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Following an aroused and tear-stained exit from Michelle ‘s temper of “ The Bachelorette, ” Clayton Echard will step into the character of “ The Bachelor ” for the testify ‘s approaching 26th season ; kicking off the series ‘ landmark 20th year. Clayton was first introduced to audiences on the current season of “ The Bachelorette, ” where he showed off his rugged good looks and Viking-level athleticism while managing to charm even the harshest of critics—a group of fifth-grade students. He is a puppy-loving fathead with a affection of gold ( and amazingly full dance moves ) who is ready to find the sexual love of his life. Clayton ‘s travel as “ The Bachelor ” premieres on the previously announced date of MONDAY, JAN. 3  ( 8:00-10:00 post meridiem ), on ABC. Episodes can be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu. VIDEO : Your first spirit at “ The Bachelor ” 2022 with Clayton Echard Clayton Echard, “The Bachelor” Season 26

Clayton Echard, who was inaugural introduced as one of Michelle Young ‘s suitors on the current temper of “ The Bachelorette, ” not only connects romantically with the capture Minneapolis school teacher but is besides a favored of Michelle ‘s middle school students. ultimately, however, Michelle sends Clayton home, leading to one of the most emotional and heart-wrenching moments in “ Bachelor ” history. In that one touching moment, Clayton ‘s genuine hope to find a partner and start a kin shines through, and never has it been so discernible that one man deserves a second find at finding that great sexual love. Nicknamed “ Claynos ” by his friends in the family due partially to his graven human body, Clayton grows stronger with every rose, opening himself up to Michelle in ways he never thought possible. This Midwestern man proves he is then a lot more than fair a fine-looking ridicule with a rock-hard human body. He ‘s a atavism quixotic who ‘s not afraid to put himself out there for sleep together.

Clayton graduated with a bachelor ‘s academic degree in health skill from the University of Missouri, where he besides minored in business and spanish. He presently works in aesculapian sales but is embarking on his master in business with the intention of starting his own business. A walk-on for the University of Missouri football team, Clayton cursorily became a scholarship player who took on a big character in guiding the team to back-to-back SEC championship games and a national top ten-spot ranking. He even had a brief stint with the NFL ‘s Seattle Seahawks before quickly realizing his football abilities did n’t quite match his business acumen.

back home in Missouri, Clayton enjoys outgo time at his family home on Lake St. Louis. You can much find him there tubing out on the boat, fishing off the dock or getting competitive over some cornhole with his friends, his two younger brothers and his ma and dad. Growing up in the idyllic suburb of St. Louis, Clayton had the perfect exercise of what marriage and love can be. His parents, Brian and Kelly, have been married for 29 years, and their relationship is precisely the kind Clayton indeed urgently wants for himself. just like his parents, Clayton ‘s looking for a partner, a great love and a best ally. “ The Bachelor ” is a production of following Entertainment and Warner Bros. Unscripted Television in association with Warner Horizon. Mike Fleiss, Martin Hilton, Nicole Woods, Bennett Graebner, Louis Caric, Peter Geist, Peter Gust, Tim Warner, Jeff Thomas and Jodi Baskerville are the administrator producers.

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