How To Use The Cricut Mug Press | Cricut Mug Press Review

Hey y’all! In this video, I’m going to show you how to use the Cricut mug press, which could also be considered a Cricut mug press review.

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  1. Just saw this advertised the other day. I am new to using a cricut. I have a Cricut Expression 2 that I received for Christmas and I am learning to use it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You can also use mugs/tumblers that are not cricut as long as they allow sublimation. A little research finds you can even print on glass beer steins!

  3. Very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this mug press, but I don’t see where this is affordable to craft and then sale for profit. I love your crafting and you are great at teaching. This however, is not an affordable idea. I love my cricut machine, but the mug machine and mugs are just too much cost. I don’t see how anyone could make mugs to sale. Gifting is wonderful idea by customizing a mug for someone. Love your nails and love watching you. You’re my favorite crafter to watch and learn from. Great creative crafts and affordable to make. Love you

  5. Really cool design. I'm wondering how price effective it is to buy the press, buy the ink, buy the mug then buy the design. Seems pricey even if you're selling and making many.

  6. Thanks for making this. My only issue is that it can only do the ombre size of mugs.

  7. Have you made your boys their own mug? What did you put on them?

  8. Amber you're a great teacher,the way you explain i love it,and that mug came out cool✌❤👊🌻🌹

  9. Cool design! Thanks for sharing! Wondered how that worked!

  10. Never heard of this. Very interesting. Thank you for showing this.

  11. Thank you for showing how to do these. Thank you Have a wonderful day.

  12. I’m glad you made this video. They have these on sale right now at a store by me. The machine, not the mug press.

  13. Do you pay for the designs in designspace? Thank you I love the mugs.

  14. Mystic coffee? I've been to Mystic Connecticut, is that where you would find Mystic coffee? Lol 🙂 I absolutely love those colours and design. So if it is microwave safe, would it also be dishwasher safe or would you just not chance it?

  15. That is really incredible tfs❤️

  16. Thank you for sharing! The Mug Press is awesome! We need to come up with a cover!

  17. Will you possibly be making these to sell? I can't do it myself (completely blind in one eye and legally blind in the other). But I love watching you do it! It turned out gorgeous…love the designs!

  18. Love it! Thanks for sharing! 💕

  19. Very unique. Onestly is it worth the money for the machine and supplies.

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