Kim Jong Un reacts to Trump's UN speech

North Korea’s leader called President Trump “mentally deranged” and said he will “pay dearly” for his address to the United Nations General Assembly.


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  1. Lmao when you consider how many criminal rogue regimes the u.s. has supported and does to this day. And not even just supported also got them into power by overthrowing much more stable regimes. But we never talk about that and of course u.s. lives are always the most important so who cares what price anyone else has to pay

  2. Thank goodness, after Trump and Kim’s first meeting, it’s stable now. Trump is the first US leader to be able to meet a NK leader in 70 years. And NK and SK had planned to join Olympics 2020 as a joined nation, another good news for both countries. Too bad this year Games were cancelled. I look forward to the day that the NK opens up to the world, like what China did in 1980s.

  3. And nothing happened….

  4. What Will happen Touch Kim Jong Un Stomach 😂🤣

  5. North Korea already made hydrogen bomb be ready America 👍👍

  6. north korea pls stay back cause america has India who always supports !

  7. What does he think attacking the strongest country in the world??

  8. 2 years later they are now best friends.

  9. Americans are so blind sided by the real truth it really is fascinating too witness such a large country with such a large population mind fucked by a corrupt president who once did deals with the 5 families (Mafia) and pumped millions upon millions into the criminal underworld he is like jimmy hoffa in some ways accept the only similarities is they both had connections to the mafia and helped by the mafia too become president , You really shouldnt listen to the american media they invented propaganda and use it in everyday situations especially ones like this , Not to mention the millions of dollars the united states secretly give to north korea weather they know its going to north korea or not they still do including russia , china , united kingdom , sweden , australia etc etc etc kim jung un is a very smart dictator and has the united states rattled if trump wants his too denuke stop funding them with money to build more nukes its that simple mr trump.

  10. Case of the crazies !

  11. Virgin President of the United States of the America
    Chad Supreme Leader of the Korean People's Republic

  12. my goodness sweetest cutest brotherhood nation's president's… my goodness Almighty god dad makes me brotherhood nation's president and families and all citizens soul's children's livingly peacefully fearlessly happily healthiest wealthiest greatest lifestyles until all the ages inside the planet earth this is your 💓 precious 💓 kid's soul's love letter this is your 💓 precious 💓 kid's soul's prayers and honours to Almighty first god first dad first love forever we are soul kid not Almighty Athority

  13. What a disgusting and shameful president… the us must be so diminished to have such an incompetent clawn as president… very typical of losers is to blame others for their own f…ups…

  14. What a disgusting and shameful president… the us must be so diminished to have such an incompetent clawn as president… very typical of losers is to blame others for their own f…ups…

  15. Totally destroy… 🤔
    Target cities and obliterate civilian population with nukes?

  16. Now that guy's in coma.

  17. Gangstar, Unfit coming from a man who runs over innocent people using tanks

  18. Kim Jong Un Is Just A Criminal

  19. I thought they were in love?

  20. Trump stripped health care from over 20 million citizens, trump allowed 202,000 deaths to happen, trump destroyed business…. will north Korea accept American refugees? I'll move th nk

  21. You know what!? US owns UN! Do you realized All UN members are allies of US?

  22. They were both just trolling us. And tbh i feel they both low-key got chill dms.

  23. Super power vs fat rocketman

  24. A 35 guy got 75 old man freaking out lmao

  25. can we both j give them some snickers and call it a day

  26. aight so we got two kids playing w the lives of the entire world

  27. 1 year later of this North Korea's leader shakes the hand of Trump and sign an agreement. Don't play against USA.

  28. Gangster calling other`s gangster`s

  29. Iran should learned from north korea nuclear y

  30. This didn’t age well

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