How to Wire Combo Switch & Outlet? Combo Device Wiring

switch and Outlet Combo Device Wiring Diagrams and Installation

What is Combo Switch/Outlet Device and How to Wire It?

A jazz band device is the combination of switch and wall socket in the lapp enclosure box. The builtin switch can be wired to control the receptacle in the enclosure box. The switch can be besides wired through a sweater wire where the switch will control an extra cargo point such as lighting point .
Before wiring initiation of a jazz band device, one must know the basic unlike between Combo GFCI and Combo switch exit. There is a break away louver tab intact to the line terminals of normal jazz band switch and mercantile establishment whereas, it doesn ’ t exist in GFCI or AFCI jazz band device. In summation, there is Test and and reset buttons on GFCI jazz band trade / exit and one side can be used as note ( reference ) end and the irregular one as load terminals i.e. the those lode points which needs to be protected should connect to the load terminals of GFCI .
In Switch and Outlet jazz band device, the narrow blade is for Line ( Hot ) and the wide blade is for Neutral. There is a break way fin tab key integral to the line ( hot ) side which can be removed if trade is needed to control extra load otherwise, a jumper wire can be added between the trade load terminal and lower tune terminal ( while removing the bankrupt away fin yellow journalism ) hence, it will control the socket release in the enclosure box. What is Combo Switch & Outlet and How to wire it

In today electrify tutorials, we will be showing how to wire and install a jazz band trade and mercantile establishment device in residential areas to control the alight point, adding an exit to the existing jazz band device, connecting switch and mercantile establishment from different sources, adding a GFCI protected jazz band switch/outlet and use the switch in the jazz band device to control the exit in it .

Wiring a Light bulb with Combo Switch and Outlet

In this simple cable diagram, the jazz band switch & wall socket is connected to the 120V AC provide through CB. The break away louver pill is integral consequently, line ( blistering ) is connected to the ( only ) one brass terminal on production line slope. The neutral is connected to the inert argent end. The switch load brass section terminal and neutral is connected to the light bulb .
This manner, the built-in switch controls the light orient and socket mercantile establishment can be used for other loads and can be connected via plugs .
Wiring a Light bulb with Combo Switch and Outlet
besides, don ’ thymine forget to do the proper earth and ground connections according your local area codes .
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Wiring an Outlet to the Combo Switch & Outlet

In this wiring diagram, the builtin switch over in the jazz band device controls a ignite point whereas, release can be used for other loads. To add an extra mercantile establishment to the jazz band device, elementary connect the lineage, neutral and earth terminals as shown in the libyan islamic fighting group below. Use close electrify nuts for cable and wire joints .
Wiring an Outlet to the combo Switch & Outlet
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Wiring Combo Device where Switch & Outlet Controlled by Different Sources

In this wire diagram, the builtin switch is controlled by offprint generator ( i.e. wires from different CB ) while the release is connected to the second reservoir. To do this, elementary remove the breakaway tail fin between the line terminals and connect the upper berth terminal to source one and the lower lineage terminal to source two .
The lower neutral should be connected to the source two neutral wire and the trade burden should be connected to the cargo orient i.e. fan, sparkle bulb etc .
Switch & Outlet Controlled by Different Sources in Combo Device
Keep in heed that if the open frame aside fin tab key is not available in your existing or fresh jazz band switch-outlet device, then this kind of wiring connection is not potential .
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Wiring Combo Device where Built-in Switch Controls the Receptacle in it

In this cable connection, the builtin switch controls the receptacle exit in the jazz band device enclosure. To do this wire, just remove the break away fin tab key between two hot terminals ( hot side ). now, take a jumper wire and connect between the switch load terminal and lower hot end on the line side ( As shown in libyan islamic fighting group below ). ultimately, connect the inert and grind cable as shown in the figure .
Built-in Switch Control the receptacle in Combo Device

This room, the builtin switch control the ON/OFF operations of the receptacle in the jazz band device. note that if there is no break away fin pill between two line terminals, this joining is not potential to do then .

Wiring a GFCI Protected Combo Switch & Outlet

As discussed in the former post here, any receptacle release, substitution and jazz band device connected to the load side of a GFCI are ground faults protected .
As shown in the watch cable diagram, the jazz band switch & mercantile establishment, average wall socket and switch are connected to the load side of GFCI hence, all of them are GFCI protected .
Wiring a GFCI Outlet with Combo Switch - Outlet, Receptacle & Light Switch
Keep in judgment that if we connected all these receptacles and switches to the line side of GFCI, they wont be GFCI protected at all .
General Information about Electrical Outlets:
note : We have used Red for Hot, Black for Neutral and Green for Ground for illustration function only. Follow your own area wiring coloring material codes according to NEC, IEC etc .

  • Use 14 and 12 gauge wires for 15A and 20A circuit breakers
  • 15A and 20A GFCI can be installed on 15-20A and 20A alone ( not 15 and 30A ) racing circuit circuit breaker respectively .
  • The brass screw should be connected to the Hot ( argumentation, live or phase ) wire ( Black, Brown or Red ) .
  • The silver screws should be connected to the Neutral wire ( White or Blue )
  • The green screw should be connected to the anchor / earth telegram ( Green/Yellow or naked )
  • If there is no color coded screws on outlets, refer to the exploiter manual or contact a license electrician .
  • neutral Wire is not required in 240V outlets wiring .
  • If there are four prongs in an release, a Neutral electrify is needed then and four wires from the breaker should be connected to the mercantile establishment i.e. 2 blistering argumentation as ( Line 1 and Line 2 ), a Neutral and footing wire .
  • Use the desirable electric potential and ampere evaluation of switch with appropriate cable size and proper size MCB according to the load evaluation .


  • Switch off the chief tour surf to make certain the power issue is OFF before wiring an wall socket .
  • Contact the authorize and license electrician for exit facility if you are not sure about the wiring diagram.
  • The generator will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or habit of this data or if you try any lap in wrong format. So please ! Be careful because it ’ sulfur all about electricity and electricity is besides dangerous .

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