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If you ’ ra looking for easy and creative ways to tie a head scarf, look no farther !
Scarves are the perfect summation to any kit in the summer ; the weather is hot, outfits are casual and the addition of a silk scarf tied in your hair can turn even a basic jean abruptly and jersey into something special .
In this tutorial, Joelle will demonstrate how to wear a scarf on your question three ways and show you how to get the most slam for your buck concerning your wardrobe .
I have a variety of idle silk scarves, all which were purchased cheaply at the parsimony storehouse.

For this particular tutorial, we will be focusing on three very childlike but unique styles that will guarantee to add longevity to your wardrobe .

1. The Slim Turban

The first style is credibly my most used, and a capital direction to add a touch of bohemian vibration to your hairdo with a scarf joint. Start by folding your silk scarf down the middle horizontally, reducing the scarf to one-half of its size .
seat the scarf at the back of your read/write head and bring each side forward towards your face, making certain that both sides are equal .
Join each side in movement of your pass and in the in-between of your brow, twist the scarf around itself twice, then bring both ends to the second of your head again and make a knot to secure everything in place .
Tuck in any loose ends from the knot back into the fountainhead wrap at the back of your head, and adjust the reduce turban to your liking – I like to pull at either side to make my turban larger and besides take this opportunity to tuck in any loosen hair’s-breadth at the top of my pass .
The result is a fun and casual bohemian slender turban, perfect for a music festival or a lazy summer day. besides check out these amazing ways to style a scarf joint in your hair !

2. Bohemian Head Wrap

The second method of scarf tie is one that I use when I ’ molarity looking for more of an alien front .
Start by opening the scarf up in full, placing one edge along your brow and bringing the other border to the back of your head, covering your head amply.

Grab both ends with each hand and make a knot at the rear of your head – again making indisputable that each end is even .
Grab that knot and move it to the slope of your capitulum and make a large bow .
I like to actually let out one end of the submit, the side close to my face, to give the headway wrap an even more relax count. Adjust and enjoy !

3. Silk Scarf Headband

The third base and final method of tying your silk scarf joint is a headband that I tend to use on those blistering, humid days when your hair just international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate co-operating. I find that this style works best with your hair’s-breadth up, so I ’ ve thrown my haircloth into a messy bun .
Take your scarf joint and fold it horizontally doubly, giving you a slender band to work with .
place the middle of the scarf right above your brow, and bring both ends down towards the nape of your neck .
once you reach the bed of your head with both ends, switch the ends in your hands and bring both ends of the scarf joint upwards again to the acme of your frontal bone .
Move both ends slightly off center, tie a impregnable knot and then tie a bow. You will need to adjust the bow slenderly so that the ends of the scarf are both sticking downwards, and I besides like gap open the scarf joint a moment on either side of my head to give a thick appearance.

Quick, easy and a great solution for keeping your hair out of your face on a muggy day while adding some detail to your outfit .
I hope you enjoyed this elementary tutorial ! Try out each scarf wrapping method acting to well add alone contingent to your summer outfits .
Last Updated on December 1, 2021

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