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  1. Hi Everyone😊
    Please Subscribe
    Thank you soo much❤

  2. Muy bello mi oppa hermosooooo espectacular caballeroso e inigualableeeeee lo smo

  3. I love you Hae Jin Turkey

  4. She is simple and beautiful.

  5. Lee Min Ho only for me, I Love You, LeeMin Ho oppa 💞. You must be happy in your real life. I Love You so much.

  6. Hermosa pareja 😍😘🤗🤩esperó lp sean en la vida real hay mucha quimica entre los dos😍😘🤗🤩

  7. Who won't fall for her❤️❤️❤️

  8. I don’t blame them men usually have a different idea of a wife material and a girlfriend material

  9. MinHo please lang po wag babagal bagal🙏🏻😅bka maunahan ka ng iba😅 nag iisa lang ang Queen nmin🖤👑🤗🥰Kim Go Eun🖤👑💞💞💞

  10. Kim goo eun face naturally, i like her chemystri leemin hoo

  11. I so think PHJ and KGE r sooooo compatible, as seen in their onscreen AND BTS chemistry….. but they are not anxious, only us fans are 😅😅🤣🤣

  12. so cute 👍
    I also have a channel please visit and subscribe for more kpop and kdrma songs thankyou

  13. An interview with the Cheese in the Trap movie leading lady she said that Park Hae Jin seems to be cold on their first meeting.. because if you will watch the Behind The Scenes BTS of PHJ with KIm Go Eun they seem to be very happy and they have very good rapport even the director said that they should date and get married later..Oh how I wish for them to have a comeback project together an action Melodrama would be perfect!!

  14. My opinion with actors they get so involved in their part while filming if you are a married person I don't think they should take and kissing and hugging and all that other mess because your husband have to watch it😩 this breaks up a lot of marriage just like I said my opinion

  15. I smiled from the start to finish this video❤️❤️❤️❤️ love u both

  16. I hope he proposes to KGE soon. I am praying for that to happen. Love them both so much.

  17. OH my god! Kim Go Eun has truly 3 qualification . Lovely, smart, clean, pure, and very understanding.!Lee Min Ho ! Hurry up!!!!!!

  18. Lee MinHo is amused with the thought of combining the characters of 3women in 1 for him to propose to her..But then he had his "foot in his mouth" because he thought that's hard to find..Lovely, simple , clean and unpretentious ..In TKEM he found her and many more,,Kim Go Eun is Lovely, pretty, charming, cheerful, unpretentious, good cook, courageous ,smart and an amazing actress Plus a very good daughter and aunt to her nephew..Pheww so many big words to describe KGE but she remains Humble and true to herself..

  19. LMH👍👍👍👍

  20. But thinking things over Gong Yoo and King Lee Gon has the same dialogue.. Thanks to Kim Go Eun,Gong Yoo said in 53rd Baeksang awards when he received his award " because of Kim Go Eun his life is less lonely and King Lee Gon " Because Joeng Tae Eul exists his life was less lonely" how to be Kim Go Eun in the lives of 2 Gorgeous men???

  21. Just finished watching 53rd Baeksang award where Gong Yoo won Best Actor award 2018 ,Gong Yoo mentioned his thanks to Goeun who made the life of Goblin less lonely!!She really makes people around her happy,which KGE also said in her Live stream on her 7th anniversary that she is really a funny person..A very cheerful woman even with the hurtful comments of haters and bashers..Still hoping for the best of the both LMH and KGE stay in love and healthy!!

  22. Who ever Kim goeun chooses would just be fine. I Love both LMH and PHJ.

  23. LMH AND KOM GOEUN. Park Hae Jin and s forest girl. 👍

  24. She’s pretty on screen but i heard she’s more beautiful in person with her beautiful porcelain like skin, petite body and small face. Sometimes camera deceive.

  25. Lee Min Ho nasceu completo não tem rival!!💋🤴👑❤️💙👏👏👏👏👏👏🇰🇷🇧🇷

  26. Yes yes yes , this two handsome actor attracted to KGE. Obviously she so simple but amazing ,🥰🥰🥰

  27. This couple not match too much different.

  28. Park Hae Jin knew who he liked by name, I think that's why I rather choose him over Lee Min Ho. I love LMH but everyone also knows he's a flirt and he likes to date co-stars. I kinda think he gets confused because he plays his characters well.
    I think KimGo Eun gets to know people for who they are and chooses them based on similar likes/dislikes. All her co-stars end up having crushes on her because she's very real and unpretentious so what they see is what they get.

  29. I think Park Hae Jin was really commited to date Kim Go Eun back then. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend at that time. ☹️😔

  30. Depois que eu vi a live deles não tenho mais dúvidas que eles estão juntos ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕

  31. Although PHJ had a crush on her he didn’t make the move so let the chips fall where they may

  32. I think she is better off dating someone like hai Jin. They look better together.

  33. Lee mi hoo da tanta vuelta q va a perderla. O es q ella lo está pasando 🤔😥

  34. Kim es súper sencilla, divertida, se gana el cariño de sus compañeros, para ella lo más importante es la familia. Siempre será una buena compañera de vida para quién la sepa valorar 😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun are now both big Korean actors and they were paired 2016…How about a New Project with them? They both have big number of fans which will be very happy to see them together again and because they had good chemistry before this would be wonderful..Cheese in the Trap drama did not end so we'll before..Fans were left Hanging on what is going to happen next??If not a Season 2 of CITT why not an action and Melodrama??please any director or script write there please do something.

  36. Park Hae Jin description of Kim, pure, simple clean face and pretty WOW! LMH said that if the characters of 3 of his screen partners Bona (lovely), Rachel (clean and simple) and Eun Sang (unpretentious) can roll into one person, he will propose…hasn't all qualities rolled into one girl Kim Go Eun !!!!! You must be the luckiest man LMH !!!!

  37. I watched TKEM first before watching CHEESE. Which is why I'm all for the MinGo couple. If I saw CIIT first, I will probably ship the JinGo couple then. Actually, the JinGo tandem is not bad. Except the TKEM couple is perfect in all ways on-screen and off-screen. LMH and KGE really complement each other i all aspects even if they are not aware of it.
    PHJ and LMH are saying the same thing about KGE. Even in the filming process, their compliments for KGE are the same given that these two dramas are 3-4 years apart. I would like to see KGE and PHJ teamed up together in a more mature role.

  38. This girl are so lucky!

  39. Yes wow Kim go eun beauty face eyes 😍😍😍😍😍😍💪💪🙋👏👏👏

  40. This woman was really blessed by God.beautiful characteristic rolled into one for her.LMH hurry up!

  41. I'm sorry! Kge has a granny look.

  42. Theyvare definitely dating now

  43. Actually KGE'S Co actors always commend on how caring Kim Go Eun is during filming..Gong Yoo and Lee Min Ho mentioned it during interviews and I'm sure PHJ also noticed it so the atmosphere in her shoot is always happy.In TKEM Behind the Scenes we can see that the crew are also happy and Oftentimes laughing..In showbiz it is very rare we see a simple, natural and bare face like KGE.LMH said in an interview that KGE was very plain when they first met..She was wearing a hat, no accessories, very candid and plain was his term But when they met for the first shoot she was the Character Joeng Tae Up the detective,that's how versatile and good actress KGE..

  44. I chosse Kim Go Eun ❤

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