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What ’ s the right field way to wear a marry band set ? Should you put your engagement gang or your wedding dance band on first ? Or, should you possibly wear your rings on different fingers or at break times ?
It ’ s easy to feel confused about how to wear a marry closed chain put because, very, there ’ s no adjust way to wear one. Unlike engagement rings, there ’ s no dominant traditional room of wearing a wedding ring set. rather, there are a diverseness of popular ways of wearing a wedding ring set, some of which follow assorted traditions .
When you style your marriage set, you can choose to follow a certain tradition or you can merely wear your rings in whatever way best fits your personal vogue. uncertain of your traditional and non-traditional style options ? We ’ rhenium here to help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to wear your rings in our comprehensive template to wedding ring sets .

Basic Information About Wedding Ring Sets 

Before we go over the fine details of how to wear a marry surround set, let ’ s cover some basic information and FAQs.

What Is a Wedding Ring Set?

A marry ring set is a specify of rings worn by a married couple. traditionally, a marriage ring set has three rings : the bride ’ s date band, the bride ’ s wedding ring, and the groom ’ randomness wedding ring .
married couple wearing wedding rings

Wedding Ring Sets vs. Bridal Sets 

The term “ wedding ring set ” is often used interchangeably with “ bridal set, ” but, technically, these are slightly unlike types of ring sets. A traditional wedding jell includes both the bridget ’ mho rings and the groom ’ s hoop, but a traditional bridal set merely includes the bride ’ randomness rings. Bridal sets are besides sometimes called engagement ring sets, since they include an date ring and a marry ring intend to be worn alongside the engagement ring .
A jewelry maker will normally make a distinction between wedding ring sets and bridal sets, but be aware that non-jewelers broadly don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know the dispute. then, if a non-jeweler is talking about a wedding ring set, they may be referring to either a wedding ring fixed or a bridal set .

Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings 

Some people may refer to betrothal rings as marry rings, but there ’ s a distinct dispute between these types of rings. Most importantly, engagement rings and wedding bands have different symbolic meanings. typically given during a marriage proposal of marriage, an employment hoop typify commitment, beloved, and an engagement. then, wedding rings, typically worn only after a match is married, symbolize endless love and the bind of marriage .
diamond engagement ring and wedding band In accession to having different meanings, betrothal rings and wedding rings tend to have unlike designs, so they by and large look quite different. modern betrothal rings normally have a big concentrate stone. This kernel gem can be any gem, but is most frequently a diamond. Solitaire engagement rings have only one center stone, while other engagement ring styles have a center rock, then besides feature lower carat weight emphasis stones upon the ring ’ s setting or ring. Wedding rings, on the other hand, normally don ’ t have a center stone and they may or may not feature gemstones. Wedding bands can be made entirely of pure scandalmongering aureate, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. Wedding bands can besides feature a range of diamond or gem accents. Most normally, wedding bands will feature pavé diamond accents along a large stretch of the band .

Do Our Wedding Bands Need To Match?

In the past, it was common for the bridget and groom to have matching wedding bands. however, nowadays, matching sets are far less democratic. advanced couples normally choose their marry ring styles independently based on their personal preferences .
his and hers wedding bands

Traditional Ways to Wear Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings 

Before the Wedding Day 

It ’ second traditional to wear only your engagement ring before the marry day. In western culture, an engagement hoop is traditionally worn on the one-fourth finger of the left handwriting .
This traditional engagement closed chain finger placement dates all the way spinal column to ancient times. Ancient Roman and greek people believed that the left ring finger was home to a vein that went directly to the heart. This vein was known as the vein amoris or the vein of love. due to this belief, ancient people wore their wedding rings on the fourth feel of their left hired hand, believing this put it close to their heart. While we immediately know that the vein amoris doesn ’ t actually exist, the tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the left ring finger has held strong in many parts of the world .

During and After the Wedding Ceremony 

The most traditional way of wearing a bridal hardened is to wear both the wedding surround and date ring on the impart ring finger, placing the wedding ring on first. It ’ s traditional to wear the marry ring on the inside of a bridal set because this puts it closer to the heart.

To achieve this traditional placement during their wedding, some brides will switch their betrothal surround over to their right hand for the ceremony. This way, their wedding band can well be slipped onto the left ring finger first during the ceremony .
Another very popular mode of thinking when it comes to bridal sets is that the rings should alternatively be worn in the rate they were received. Some say that because the battle comes before the wedding day, the betrothal ring should be worn as the beginning closed chain. This room of wearing a bridal hardened is popular enough that it ’ s become a modern tradition .
When it comes to the third base surround in a marry ring set, the groom ’ randomness wedding ring, there ’ s entirely one overriding way of wearing the surround. During the wedding ceremony and for all the years after you say “ I do, ” it ’ s traditional for the prepare to wear his ring alone on his leave ring finger .
couples hands wearing wedding rings

Non-Traditional Ways to Wear a Wedding Ring Set 

You can choose to wear your wedding resound set in accordance with a particular tradition if it feels justly for you, but you can besides plainly wear your rings however you like. You don ’ t have to follow the “ right way ” or “ proper means ” of wearing your rings based on person else ’ s estimate of ring etiquette. If you want to wear your rings based on some personal intend or precisely on what you like the count of most, you should feel convinced in doing so .
A common non-traditional way to wear a wedding call set is to switch your rings to the opposition hand. This is often a virtual choice, since some people may find it more comfortable to wear their rings on their right pass. This is specially true for people who are left pass .
engagement ring on right hand Another common non-traditional way to wear a marriage closed chain bent is to only wear your battle ring out for special occasions. Some people don ’ thymine like wearing their battle ring casual, but however want to wear their wedding band everyday. This may be because their engagement ring is awkward or because it ’ s indeed valuable that they ’ rhenium afraid of losing or damaging it .
apart from these common non-traditional options, there are so many other ways you can decide to wear your rings. You could wear your rings on inverse hands, on different fingers, or in combination with any number of other rings. You could besides have more than three rings in your marriage ring set. nowadays, it ’ mho becoming more and more democratic for both halves of a couple to receive battle rings. How many rings you and your spouse wear is entirely up to you, as is how you want to style them .

How To Wear An Anniversary Ring 

An anniversary band is a closed chain that ’ sulfur given to commemorate a marry anniversary. normally, an anniversary ring is given on a major milestone anniversary, such as the 5th, 10th, 15th, or twentieth anniversary. Often, the ring will be a baseball diamond eternity band, but an anniversary closed chain can have any design. A swerve anniversary surround style of the moment is an eternity ring that features birthstones, such as the wearer ’ s birthstone or the birthstones of the couple ’ sulfur children.

indeed, how should you wear an anniversary gang ? There are no set rules on wearing an anniversary ring. It ’ mho park to add your anniversary closed chain to your bridal place, but it ’ south besides common to wear it alone, substitute it for your marry band, or even substitute it for your engagement ring .
person holding a gold ring and rose petals

Final Thoughts on How To Wear a Wedding Ring Set

Your marriage set is more than a beautiful set of jewelry. It ’ second besides a symbol of your love, your devotion, and your adhere as a couple. And just as your sleep together is singular, the direction you want to wear your wedding hoop fix is alone. We ’ ve given some guidance on the traditional ways to wear a marry ring set above, but feel free to take or leave these traditions as you please. ultimately, what ’ s most significant is that you enjoy wearing your rings however you choose to do indeed.
If you ’ re still searching for the perfect ring to add to your wedding ring arrange, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate to reach out to us at Barkev ’ second. Our adept jewelers are constantly here to help you find your perfect nibble and answer any questions you may have about bridal jewelry, all right jewelry, diamonds, or gemstones. We look forward to assisting you !

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