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  1. My partner is a doctor. I’ve watched him come home night after night exhausted, defeated, broken because he has had to tell families they can’t see their grandparent who is dying because they have to remain isolated, because he has had to make a choice between two people of which one is more likely to survive because there’s only one ICU bed left and they both need it, because he has had to go from cardiac arrest to cardiac arrest whilst frantically trying to change into fresh PPE from head to toe, despite the damage being done for every second he isn’t in the room performing chest compression. He told me about a family where their little girl came home from school with covid and within a month her father, and both of his parents were dead, and her mother was in a critical condition. Every day he has had to deal with stories like this involving people who have done everything they could to try and stay safe, and then he has to deal with the people protesting outside his hospital that covid isn’t real and doctors are faking death certificates for money. I’ve gone to my job in our government building and I’ve been spat on and had things thrown at me by protestors screaming that this is a hoax and the government are trying to control them. My partner has been coughed on by patients who are sick with covid because they don’t believe it’s real. He had a patient go into respiratory arrest because he refused to wear his oxygen mask because someone on Facebook said it wouldn’t do anything. He’s had patients discharge themselves because they don’t think the virus is real, only to die at home within days. Watching these entitled assholes go from party to party whilst we all face the consequences is sickening, it makes me want to give up, it makes my partner want to give up. We are both so tired, him especially. We have given everything to try to make people’s lives better through this ordeal and so many people see us as villains for it, when the real villains sit in their mansions with all their friends and not a mask to me seen. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

  2. Seriously cancel them all they do is do dumb crap anyways most of them doesn’t even have talent

  3. I am absolutely filled with rage with how some "human" beings believe it is okay to risk other peoples lives. My husband has been told he will not pull through if he contracts covid 19. I am faced daily with the thought of losing my best friend, my soul mate and having to our explain to our very young daughter that Daddy isn't here because people are selfish a holes. Sadly, because there is no way to directly tie transmission to people, there is a lack of accountability for people's actions. If people were told "you ignoring advice infected X, who passed it to Y who then died. You are responsible for this" then maybe they would be more inclined to follow the rules. Instead these same people look at the news and comment "it's so sad" when they see people dying, and the absolute hell health care workers are facing and then proceed to break quarantine measures to meet up with multiple friends, or refuse to wear a mask when entering a store. It's all some abstract concept, that doesn't apply to them as they haven't been personally affected by it.

  4. I’m so sorry D’angelo. I’m glad your grandparents are ok now, it still doesn’t take away the pain. So so sorry. 😞

  5. my mothers a lawyer who sits at a desk 11hrs a day typing, she would love a vacation but our summer trip for 2020 was canceled due to covid and my 90-year-old GMA lives w us. these influencers just spread covid and keep the rest of us waiting. they're like the kids in class who talk to each other and the teacher makes the whole class stay in for lunch.

  6. This video was…. beautiful because I really felt you. But also this video was disgusting because I used to love so many people you called out. But like you said. They need to log off of social media, talk to somebody outside there friend group, do whatever it is they need to do to fix themselfs and become someone who carez

  7. Warnings for… U know, death//

    My mother works in a hospital, as a doctor. Up until recently, we were thinking about potential places she could go live, if she, at any point was tested positive, or had symptoms. My father is in an extremely high risk group. So, we were pondering if a hotel (a covid dedicated one) would be a good place, and worrying that she wouldn't get enough care if things were getting bad- she wouldn't want any of us to come with her. We were essentially, for months on end, discussing the possibility of my mom dying alone. Dying . Alone. One time she called me (right before an exam) to clean all the areas of the house because 6 nurses were tested positive. We have had big,big scares, a lot of sleepless nights. Things I am only starting to process.. She is vaccinated now, thankfully.
    But it's fuc***g infuriating and sad to see this kind of behaviour and I am tired of these people who have made social life a commodity, when socializing is kind of a distant dream for most of us, because it will kill our loved ones.

  8. How were the kardashian party legal??

  9. " ….he traveled to Miami….."

    me who lives in Florida: oh no

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  11. At this moment they lowkey become murderer

  12. I’m literally following every influencer in the comments that are agreeing with him And unfollowing every single one that doesn’t take the virus seriously

  13. Ethan from H3 podcast had a ton of compliments on your break down of the celebs and influencers video in his most recent frenemies podcast idk if you saw it or not but I wanted to give you a heads up he said a lot of good things about you and your content

  14. Thank you so much for this video and for bringing attention to this serious topic. I have lost both my dad and my grandpa withing 6 months to covid and wasn't able to attend both funerals due to the restrictions. And then you see all these disgusting and irresponsible behaviours online. It's just so unfair…

  15. I would like to give a shout-out to Carly and Erin from the vlog squad bc unlike the rest of their friends they’re not even seeing EACH OTHER and they have a shared channel together

  16. "That must be super fucking hard for you". OMG the Contrapoints reference, I just died X)

  17. This whole video is so true

  18. I think that what these people don't understand is that they interract, by nessecity with a lot of others around them. They interact with their assistants, cleaners, stylists, cashiers, delivery people. All of them have people to go home to, or will interact with others who live with their elderly grandmother, or their father, or their partner who is asthmatic. These people, cannot NOT work, they can't stop making a living and having a f* roof under their head. But Ritch influencers can afford limiting their interactions.
    It comes down to not seeing the people work around you as people. A common rich person disease.

  19. Celebrities and influencers are just so ignorant and tone deaf, there’s only a handful that I support

  20. Quoting contrapoints will always be a highlight of any video

  21. Ethan was right (lol), this is great 👌 👏

  22. We really battled with 2 pandemic, covid, and Dr. Mike

  23. Dr. Mike is the most disappointing. Everyone else was expected to crack because they cannot fathom being "real people" and having empathy.

  24. I didnt even hear abt the lana thing and i wish i could unhear

  25. I've left my house a total of 4 times in a whole year, My grandad died due to covid, I had my 21st birthday in my house with only family members that live in my house, I haven't physically seen my friends in over a year, my mental health is the worst its ever been, my mind has been in some very dark places lately.
    Why can't celebrities just stay in their fucking homes.

  26. At least these children presumedly have to do what their parent tell them. And hopefully won't be too bad vectors for disease or contract serious disease. Goes without saying that hopefully their parents are doing the right thing

  27. Almost a year into this mess … I literally give 0 f*cks about what someone else is doing. The broke and the unknown people are being just as reckless. Still hanging out … still not wearing mask … still not following guidelines. Still. Still. Still. Celebrities are human and they do human sh*t. I don't know why $$$ makes you believe they have different standards. Humans f*ck up. Periodt. All I can worry about is ME and my pod. I can only make sure I am doing whatever I can to make everyone in my household safe. That's it and that's all. Other people NOT being safe…. not my business. It's exhausting and stressful worrying about someone else. My business is making sure that those that don't comply stay TF away from me.

  28. both of my grandparents had covid for around two months, I didn’t know you could even have it that long. It was terrifying knowing I could lose both of them any second, but they’re both strong and they’re fine now. But just the thought of it is so much. My sincere condolences for anyone who lost someone due to this virus ❤️🤍

  29. Imagine when ur grandkids ask "what did u do during the COVID19 pandemic", and u have to say "yeah I didn't take it very seriously and I went to parties with my friends a whole bunch".

  30. Wow I just finished watching this video and it makes me SO angry that how these pathetic people who call themselves InFuEnCErs are partying while people are DYING

  31. To everyone: Much strength to you 💪, stay strong stay healthy saty brave and keep pushing forward. You are not alone.

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