Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea | Biography

Explore the life of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, son of Kim Jong-il. Learn about his ascension to power in 2011, his murderous acts against his own government officials and family members, his human rights violations, and his nuclear weapons program. #Biography

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  1. Summed up as "A spoiled rich entitled kid brought up by megalomaniacal parents, sent to, ironically, the US because their own countrys educational system is too good for themselves". What a joke.

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  6. He is the fattest North Korean in the world

  7. Zahar dalke mardena isko koi apne hi

  8. Freeman Desrail Singh

  9. How is Kim Jong ,?????

  10. Waste fellow daridrudu

  11. Too the North Korea President from USA people We the people
    appoligies for the way our President treated you and disrespected you last week. Please forgive our President Trump for not being professional and respectful to our world neighbors and super powers of the world at the worst time is history for every. God bless the world..Amen

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  14. Kim Jong un sir you are the correct leader. I respect your leadership and management. You are great leader.. keep rocking…

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  19. Don't have mercy when shoot😟

  20. We have no right to play with anybody's life. This right is only for god. Not any person or king Humans have no right to kill each Person 😓😓😓😓😓

  21. Grat quality….Great decesion towards corona

  22. IAM feeling proud that I born in India😍 🙏.


  24. Narendra modi ji is best

  25. What is the Korean word for Jihad?

  26. Ivanmarae ellam adich kollanam paranarikal

  27. Bloody land with bloody rules

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