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Getting set up with a PO Box these days is generally pretty elementary and straightforward. All you in truth have to do is pop down to your local post function, let them know that you ’ rhenium interested in getting a PO Box, and then they will walk you through the process from begin to finish. Sending chain mail to a PO Box is besides pretty easy, vitamin a long as you know what you ’ ra doing. There ’ s not all that much of a deviation from sending mail to any other address – though you ’ ll ( obviously ) need to know the PO Box total before you can address whatever it is you want sent to a PO Box.

Below we break both of these things down a little more in depth, helping you to knock out the process without any concern and without any harass. By the clock time you ’ re done with the inside information below you ’ ll know precisely how to get a PO Box for yourself and how to address mail sent to PO boxes. We even share a PO Box alternative that you ’ ll want to consider for sure. Let ’ s get right field into it, shall we ? po boxes at the post office

Making the Most of Your PO Box

If you are interest in signing up for a PO Box you ’ re in luck – the process is easier nowadays than ever before ( and besides a unharmed bunch more low-cost ). Some people like the privacy and security system benefits that a PO Box brings to the board. Others are choosing a PO Box merely because they live in a more rural community and physical chain mail to their address international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate available ( even through the USPS ). careless of the why behind your decisiveness to go with a PO Box, we walk you through the bit-by-bit summons you want to consider before you sign up for this serve from the position office. Choosing the Right PO Box Location Straight out of the gate, you need to think about where you want your newly PO Box to be located. A fortune of people are under the impression that they have to get a PO Box from a post office in their town or local anesthetic area, but nothing could be far from the truth. Some people choose to have a PO Box in a city that they work in, tied if it isn ’ metric ton anywhere near where they live, and others choose to have a PO Box established in completely different states – normally for business purposes. At the end of the day, though, you need to think about where you want your PO Box to be located for your specific needs. If you ’ re going to be having residential chain mail sent to that address it ’ s credibly a good idea to get a PO Box at a post office as close to your home or office as possible. You don ’ thymine want to have to drive clear across town precisely a pickup your mail every day ! Below we highlight a PO Box alternative that wholly eliminates this offspring completely, but that ’ s something we will get into a little more in depth in merely a moment. Choosing the Right PO Box Size The second thing you ’ ll necessitate to do is decide what size PO Box you want to go with – a decision that ’ randomness going to be heavily influenced by price and the kind of mail stream that you anticipate running through your box from here on out. The USPS offers five unlike sizes to pick and choose from at about all of their locations, broke down like this :

  • Extra Small – 3” x 5.5”, this box is really best suited for those that do not anticipate a lot of mail at all. It’s only large enough to accommodate between 10 and 15 letter sized envelopes or two magazines rolled up.
  • Small – 5” x 5.5”, this box is a little bit larger (comfortably accommodating 10 to 15 letter sized envelopes) but is still pretty compact.
  • Medium – 11.5” x 5.5”, this mailbox is one that most customers are going to want to consider if there looking to save money or if they are single of a young couple with no children, or just don’t have a lot of mail flow to worry about.
  • Large – 11” x 11”, this mailbox is big enough to accommodate to all sized shoeboxes and still have plenty of extra room for letters and envelopes. If you’re an average sized family, have a lot of mail coming in, or are even a small business owner this is probably the size for you.
  • Extra Large – 22.5” x 12”, this is the biggest PO Box available from the USPS as well as their most expensive. Choose this only if you have a tremendous amount of mail coming in or anticipate a lot of packages arriving regularly, too.

It ’ s not a badly idea popping down to your local post office merely to get your eyes on unlike sized PO boxes to figure out which one makes the most sense in your position. You might think that you need a Large sized PO Box only to discover that a Small makes a fortune more feel. But the reverse may be truthful – you might think that a medium-sized PO Box is perfect for your business, when in truth you need something on the Extra Large-size spectrum. The USPS has a couple of “ usage guidelines ” that they share with their customers to help them make this decision a little easier. They recommend smaller size post office boxes for personal or business mail that will be picked up on a daily basis. Medium-size mail office boxes are best for those that expect magazines and newspapers to be delivered american samoa well, or those that want to pick up their mail every workweek. Larger sized PO boxes are recommended for little to midsized businesses that have a lot of mail flow and expect packages regularly. Quick Breakdown of PO Box Pricing There are pricing guidelines for PO boxes that you can use to inform your decision, but it ’ mho important to understand the USPS is able to set specific prices for their PO boxes on a location-by-location basis. As of January 2021, the average monetary value of a small sized PO Box ran about $ 30. medium-sized PO boxes or $ 37 ( on average ), and boastfully or extra-large size PO boxes or a little snatch more expensive than that. Most PO Box agreements are going to require you to sign a six calendar month or 12 month “ lease ” on the PO Box that you have chosen, besides. It ’ s not a bad idea to sign up for the longest term “ lease ” you can from the USPS right from day one, either. not lone to lock-in that PO Box address but besides to take advantage of the most meaning discounts available vitamin a well. PO Box prices drop the longer that you agree to lease your box, besides. You should besides expect there to be a couple of other fees when you sign up for your PO Box from the USPS, including a three-dollar deposition for the first pair of PO Box keys you receive. Extra keys cost six dollars for each duplicate cardinal, and if you have to have the PO Box locks replaced and rekeyed you should expect to pay at least $ 20 ( and sometimes even more than that ). po boxes

The PO Box Signup Process

As a general rule, the process for signing up for a PO Box is pretty simple and aboveboard regardless of whether or not you do it online or pop down to your local mail agency and knock it out in person.


To get a PO Box on-line you only have to jump on the USPS web site, navigate to the PO BOX segment of the site, and then go through the application process. You ’ ll have a probability to search for available PO boxes by entering in a specific post function address or a energy Code. After that, you ’ ll be presented with a tilt of boxes – and box sizes – that you can pick and choose from. After selecting the box you ’ d like you ’ ll be encouraged to “ Reserve a New PO Box ”. At that point you ’ ll be asked to choose duration of your PO Box rental – three calendar month, six calendar month, or twelve month leases are broadly available – and then you are off to the races. You ’ ll be asked to fill out the Post Office mannequin 1093 ( the cosmopolitan PO Box application ). After that form has been filled out you ’ ll be presented with a payment kind ( all major credit and debit cards are accepted ), at which point you ’ ll give for your integral lease duration. After that, you ’ ll be emailed a reception of your buy, a copy of your PO Box agreements, and information pertain to how you activate your new PO Box address. You ’ ll need to visit your PO Box post office location within 30 days of requital on-line to actually activate your address, bringing with you the Post Office form 1093 ( amply filled out ) american samoa well as two forms of identification. At that decimal point you ’ ll be given the keys to your new PO Box and you ’ ll be good to go !


The serve for applying to get a new PO Box in person is even simpler and more square than it is on-line. Visit the post office that you ’ d like to rent a PO Box from and tell them which sized box you ’ rhenium interest in.

The postal employees will let you know which addresses are available, and after you pick one you ’ ll have Postal Service Form 1093 provided to you to fill out right there on the premises. Complete the form, show your identification, and pay for the duration of the rent that you are interested in and you ’ ll be given keys to your new PO Box. From start to finish, the unharmed procedure should take about 20 minutes ( or even less ). po boxes

Managing Your PO Box Mailing Address

now that you have your new PO Box it ’ s time to focus on the PO Box address format you ’ ll want to share with anyone and everyone you expect to receive mail from.

The Correct Way to Use Your PO Box Address

Managing your PO Box address format is truly simple and straightforward, specially since you are basically only replacing your physical address or street address with your modern PO Box count. Let ’ s say that anterior to getting your PO Box your address looked something like this : John Smith 123 Main Street Anytown, USA 01011 well, now your new PO Box address format is going to look like this : John Smith PO Box 1776 Anytown, USA 01011 good swap out your previous street address ( or physical mail address ) for the PO Box number that you have been provided. After that you are commodity to go !

The Trouble with Traditional PO Box Addresses

Though there are a lot of benefits to moving forward with a traditional PO Box cover, there are a couple of shortcomings as well. For starters, if you move changing your address is notoriously unmanageable – and if you move on a regular basis having to update your mailing address all the time is a very pain in the neck. second, a traditional PO Box savoir-faire at a mail office in your local town or residential district isn ’ thyroxine quite as secret or equally secure as you might have been led to believe it to be. A small bit of digging can connect the dots to find your physical address from a PO Box address, compromising your privacy and security along the room. last, with a traditional PO Box from the USPS you actually have to go down and pickup your mail on a everyday basis. The unharmed sharpen of the PO Box is NOT to have regular daily manner of speaking at your home, but alternatively to collect your mail a central localization that you have to visit to get your mail yourself.

Can you get a PO box without a physical address ?

No. In decree to get a PO Box, you need to have a physical address adenine well as a couple forms of ID.

How do I get a physical address from a PO Box?

You will need to request the physical address from the PO Box owner, by using the appropriate USPS shape. Or, look up on-line where the PO Box is located.

Can a PO Box be a legal address?

No. PO Boxes will merely come with a Box count. You can however use a postbox from the UPS Store, and use that street cover as your legal address.

How do you use a PO box as a physical address?

You can ’ t. A PO Box is not a physical savoir-faire, and therefore can not be used as one.

Does USPS offer physical addresses ?

The USPS does not offer physical addresses. They do offer however a street addressing serve, that can be used rather of a PO Boxuse the address of the Post Office and add unit alternatively of Box number.

Does PO Box or physical address come first?

When addressing a letter or box to a PO Box, first you add the box number of the recipient and then the physical address. For example : PO Box 24
Houston, TX 70003 Virtual mailbox on desktop & mobile well, if you have become disgruntled with traditional PO Box services and wish there was a more modern solution you are in fortune. That ’ s precisely what US Global Mail delivers ! Providing you with about all of the like benefits of a PO Box ( but even more privacy, even more security, and even more appliance ), US Global Mail eliminates a bunch of the concern and fuss associated with USPS PO boxes through their virtual mailbox service.

alternatively of getting a PO Box number you ’ ll be given a legitimate physical street address, and rather of having to go down and pickup your mail all of it can be forwarded directly to your address – or any address of your choosing – at 80 % off of retail transport rates. compound that with digital mail scan of every piece as it arrives, check depositing services, package acceptance from all of the major transportation companies ( something USPS does not offer ), and an savoir-faire that stays the same no matter how frequently you move and it ’ s not hard to see why people choose US ball-shaped Mail all the clock time. Check out their site nowadays for more details !

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