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How To Wear a Tie Clip – A Style Guide

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A tie clip ? That ’ randomness something your dad, uncle or grandfather wears, right ? But did you ever stop to wonder if link clips could actually be…well…cool ? They can ! Tie clips are making a comeback and there ’ s no better place to find out how to wear a tie clip and attend fashionable than right here. We ’ re going to share some bang-up ideas for how to wear a tie browning automatic rifle and ensure you look capital, whatever manner you ’ re rock. Keep read and you ’ re certain to find some style inspiration for that tie pin that ’ mho been gathering dust in your closet .

What is a tie clip and what’s its purpose?

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You ’ ve probably seen them gathering scatter in your dad ’ randomness draftsman or in antique stores in town – those small brass, gold or silver clips that don ’ metric ton seem to have a determination. While it’s true that tie clips weren’t fashionable for a while, it’s true that ‘what’s old is new’ – they’re about to come back into fashion. Most men aren ’ thymine sure what they are, what they ’ ra for, or how to wear them, but all that ’ s about to change !
The determination of a tie clip is to hold your tie in identify, not to hold the two pieces of the tie together. It ’ south all about choosing the correct dash, size, and color of tie clip and ensuring you ’ rhenium wearing it the right means !

Choosing a tie clip – 5 things to consider

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When choosing a tie clip there are a few things it ’ s worth bear in mind so that you don ’ t make a fashion faux-pas. Never choose a tie bar that is wider than your tie. It should always be narrower and less bulky.

  1. You can pick up vintage tie pins from antique stores or on eBay, but many menswear stores sell new tie pins too.
  2. Think about the occasion – a more formal, understated style is best for work or a job interview, while for a casual setting you can have more fun with a playful style.
  3. Think about the colors you’ll be wearing with your tie clip (more on this later). Generally speaking, a silver tie clip is the most versatile and will go with any outfit.
  4. Think about the width of your tie. As we mentioned in point 1, your tie clip should never be wider than your tie, so if you’re a fan of skinny ties, choose a skinny tie clip to match.

Bear these 5 things in thinker when shopping for your future tie clip and you can ’ thyroxine go incorrectly !

How to wear a tie clip

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If there’s one thing that’s really important when it comes to how to wear a tie clip, it’s placement. Wear your connect clip besides first gear or besides high and you spoil the spirit you ’ re trying to achieve completely. The ideal placement of a connect snip is between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt, around the center of your sternum. Because the tie clip is designed to keep your tie in place, you should slide it into the open between your shirt buttons ( or placket ) to ensure it holds firm throughout the day !

Three different styles of tie clip and how to wear them

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If you thought there was merely one character of tie clip out there ; think again ! There are actually three popular styles, and we’re about to introduce you to all of them :

  1. Non-hinged
  2. Hinged
  3. Tie tack

Let ’ s take a look at each style in more detail, and a few tips on how to wear a affiliation bar .

Non-hinged tie clips

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Non-hinged tie clips tend to be the most popular style and they ’ rhenium sometimes besides known as side brooch. They operate a moment like a money clip and are easy to slide on and off. If you ’ re choosing this type of marry clip, you ’ ll motivation to wear a fairly midst tie as the material of the connect is what holds the clip in place. They may not be the best choice for a skinny draw or anything made of finespun material such as silk .

Hinged tie clips

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think of hinged tie clips a act like a clothes peg – they ’ ra two bars of metal with a spring at one end. You squeeze one goal to open the snip and slide it onto your shirt – simple ! These are the best type of tie clips to choose if you ’ re worry about your tie clip staying in place. They ’ re besides ideal for flimsy materials or skinny ties, as they apply more pressure to stay on. You ’ ll frequently find hinge draw clips available in a wide range of styles as the top bar can be made of a different corporeal to the bottom .

Tie tacks

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There ’ s a cause we ’ ve left link tacks til last. These days they ’ re considered fairly antique and are the most dinner dress of the three styles. A draw tack is small and turn, a spot like a button, and uses a pin to pierce the tie framework, with a brusque chain and T-bar attached. The t-bar lift fits into your button hole to keep your tie in place. If you ’ re wearing a coarse tie like tweed or wool, a tie interchange is great as it won ’ t leave a mark in the material, but they may not be the best choice for more delicate fabrics .

Choosing the right color tie clip for your outfit 

so now you ’ ve got the style of tie clip down to a tee, how do you ensure you ’ re rocking the right semblance tie trot ? It ’ s actually not adenine difficult as you might think and this handy mesa will help you pair the correct colors :

Color tie clip Benefits and colors to wear with
Silver tie clip A silver tie clip is understated and versatile, great for daily wear. Although it goes with most colors, it looks especially good with cool colors like blue or green
Gold tie clip A gold tie clip is the one to choose for more formal events or special occasions. Pairing your gold tie clip with a bright red or burgundy tie will give a rich look. Gold can also look great with a light grey suit and brown shoes.
Rose gold tie clip Rose gold is the perfect blend of cool and warm and is a more modern option than gold or silver. This is a versatile color and really stands out against darker ties in black, grey or burgundy
Black tie clip This is the most modern of all tie clips and gives a sleek, bold look. Black is incredibly versatile and ideal if you’re not a fan of shiny tie clips as black tie bars often come in a brushed finish. This is a great option to tone down colorful or patterned ties, or pair with black pants, brown shoes, a black tie, and a white shirt for a classic look

As a general rule, a silver tie clip is the most versatile color and can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe, whether you’re dressed up or wearing a more casual outfit. In holocene years, rose amber and total darkness tie clips have seen a soar in popularity thanks to their more mod style .
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How to wear a tie bar and get the width and pattern right

The final things you’ll need to consider when shopping for a tie clip are the width and patterns. You ’ ve got the color and style down, but choose the wrong width or practice and it could all be over ! This table will help you :

Width of tie Width of tie clip or pattern
Skinny tie Skinny tie clip
Thick tie Thicker tie clip
Patterned tie Plain tie clip
Plain tie Plain or patterned tie clip

The skinny tie and skinny tie clip combo

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If you ’ re the type of ridicule who loves to rock a skinny tie – a short morsel indie, possibly a sting alternate – then the cheeseparing tie time is for you ! Skinny ties tend to be democratic with the young, hip crowd, then if that ’ s you, and you want to go for something a little less traditional, pair a skinny draw clip with your skinny draw. Black or brushed ash grey are both dear options hera .
How To Wear a Tie Clip image informant : thedressedchestinstagram

The thick tie and thicker tie clip combo

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There are some who say a compact marry is a more masculine look, and who are we to argue ? If you want to make a statement with your tie, choose a thick dash and fabric such as tweed or wool and choose for a chunkier tie clip. As an add bonus, slurred styles will hold the marry nip in place more efficaciously .

The patterned tie and plain tie clip combo

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If you ’ re wearing a model tie, whether it ’ s a Harry Potter-style diagonally striped marry or any other form, it should be the focal point of your outfit. This means everything else, including your tie pin, should be kept pretty simple. Opt for a plain eloquent tie trot for everyday wear or gold for more formal occasions – and keep the condition a childlike rectangle .

The plain tie and patterned or plain tie clip combo

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Rocking a plain, dark-colored bind ? then you can – if you like – have some veridical fun choosing a tie time. If you ’ re going for a subcontract interview or attending a ball event, keep it classical with a plain tie clip. For anything else, use your imagination ! You ’ ll find loads of different shapes and styles of connect clips whether modern or traditional is your thing, and you can make your tie prevention the center of care .

How to wear a tie clip to a wedding

How To Wear a Tie Clip
double source : thetiebarinstagram
If you ’ ra planning on wearing a necktie clip to a wedding, there are some things you ’ ll need to think about :

  • Are you more of a modern or traditional guy?
  • Who’s getting married – could you get away with a fun tie clip or should you keep it understated and classy?
  • What color suit will you be wearing?

For most weddings, we’d recommend keeping your tie clip classy and simple – so a solid silver or gold rectangular clip. If you ’ re wearing a colored suit you could add a small beady tie snip or one with a monogram .
It ’ mho crucial to think about the localization of the marriage besides. When you find yourself wondering what to wear to a wedding, the general principle is this : if it ’ mho taking plaza in a formal set such as a church, you ’ ll want to ensure that you ’ re formally attired, and that means no far-out tie clips stealing care aside from the bride !

How to wear a tie bar to the office

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When it comes to wearing a link bar to the function, you ’ ll want to think about how formal the dress code is on a daily basis. Your office might be a place where everyone wears a lawsuit without fail, every day, or it may be more casual, where you ’ rhenium wearing jeans with a shirt, tie and suspenders ( how to wear suspenders is a solid different interrogate ! )
You can make a fun manner affirmation with your tie bar if you work in a less formal place – we love some of the tie clips out there styled like weapons. Or you could choose a modern rose gold or black link clip for a sophisticated look .
For formal workplaces, we recommend opting for a simple gold or silver tie bar that won’t detract from your professionalism – after all, you want to land that client deal, not have a conversation start up about your quirky tie clip!

How to rock a tie pin on a date

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If you ’ re wearing a draw clip on a date, it ’ s a bang-up time to show off your personality. But bear the set of the date in thinker to ensure you don ’ t make any inexcusable style errors that could see you friend-zoned before your date is even over !

Fun, statement tie clips shaped like a skull and crossbones, weapons, animals or even a mustache are really interesting and could even become the topic of conversation on your date!  If you ’ ra head for a classy restaurant or taking your date to the dramaturgy, you can wear a classic style with a wrench, such as a tie clip with a minor jewel or a drop .
How To Wear a Tie Clip trope reservoir : thetiebarinstagram

What socks to wear with your tie clip

It ’ s not the befit that maketh the man, it ’ s the socks ! Socks are actually pretty crucial, and they help keep your feet comfortable excessively, whether you ’ re going on a date or head for the office. Soxy socks are designed to keep your feet feeling great while also staying up all day (or night) thanks to their superior elasticity.  You can choose to make a style statement with aplomb patterned socks or keep it simple and understated with dark or neutral shades. here are some of our favorites :
How To Wear a Tie Clip trope reference :
These dark blue diagonal striped socks would be the perfective fun soc k s to wear to a formal event like a wedding or job interview. They ’ five hundred complement a chic suit, dark-colored necktie, and gold or rose gold tie time perfectly !
How To Wear a Tie Clip
double source :
For a date or a fun evening out with your friends ( particularly if it ’ randomness close up to Halloween ), these Halloween socks are perfective. We ’ d wear them to a chilling movie or haunted house go, but they ’ re evenly fun to wear everyday. Pair them with a cool skull and crossbones tie cartridge holder !
How To Wear a Tie Clip trope beginning :
This vacation season there ’ s no better pair of freshness socks to wear than these Christmas presents socks ! With their bright red and green gay tinge and fun present print, we think you could pair them with any casual outfit, and possibly a Christmas-themed candy cane marry pin ? Depending on where you work, you could credibly flush wear these to the office in the concluding week before the vacation !
How To Wear a Tie Clip image source : so adam

Silver tie clips look great with cool colors like blasphemous and green. so what better couple of dress socks to wear with your silver medal tie bar than these light blue small polka dot socks ? Style them with a dark suit, pale aristocratic shirt, dark blue blue tie and silver tie nip .

Matching shoes to your tie bar

Shoes are the final examination coating touch to your outfit that are surprisingly authoritative. We much see men wearing wholly the wrong style or color of shoes, but it doesn ’ t have to be hard to choose the right ones for whatever you ’ ra erosion !
here are a few things to think about when choosing shoes to complement your outfit and tie bar :

  • What occasion are the shoes for: formal, casual or both?
  • Are these for summer or winter, or both
  • What color is your outfit?
  • Are these shoes for indoor or outdoor wear – for example, will you be wearing them in the countryside and doing a lot of walking outdoors, or are they for mostly indoor wear at a conference?
  • Do you want your shoes to blend with your outfit or make a style statement?

Whether you’re looking for shoes to impress your date or the perfect pair for a work meeting, Bold Society Shoes have a huge range of styles to choose from, from classic to more eclectic.
How To Wear a Tie Clip effigy source :

These black and blasphemous leather double monk strap shoes have a bright blue sole – reasonably cool ! If you ’ re wondering what color pants to wear with blacken shoes, we ’ five hundred pair these with a black, dark gloomy or charcoal grey suit, blue sky shirt and tie, and a silver tie cartridge holder for a smart, authoritative look with a piece of a flex .
How To Wear a Tie Clip picture informant :
There are men who like to blend in, and then there are those who love to be center of attention. If standing out in a crowd is the name of the game, we recommend these dark blue blue and crimson suede cloth driving loafers ! Paired with a charcoal gray lawsuit, light shirt, bright crimson tie, and ostentatious aureate bind clip, all eyes are going to be on you, no matter the occasion .
While you can get away with about any style of shoes depending on the occasion, tie clips tend to be worn with dressy or smart-casual outfits. Try some of these styles on for size :

  • Loafers
  • Chelsea boots (great for a fall or winter date)
  • Derbies
  • Oxfords
  • Brogues
  • Wingtip shoes

Need more tie clip style inspiration?

We ’ ve all got instagram accounts we check out immediately and again for style inspo, but there are some you most decidedly should be following.  For inspo and ideas for how to wear a tie pin, check out these accounts!
How To Wear a Tie Clip image reference : thedressedchestinstagram
This is one of our favored insta accounts to follow for tie, shirt, jacket and tie snip jazz band. This account belongs to Jonn Rainier, who claims to be ‘ constantly overdressed ’ but we think he equitable always looks super-stylish ! Some of the necktie pins on here are very cool and far-out, and there ’ s enough inspo for an equip for about any occasion. Check it out !
How To Wear a Tie Clip effigy source : woodandrivetinstagram
Jonn Rainier ( thedressedchest ) posts a draw of affiliation bars from these guys – we peculiarly love the nautical-inspired Octobar tie bar, a cool vintage nickel plated tentacle. But there are heaps of far-out styles to choose from and ideas for styling on their insta, angstrom well as some capital rugged outdoorsy footwear for fall and winter and some fashionable wallets and belts .
How To Wear a Tie Clip visualize source : thetiebarinstagram
This has to be one of the best places on insta to get inspiration for how to wear a tie bar. These guys have So. Many. Ties. You ’ ll find everything from hawaiian print, tropical ties to ties for weddings and everyday work tied, all paired with fashionable tie clips .

How To Wear a Tie Clip visualize source : feinfeinjewelryinstagram
These guys create bespoke silver jewelry and accessories, and some of the tie bars and pins they have on their insta are reasonably inspiring ! We love their fleur de lis tie time ( pictured above ) and some of their engraved styles, most of which can be customized to suit your needs .

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