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today ’ mho Samsung devices, including Galaxy phones, Samsung smartwatches, and even compatible Samsung earbuds, all make with wireless charging. Place your device down on the right diggings, and it ’ ll commit up all on its own. That saves clock time and wear and tear on your cables – but it ’ s significant to know how it works first. Our steer will go over all the basics so you ’ re ready for every kind of Samsung wireless charging !




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What You Need

  • Qi standard wireless charger
  • compatible Samsung earphone, earbuds, or smartwatch

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Wireless charging basics

If you ’ rhenium chiefly concern in the nuts and bolts of radio receiver charge, here ’ s how to get started .
Step 1: Make certain you have a compatible Samsung device. For phones, that means have either a Galaxy S6 or newer, or a Galaxy Note 5 or newer ( excepting the Galaxy Note 7, which is not compatible ). Samsung ’ s folding phones like the Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 besides make with radio chargers. Galaxy A series devices are not compatible .
For smartwatches, you ’ ll need the Galaxy Watch 3 or newer or a Galaxy Watch Active exemplar .
For earbuds, the Galaxy Buds, Buds 2, Buds+, Buds Live, and Buds Pro all work with radio chargers .
Step 2: Get a compatible radio charger. Samsung ’ south devices use the common Qi standard, so most any radio charger you find should work. however, newer chargers are more likely to support faster charging speeds. You can besides get chargers that can charge multiple devices at once, like the Charger Trio, in order to charge a Samsung call, watch, and earbuds at the same time .
Step 3: Plug your charging pad in, and place your Samsung device on circus tent of it with the back facing the charger. When the charger has connected with the device, it should turn on an indicator light. You may have to reposition the device until this indicator idle comes on.

how to use wireless charger samsung indicator light
Step 4: Wait for the device to charge. While chargers vary, a firm red or blue indicator light normally means something is still charging, and a green light means a device has finished charging .
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Helpful tips for wireless charging

Wireless charge is childlike, but there are a few things everyone should know to make the serve a smooth as possible .
Step 1: Wireless charge can work through cases … but not all of them. Thinner cases will allow radio receiver charging to work, although you may need to double-check that the placement above the charging coil is compensate. thick cases can run into problems, specially thick leather cases or similar materials. These can block wireless chargers from working until you take them off. Cases should specifically say that they are compatible with radio charging. We have guides to our darling cases where you can find more options .
Step 2: Wireless chargers broadly stay in one spot, which means you need to spend some time picking the good position to fit your daily habits. Some prefer chargers at their bedside, where devices can recharge while they sleep. Others prefer them on desks or in offices where devices can charge while they work. sometimes a central location on a rejoinder or an entrance shelf is ideal .
Step 3: If you are charging at your bedside, be wary of bright index lights. Some indicator LEDs are more or less unobtrusive, but others are bright and could be annoying if you ’ re trying to sleep. If it ’ mho besides former to get another charger, you can always cover the indicator with a assemble of tape to remove the annoyance .
Step 4: The electrical power of the charger indicates how debauched it can charge devices. presently, you ’ ll want around 10W to 15W on your radio charger for the fastest possible charging speeds. note for multi-device chargers, the electrical power will typically be divided among different charging coils, so those numbers will naturally be higher .
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Use Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare to help charge your accessories

You can ’ thyroxine be near a radio receiver charger all the time, but there ’ randomness another solution for that. You can find Wireless PowerShare on some newfangled Samsung phones, and it allows those devices to act as remote control radio chargers for other devices. That means you can charge wirelessly on the go for your device or a friend ’ mho device that ’ s running broken. here ’ s how to enable it .
Step 1: Check your battery. Your Samsung telephone should be charged to at least 30 % or more before using Wireless PowerShare .
Step 2: Swipe down from the top of the filmdom to open up Quick Settings. here you should see an choice to turn on Wireless PowerShare with the picture of a battery and arrow. Select it .
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see this picture, check that your Samsung earphone is up to go steady. Head into the Quick Settings customization to manually add it. You can find this in More Options, the three vertical dots in the Quick Settings menu .
how to use wireless charger samsung powershare option
Step 3: Place the device you want to charge on the back of the Wireless PowerShare phone within 60 seconds of turning PowerShare on ( again, thick cases may prevent this feature of speech from working ). PowerShare works with most Qi-compatible devices, so it doesn ’ t topic if the early device is Samsung or not. You can flush charge other phones this way .

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