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How to Hook Up Jumper Cables on Your Car

When your car wo n’t start, jumper cables can help your fomite get up and running in equitable a few minutes. To hook up jumper cables, you typically need two cars. Pop both hoods, and then connect the red and black clamps to the battery in the car that wo n’t start. then do the lapp to the other vehicle. Start the work car, and let it idle for a minute. Turn on the dead car, disconnect the cables from both vehicles, and you ‘re good to go !
Before you get started, however, you ‘ll need to know the right ordering to hook up the cables and what to do if you get it wrong. Find out how to hook up sweater cables and learn how to troubleshoot the work .

How Do You Know If Your Car Battery Is Dead?

Man on Side of Road Investigating Car Engine after Auto Battery Died
Image via Pexels by KaboomPics .com.

If nothing happens when you turn the key, a dead car barrage is probably the perpetrator. If you can hear the engine attempting to start, however, your car may have another problem with a belt out or the alternator. Rather than trying to jump your battery, call the Tom Kadlec Kia serve center field therefore our team of experts can diagnose and fix the issue.

How Do You Position the Cars to Jump Your Battery?

If your cable car ‘s battery is dead, you can jumpstart it with the help of a second vehicle. Pull the working vehicle improving therefore the hoods of the two cars are barely a few inches aside. Be sure to leave some space between them. The vehicles should be close enough so the jumper cables can reach between the two vehicles but not therefore close that the two cars touch .
For best results, the two car batteries should have a similar voltage. You can confirm that the numbers are the lapp or close by reading the specifications on the lead of the batteries. If the work fomite has a importantly higher electric potential, jumping the battery could damage the other car. In that casing, consider asking another driver to help alternatively .

Do You Hook Up Red or Black Jumper Cables First?

once the two vehicles are in place, turn off both and open the hoods. Attach the red jumper cables first. Start by clamping one red cable to the positivist side of the battery that wo n’t start. then attach the early loss clamp to the convinced english of the influence battery .
next, clamp one black cable to the negative side of the ferment battery. When you ‘re ready to attach the other black clamp, do n’t connect it to the dead battery. rather, find a metallic element component in your vehicle ‘s engine blockage where you can attach it safely .

What Happens When You Put on Battery Cables Wrong?

Attaching the jumper cables falsely could lead to serious problems. Some of the most park issues with putting on jumper cables include :

  • Putting the black and red jumper cables in the wrong positions: If you connect the jumper cables to the wrong sides of the battery, you won’t be able to start the dead vehicle. Always make sure that the red cables connect to the side of the battery that features a plus (+) sign.
  • Attaching one of the black jumper cables to the dead battery: When you try to turn on the vehicle, sparks can appear, potentially reacting with or igniting flammable substances. Always connect the second black cable to a grounded metal part instead.
  • Neglecting to attach one of the jumper cables: If one of the jumper cables isn’t in place, the process won’t work correctly. If the dead battery still won’t start, double-check that you’ve attached all four ends of the jumper cables correctly.

When Should You Try to Start the Dead Vehicle?

A set of red and black jumper cables attached to a car battery
Image via Unsplash by jumpstarterexper.

After connecting all four ends of the jumper cables, plow on the work vehicle. Leave it in parking lot and allow it to idle for at least a hour. then undertake to start the other vehicle. If a dead battery was the issue, then the second vehicle should turn on right away .

When Do You Disconnect the Jumper Cables?

adenine soon as both vehicles are running, you can disconnect the jumper cables. Remove the clamps one at a time, in the opposition order you placed them. Start with removing the black cable from the engine forget, and then remove the other black clamp from the working vehicle. then remove both ends of the red cable television, ending with the clamp attached to the absolutely battery .
After disconnecting the jumper cables, you can turn off or re-park the vehicle you used to start the dead battery. however, you should allow the early fomite to continue to run. Let it idle for a half-hour to recharge the battery. You can besides drive it around the forget a few times to help the battery regain a charge .

How Do You Jump a Car Battery Without a Second Car?

If another vehicle is n’t available to start the dead battery, you may be able to use a jump box if you have one on hand. besides known as a battery pack, this handy piece of equipment can easily replace the second vehicle. Just hook up the jumper cables to the dead battery and the startle box, and try starting the vehicle. When it starts, remove the cables and allow the fomite to idle.

What Do You Do After Starting a Dead Battery?

Using jumper cables to start a absolutely battery solves the immediate problem and allows you to drive your vehicle somewhere safe. But a dead battery can signal a bigger issue. If the battery ca n’t keep a charge, you may need to replace it .
quite than waiting until another battery exit arises, take your fomite to our service center justly away. We ‘ll check the battery, replace the erstwhile or abruptly battery if necessity, and advise you about any other issues that could be affecting your vehicle ‘s operation .
Although it ‘s significant to know how to use sweater cables safely, they are n’t the only available solution for battery problems. Visit Tom Kadlec Kia for aid with battery issues, money-saving car service specials, and adept maintenance and repairs. Questions ? Contact us online.

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