How Not To Look “Old” with Gray Hair at Any Age: 10 Fantastic Tips


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Inside : How to wear grey hair without looking “ old ” or older than your long time .
As a grey hair blogger, the number one reverence women confide in me is that they ’ ll look old with grey haircloth .
But what does “ old ” truly mean ? It ’ s so immanent .
After all, the women asking me this motion range in age from their early 20s up through their mid-80s. I ’ m certain “ old ” means something different to each of them .
Yet it ’ s very not a surprise question .


Hair dye has been around for a long time.

But 65+ years ago, when at-home coloring kits became readily available, women started dyeing their hair’s-breadth in droves .
Advertisers pounded it into female consumers that natural gray hair was drab and dowdy, and it got to the point where so many women dyed their haircloth ( up to 75 % of the female population in some countries ), that only the very aged let their haircloth go naturally silver .
And since only the very aged were wearing grey hair, it makes sense that people might confuse gray hair with a marker of advanced old age as opposed to merely another shade of hair color .
so far we know it ’ mho not true – many of us ( myself included ) started graying in our teens. Many of us were fully gray in our 20s or 30s .


With the second coming of the Silver Revolution , it seems that we are moving past the estimate that grey haircloth is entirely the state of the aged .
Women of all ages, including celebrities, are rocking their flatware hair freely in a way that hasn ’ thymine been seen in decades ( if always ) .
many of us who have embraced our grey hair have found that doing so has besides helped us move past early fears surrounding aging.

Gray hair became a launch launching pad to help us STOP trying to recapture our youth, or who we used to be, and enjoy who we are now .
Despite all this progress, I still get asked over and over again: “ How do I wear grey hair without looking previous ? ”
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I was curious why looking erstwhile seemed to be the issue one concern among women regarding grey hair, so I surveyed my blog readers and members of the argent haircloth on-line communities to find out why .
Out of 294 women surveyed, 67 % of them feared looking old when they inaugural thought about going gray :
image of graph about fear of look old with gray hair© Katie Goes Platinum

This post is a long, detail read. If you prefer, you can purchase the PDF version for only $5. It contains the full article ( including pictures ) and you can print it out and refer to it any fourth dimension you like. ( Click on the record below to purchase )

I would love to give it to you for release, but it costs money to maintain a web log. I would love your patronize so I can continue to help our flatware hair’s-breadth community .


Since, as we know, old is a subjective term, I asked them to define what they meant by “ previous. ”
here are their responses in order of popularity :

  • older than one’s age
  • frumpy 
  • dowdy 
  • unstylish

Others defined looking honest-to-god as :

  • looking “unsexy”
  • “not “cool or fun”
  • ”not looking like “me” anymore.”
  • “looking like you let yourself go” 
  • looking like someone with “diminished vitality”
  • looking “past it” or “past my best”

Aunt Bea and Granny Clampett ( two fabricated characters ) were mentioned in passing as representing the prototype of “ old. ”


One of the most coarse reasons women worried they ’ five hundred look older with grey hair was because it might hurt their chances of use or bastardly they were “ unsuitable for promotion at employment. ”
Women who were frequently mistaken for younger were specially vulnerable to worrying about this :

  • “I’ve always looked somewhat younger than my age, so I worried I would actually look my age.”
  • “I’d always looked much younger than my age.  I’m an actor and was worried that I’d lose roles and just wind up doing ads for Ancestry and Lipitor.”  

reverence of becoming “ inconspicuous ” was besides a business : “ Overlooked, irrelevant, invisible… ”
I came to tears reading these responses, even though I wasn ’ t surprised by the findings .
Our culture ( s ) respect youth and attraction thus much that there ’ s a huge stigma to looking your age or older than your senesce .


When I was placid dyeing, I didn ’ thymine think I was the type of person who cared much about what other people thought of my looks. equally long as I was happy in my own skin, I was OK.

I considered myself fairly self-assured .
But every clock time I thought about going grey, I hesitated. I found, to my humiliate, that I DID worry about looking older than my long time ( or even…my actual old age ! )

I didn ’ t like that feeling, but I tamped it down and continue to dye my hair without much self-reflection .
once I ultimately made the decision to stop dyeing, I felt sol fabulously FREE that it forced me to do a bunch of soul-searching .
That ’ second when I realized that the fear of looking old had very been weighing me down. Tossing off the weight of company ’ south expectations about what I can or should do took years off me !
And I ’ molarity not the merely one .
As noted above, the majority of my social media followers and blog readers agree that they had this character of epiphany once they went gray.

It held genuine in the survey, besides :
image from survey about looking older with gray hair© Katie Goes Platinum
Survey Comments:

“ I defined “ old ” as being person who gave up on themselves such as letting the white hair show. Going back to my natural haircloth color which is nowadays salt and pepper is the best decision I always made for myself. I didn ’ thyroxine lashkar-e-taiba myself go. Everyone sees the real me now. ”Anonymous Survey Response

“ Looking honest-to-god ” is immanent. I rock my natural hair now and don ’ triiodothyronine concern about what others think. If they think I look old, then so be it, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate caution, I can ’ t control their impression. I ’ thousand happy with myself ! ” Anonymous Survey Response

I feared… “ that I would not be perceived as professional at sour. But it ’ s been fine & I have noticed more women embrace their natural tinge. A great attitude and continuing to do a big job is what they notice more ! ! ” Anonymous Survey Response

It ’ mho concern, international relations and security network ’ t it, that making the decisiveness to let one ’ sulfur hair’s-breadth go grey is frequently the main catalyst that helps us stop fearing looking “ previous ? ”

Once we get over that fear, we can stop trying to recapture our 20-year old self, and start enjoying our “ new ” self. It ’ s such a relief !


But possibly you ’ ra not there yet. And that ’ s OK.

I could tell you all the rah-rah farce about embracing your age, and enjoying the “ you ” that you are immediately. And I would tell you this with the utmost sincerity, because I believe it .
But what if I told you all this, and you still feel worried about looking older as you gray ?

I want you to have FUN as a flatware sister, and you won ’ triiodothyronine have a dear time if you feel “ bombast ” about your appearance .
indeed, as promised, here are some tips to help you look and feel fantastic in your grey hair no count your age .

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure at the penetrate of the page .


#1 Wear your Silver Hair with Confidence  

Flaunt your gray hair’s-breadth. Own it. Remember that women pay hundreds of dollars at the salon for the hair color that you get naturally.

And if you don ’ metric ton feel that confident yet in your appearance with grey hair, you can fake it till you make it .
look in the mirror in the dawn and say, “ I ROCK these silvers ! ” and finally you ’ ll believe it !
Whatever you do, do NOT ask your friends for advice on whether or not you should go gray. Or apologize for going grey .
When you do these things, you ’ re opening the door for negative feedback. And that can destroy your confidence .
Remember : Mother Nature rightfully is the best hair colorist out there .
Look at all the grey women around you – detect the beautiful patterns in their hair’s-breadth and note how unlike it is from the flat consequence one gets from box hair’s-breadth dyes. It ’ s glorious !
Need a little inspiration ?
Read Before & After Gray Hair to see a short ton of photos of women of women before and after they went gray. I think you ’ ll agree that grey hair’s-breadth does not mechanically make them look “ honest-to-god. ”
Subscribe to Tangled Silver Magazine – it ’ s a fantastic magazine devoted to silver hair, and the print version is velvet balmy and coffee-table worthy. Seeing pictures of your colleague argent sisters ( of all ages ) flaunting grey hair’s-breadth will inspire you and increase your confidence tenfold !
image of tangled silver magazine coverUse code KGP10 for 10% off

#2 Get a Great Haircut 

Remember: Gray hair is precisely another ghost of hair color, so you don ’ t have to adhere to a specific stylus or distance once you go gray ( or once you are over a certain age ) .
When women tell me they are afraid of looking older with grey hair, they much reference the haircuts and hairstyles of their female relatives from earlier generations.

But many of those relatives grew up in a clock time when women of a sealed age were expected to cut their hair short-change. And the unretentive hairstyles they chose were not the stylish ones we love nowadays, but ones that are considered dowdy by modern standards .
nowadays, the sky ’ s the limit !
contrary to popular belief, you don ’ t have to go short if you don ’ thyroxine want to. Long silver hair is besides glorious to behold !
And short hair can be super-stylish :

The independent thing you need to do is find a supportive stylist. You ’ ll never rock your gray hair if the person cutting your hair is constantly pushing you to color, or making you feel bad about your decision to go grey.

Once you find a supportive hairdresser, get even trims to keep your hair split-end free, and enjoy your gorgeous silver hair !

#3 Keep Your Hair Healthy

If your grey hair is healthy, it will enhance your youthful appearance.

To keep your gray hair healthy, try to avoid over-using heating system tools and styling products, as these can lead to unwanted yellow tones in your grey hair .
If you do use estrus tools, put them on the lowest specify and use a good thermal protectant .
If your grey hair yellows, you can try purple shampoo or a purple dissemble. But it ’ s a thoroughly idea to limit your use of purple products to once a week as they can be very drying.

Following up with a deep conditioner can help .
Check out my current gray hair routine for tips on how to take care of your gray hair, and take a peek at this incredibly helpful list of products to avoid.

#4 Try Fun & Modern Braids & Buns

The days of grey ladies being consigned to wearing dowding hairstyles are over. There are a TON of cool hairdo out there !
Check out @silvergirlmx on Instagram. She is a master of braids & buns and other playfulness styles, and she provides batch of tutorials to help you master them arsenic well :

If your hair is short or medium-length, you still have enough of options. Try some of these cute hairstyles to jazz up your count :

Images courtesy of Paula Ramm, from her article 15 Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Short Gray Hair

#5 Wear Complementary Clothing Colors 

If you ’ re happy with your current clothe colors, there ’ s no need to make a change.

But if you feel like your wardrobe could use a fiddling OOMPH, consider trying colors that complement eloquent hair and make it pop !
Some of the most popular colors to wear with silver hair are : crimson, gray, black, egg white, and deep jewel tones like azure blue or emerald green.

however, the phone number one factor determining which colors will look best with your grey hair’s-breadth is your hide ’ south undertone .
Check out the post below for more information on how to determine your undertones and the best colors for you :

Read : What Colors Look Best with Gray Hair

#6 Wear Fashionable Clothing

Having grey haircloth and/or being over a certain age doesn ’ thymine average you can ’ metric ton dress stylishly.

Some of the most stylish women I know are in their 60s, 70s, and 80s – they put me ( in my yoga pants/hoodies ) wholly to shame !
Have some fun with your clothes – and forget about all those “ What not to Wear If You ’ re Over 40 ” -type articles. Whatever makes you feel fantastic, fits your torso, and reveals your personality is fashionable ( IMHO ) .
I ’ molarity not a fan of “ fast fashion ” as it ’ s frightful for the environment, so here are some stores that are fantastic for women over of all ages :
Are these stores a little costly ? Yes, but the clothes at these stores are well-made, will concluding for years, and frequently offer bright colors that will actually show off your flatware hair !
And you can constantly shop the sales ( that ’ s what I do ) .
A great alternative is Thred Up for high timbre used dress at low-cost prices. It ’ s an on-line cargo shop with a great survival of clothes in a wide range of colors .

#7 Jazz Up Your Makeup Routine

A set of us ( particularly the identical pale ones ) assume that we will have to wear a LOT of makeup once we go gray or we ’ ll fade into the woodwork.

But for many of us the opposite is true because silver hair gives a courteous glow to the skin that is super-flattering .
More constitution or less makeup is something that you ’ ll have to decide for yourself – it just requires a little experiment.

And deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you ’ ra experiment, how about trying out red lipstick ? It ’ s a shade that intimidates a lot of women, but boy, does red lipstick look fantastic with grey hair !

For tips, check out this guest post by Asa Suriano : The Best Makeup Colors & Application Tips for Gray Hair.

#8 Take Care Of Your Eyebrows

Whether it ’ s due to overplucking or merely the natural age process, a distribute of us find ourselves with sparse eyebrows as we get older.

Thicker, wide brows can create a more youthful look and provide a beautiful frame for your font. They besides create a more relax appearance, where thin eyebrows can give you a more hard look .
once you determine what color eyebrow works best with your gray hair, sample filling in your eyebrows with pencils or powders in the right shade for you .
My favorites are made by Eye Embrace, one of the lone eyebrow brands that makes eyebrow pencils in grey shades ( in both cool AND warm tones ). I love them, and they ’ re super low-cost !
image of eye embrace makeupUse code KGPBROWS for 5% off

# 9 Have Fun with Bold Accessories

bold accessories can enhance your equip and set off your silver hair to a fantastic degree !

Consider adding some of these accessories in bluff colors :

#10 Take Care of Your Skin

healthy skin is one of the top ways to retain your youthful appearance while wearing grey hair ( or any color hair, for that matter ) .
T o keep your skin healthy:

  • Drink a LOT of water
  • Protect your skin from the sun 
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Manage stress
  • Moisturize
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Use a gentle facial cleanser


Gray hair actually does an amazing job of brightening your complexion, so you should find that your peel glows once you ’ ve transitioned. If that ’ s not the case, the correct makeup can do wonders, particularly lipstick and bloom.

If you ’ re not into makeup, check out this fantastic article in Cosmopolitan for tips on how to achieve a natural glow !
long layers are constantly flattering as they create that youthful movement and leap that we all love. Sideswept bangs can besides look attractive as they make the grimace spirit libertine and accentuate the cheekbones .
The theme that long grey hair makes you mechanically look “ old ” is an outdated one that needs to be discarded. Women of all ages can look antic in long gray hair, specially if it ’ south healthy and well-maintained.

Long layers or waves are particularly flattering on older women with long silver hair, and naturally grey haircloth looks youthful in modern buns & braids.

Related article: Long Gray Hairstyles For Women of All Ages
A lot of women find that gray hair makes them look younger because of the flatter glow that silver hair gives to the complexion.

Women who use identical dark dye ( like I did ) are often surprised to find that the blue bleached hair’s-breadth actually made them look older than their long time because of the harsh contrast between their hair’s-breadth and their complexion.

( That might not be the case for everybody, but it surely was for me and some of my companion argent sisters. )


I hope this post has helped you see that many of us have these fears about going gray, but it ’ s possible to overcome them, not only emotionally ( making the jump past being concerned about looking old ) but besides physically ( by taking care of our appearance ) .
Now, one final thing:

This is an emotional tip, not a practical one .
Accept the fact that despite all your best efforts, there are still going to be clods out there who will assume you are your children ’ randomness grandma or your best friend ’ s beget ( or worse, your husband ’ s mother ) .
Remember: These people aren ’ triiodothyronine looking at your face or your torso when they say these things .
They saw your grey hair and made assumptions. ( It ’ second going to take a while to get our culture over the notion that gray hair’s-breadth = previous ) .
When this happens you pretty much have two choices:

  1. Take a deep breath, remember it has nothing to do with you, and forget about it.  If possible, laugh it off.
  2. If that doesn’t work, whack them with your umbrella.

I lean towards # 2, but that ’ south just me 😉
Further Reading:

If you want to read some interesting research about gray hair, check out Anne Kreamer’s book. She did a number of studies on the way people perceive grey hair and the results are pretty bewitching .


This post is a long, detailed take. If you prefer, you can purchase the PDF version for only $5. It contains the full article ( including pictures ) and you can print it out and refer to it any fourth dimension you like. ( Click on the book below to purchase )

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