungling and awkward for a while. Kids are more use to this, while grown-ups tend to favor activities that they know well and can do competently and unself-consciously. Jimmy Tomasello, who teaches a wide image of guitar classes at Chicago ’ s Old Town School of Folk Music, notes that “ people in pornographic education are reasonably insecure. And they want to be right—that ’ s a falsification when you ’ re learning something. The more mistakes you make, the close you get to reaching the goals that you set for yourself. ” So cut yourself some slack, take chances, and most of all, enjoy the matchless have of learning to make music with your own hands .
More resources for adult beginning guitarists from the master teachers at Acoustic Guitar magazine :

Book cover for "The Acoustic Guitar Method" by David Hamburger with subtitle "Learn to Play using the techniques and songs of American roots music"Book cover for "The Acoustic Guitar Method" by David Hamburger with subtitle "Learn to Play using the techniques and songs of American roots music"
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Book cover for "Teach Yourself Guitar Basics" by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers with subtitle "Learn how to choose, buy, and care for a guitar. Plus 6 lessons on how to play your first chords and songs"Book cover for "Teach Yourself Guitar Basics" by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers with subtitle "Learn how to choose, buy, and care for a guitar. Plus 6 lessons on how to play your first chords and songs"
learning guitar - information and advice about how to learn to play acoustic guitarlearning guitar - information and advice about how to learn to play acoustic guitar

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