41 thoughts on “Know Your History | Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Trailer

  1. It's funny how everyone keeps commenting about the Tiananmen Massacre, but they missed the whole point of the trailer, and how it's about current day America.

  2. Welcome to the realization of this in the US, with Biden and the Marxist/Socialist left wing to take control of the country.

  3. With this trailer I was really hoping for more with the campaign. Maybe next time when they don’t have to rush out a game because of sledgehammer it’ll be better

  4. Everyone’s freaking out over China having another trailer, they are a business, a business wants to make money, a business will do what they can to make the most money, if that means removing the scene of a trailer than they will and can do that. I feel idiotic having to explain this.

  5. Coming from a company that makes up history. Maybe because they are Americans, and we all know American history is made up.

  6. For those of you who listen to what this man (Yuri Bezmenov) is saying look up his lecture from the 1980s and reflect on what is going on today

  7. The country was already dead do to shots. Bartenders told them shots and satellite's are weapons that's Perseus. That when one of the four beast at the Pentagon told to come and see and saw and warped at a pale horse named Yori a dead human being one of first test subjects of Russian warfare. Man, Women and child hitting the streets begging for there life's just to wake up inhuman. Despite everything Victor Gail Janssen was born erasing Victory from history and Jesus will crown me king for raising out of the ground ending life on Earth for this and current human atrocities.

  8. With all those comments talking about how China forced cod to cut the part of you know that thing everyone’s been talking about, I just want to point something out of this trailer it was cut in half. Also they skipped over 3 out of 4 active measures when cutting the said trailer by half and only show normalization.

  9. I thought all devs are woke leftists, but does putting Bezmenov in the trailer mean that they're actually know what's going on in USA right now, with all this socialism garbage from the left?

  10. This is getting out of hand! The quick scoping, and other one hit kills.
    This needs to be done away with. I've been playing COD for years, and I
    know I'm not alone on this. Call of Duty "STOP ONE"

  11. Brilliant Treyarch, thats some major 4D chess, talk about a big brother government then demonstrate it by having a piece of your trailer removed by a big brother government.

  12. Well this trailer don't suit you because you are basically part of Communist party now 😂🤦 ( Don't wanna offend Chinese Govt , Hypocrite!!!)

  13. Oh look, communist censorship in action. Pathetic.
    華人不要忘記咱們的歷史,不要忘記六四!不要忘記永恆結纓的89年!記憶默記就是抵抗!保持華夏的真的文化! 記得和抵抗!

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