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The tried-and-true Adobe Photoshop makes it easy to whiten teeth in equitable a few steps. Teeth whitening can help your subjects look their best, which can potentially translate to more work for you. In this finical Photoshop tutorial, we ’ ll walk you through the process, step by step .

How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop, a Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Select and open your image in Adobe Photoshop

Under the File menu, choice Open and choose your double. Click Open .

2. Prepare your image file for teeth whitening

Take a look at your persona. If there ’ s barely one subject in the photograph, you ’ ll lone need to perform the whitening process once. If there are more subjects, you ’ ll need to do it multiple times. Perform each of these steps individually for each subject. That way you can make adjustments to one subject ’ mho tooth without affecting the early in your original image .
soar in on the first person ’ second dentition by pressing CTRL ( for Windows ) or CMD ( for Mac ) on your keyboard and the + sign, until you can see the wax smile.

3. Draw a selection around the teeth using the Lasso Tool

Select the Lasso Tool in the Toolbar empanel. Draw a choice around the tooth. If you are using a mouse, your excerpt may not be absolutely precise. Don ’ thymine worry, though ; you ’ ll have a opportunity to adjust it late on .

4. Create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

In the Layers panel, click the New Fill or Adjustment Layer button. This will bring up a drop-down menu of Adjustment Layer options. blue-ribbon Hue/Saturation .
You should immediately see a raw Hue/Saturation layer above your Background layer in the Layers panel. If you only have one bent of teeth to whiten, you can leave this layer name alone. If you have multiple sets of teeth to whiten, rename the layer. Renaming will let you well identify which plant of teeth the layer relates to .

5. Adjust the layer options to Yellows

For tooth whiten, we ’ ll focus on reducing the yellow tooth in interview. In the Hue/Saturation layer ’ s Properties Panel, snap where it says Master to bring up a drop-down menu .
choose Yellows from the drop down. now any changes we make on this adjustment layer will only affect the yellows in the survival .

6. Pull down the yellow saturation

Drag the saturation slider toward the leave. Don ’ thyroxine go all the way to the exit or your prototype edits will look fake. Focus on gently reducing how yellow the teeth are.

7. Check your work

As you make changes, soar back out to see how the image looks from farther away. With the prototype zoomed out, click the eye icon next to the Hue/Saturation alteration layer in the Layers jury. Clicking the eye icon turns your scandalmongering adjustments on and off .
If your edits feel excessively obvious, go back in and make any necessary adjustments .

8. Brighten the teeth

nowadays that you ’ re glad with the chicken adjustments, click “ Yellow ” in the Properties panel. blue-ribbon Master. now your adjustments will affect all colors in the survival .
Drag the Lightness luger to the right to add brightness to the tooth. Just like earlier, you can zoom in and out, or turn the adjustment layer on and off to check your work .

9. Clean up the selection area

If you didn ’ thymine cleanly select all the tooth, or you by chance selected the lips or gums, now is the time to make your survival more accurate .
look at the Layer Mask thumbnail for your Hue/Saturation layer in the Layers panel. The thumbnail will be filled in with the document ’ south foreground discolor ( in this case black ). The areas we ’ ve selected and adjusted will be visible in white ( the document ’ second setting color ).

here ’ s how to cursorily tweak the choice :

  • Select the Brush Tool in the Tool panel.
  • To paint out areas that shouldn’t be whitened (lips, gums, etc.), select the foreground color (black) as your paint color. Paint those areas to remove them from the selection.
  • To paint in areas you missed in your initial selection (parts of the teeth that you may have missed), select the background color (white) as your paint color. Paint those areas to add them to the selection.

10. Whiten teeth for additional subject and finish up

If there are more people in your effigy, go back to step 3 and start the process again for each remaining person. Remember that you never want the teeth to look like they ’ re the most obvious part of the font .


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