How to Wear Ear Cuffs: Everything You Need to Know

How can I level up my ear game ?

Ear cuffs ! Love the attend of a decorate ear, but feeling commitment-phobic ? Ear cuffs are a great means to try out the count without getting any extra piercings .

Is the ear cuff drift fresh ?

The first ear manacle ever recorded in history, in 2000 BC, was called a Kaffa. It was designed to hug the crook on the outside border of the ear, and because it put little weight unit on the ear, could be worn in big and dramatic styles. ear cuffs continued to be worn over the centuries, and were re-popularized during the 1990s dirt period in dim-witted silver styles. They ’ re back – in an unprecedented align of styles and shapes. There ’ s never been a better clock to rock an ear cuff !

Who ‘s been wearing ear cuffs ?

indeed many people ! We ’ ve seen ear cuffs ( both dramatic and dim-witted ) styled on high fashion designers, top style bloggers, and stars such as Rihanna and Lupita Nyong ’ oxygen.

Do I need to pierce my ears ?

Nope, no need to go to the piercer. You can slip an ear manacle right on and see what it would look like to have a cartilage pierce, without any of the pain or worry required to take care of a cutting. All of the style, none of the duty ! ✨

What should I team my ear cuffs with ?

Ear cuffs are versatile, pairing well with delicate stud earrings and hoop earrings. With endless mix and matching possibilities, you truly can create your own ear party – from an intimate, small bunch of two to three earrings to an all out festival with a in full decorated ear. There are no right and amiss answers here – it ’ sulfur very about embracing your own personal style. Two classical, can ’ t-go-wrong combos are the Eternity Ear Cuff worn with the Whisper Open Hoops and the Classic Arc Ear Cuff with the Little Bar Studs.

Eternity Ear Cuff + Whisper Open Hoops

Eternity Ear Cuff

Eternity Ear CuffEternity Ear Cuff on modelEternity Ear Cuff on modelEternity Ear Cuff on modelEternity Ear Cuff on modelOur Eternity Ear Cuff as seen on L'Officiel

Eternity Ear Cuff

$ 45.00Whisper Open Hoop Earrings

Whisper Open Hoop EarringsWhisper Open Hoop Earrings on modelWhisper Open Hoop Earrings on modelOur Whisper Open Hoop Earrings as seen in V Magazine

Whisper Open Hoop Earrings

$ 50.00


Classic Arc Ear Cuff in Gold (13mm)

Classic Arc Ear Cuff in Gold (13mm)Classic Arc Ear Cuff in Gold on modelClassic Arc Ear Cuff sizing on model Classic Arc Ear Cuff in Gold on modelClassic Arc Ear Cuff in Gold (16mm)

Classic Arc Ear Cuff

$ 40.00Little Bar Studs

Little Bar StudsLittle Bar Studs on modelLittle Bar Studs on modelLittle Bar Studs on modelLittle Bar Studs on model

Little Bar Studs

$ 40.00

How do I put my ear handcuff on ?

Placing an auricle cuff on your ear for the inaugural meter may be slenderly crafty, but with a fiddling commit, it will become second nature.
✨ Begin by standing in front of a mirror and holding the ear cuff latitude to your ear.
✨ Slip the manacle on the thinnest separate of your ear, and then slide it down to adjust.
✨ The ear manacle should securely hug your ear and feel comfortable.
✨ You ’ ll know that it ’ s the right size when you can gently tug on it and it doesn ’ t come off.

How do I adjust my ear handcuff to size ?

Our auricle cuffs are designed a small outsize so that they ’ ll fit a wider diverseness of ear shapes. We designed them extra thick for timbre to hold their shape over fourth dimension – that way, they wo n’t lose their shape and fall off your ear. To size our ear cuffs down, pinch the two ends of the cuff between your thumb and index and gently press in until you reach the hope size. If the cuff is besides blockheaded to pinch with your fingers, use a pair of pliers to lightly press the two ends together using a small fabric to prevent scratch of the surface. You can besides size up the cuffs using a pair of pliers to expand the space between the two ends – good apply equal pressure outward as you ’ re expanding the cuff to keep it balanced .

Can I sleep in my ear cuff ?

When it comes to whether or not to sleep in an auricle cuff, that is wholly improving to you. Small, simple auricle cuffs are by and large more comfortable to sleep in than big, elaborate ones. 🌙


What are some of your favored auricle manacle looks ?

We ’ ra not supposed to play favorites, but here are a few auricle handcuff looks that we can ’ t get enough of 🙂

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