47 thoughts on “I explored SECRET Sentosa caves and found this! | Rediscover Singapore | Tanjong Rimau

  1. Wah I always feel like you bring me out with you when you explore all these weird and unknown parts of Singapore! All your camera products steady poon pee pee 👍

  2. such a cool video… thank u for throwing the bottles. i feel like exploring sg whilst there’s no tourist but scared n alone ><

  3. interesting video I have some few questions is there permission needed to go the land ? and must it be needed to used the little boat or can we walk there ?

  4. I wouldn’t call those a cave tho, maybe should just call it a “hole”… cos it’s so small😂😂😅

  5. may i ask if you need to get a specific license to paddle out there, I would really want to pick up paddling! love your videos too!!!

  6. Hiii can I know who to contact for permission to shoot here? Asked sentosa staff a mth ago they said it's out of bounds for public

  7. 2:15 are actually natural mudstone! You may find similar mudstone at labrador Park as they are of the same formation.

  8. YOU CAN STILL GO THERE!? my father used to bring my brothers and i here all the time in my primary school days, we used to go during low tide and hiked abit or thread water along the coastline when its high tide from underwaterworld to get to the bunkers to fish, whenever my brothers and i were tired of fishing we would just explore the area. feelsgood to be able to see this place upclose again. great video man !

  9. Do you need to apply any permit to explore the coastal areas by sea? Or can just go explore freely? I really love what you do man.. well done

  10. Famous words said " this is quite a respectable hole" said no one ever hahaha what I mean is that's what she saiddd

  11. Probably those holes are man made for soldiers to hide out incase there was a bombardment or a cave for them to sleep or poop.

  12. Awesome video man.. thanks for sharing it with us.. looking forward for more content like this.. the island name give me this eerie feeling.. btw, Greeting from Sabah, Malaysia ..

  13. I used to work at Fort Siloso. To anyone that wanna go to the watch tower go at your own risk. Anyone caught by the staffs would be send to the island rangers immediately and then would be handled over to the police for trespassing. We have caught a few fishing there before

  14. Thank you very much for sharing this less travelled path of Sentosa. BTW, I've just started shooting 360videos. May I know if you have any useful tips for shooting 360 videos? I look forward to learn from you. And what video editing software do you use? I also enjoyed SUP and kayaking. Cheers!

  15. It's really nice the SENTOSA ISLAND SINGAPORE… I subscribe you already sir.. I'm a vlogger also here in Singapore..

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