How To Use The Swiffer Extender Pole Duster When You Vacuum

A Mess Free Life may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. When Swiffer was introduced into the marketplace, I was intrigued. I had been using a feather duster as my chief dusting tool in the clean commercial enterprise, but it wasn ’ t perfect. So when I found them in the clean aisle of Target, I cursorily grabbed my starter kit out.

It was love at first use .
shortly later they introduced the Swiffer Extender Pole and well, I was hooked .
I ’ m a self-confessed Swiffer addict. When I do have to venture out and uninfected with the team, if person leaves the Swiffer buttocks in a house, I ’ thousand not happy. Without it, it makes dusting and cleaning harder than it has to be .
In a nutshell, Swiffer makes dusting and cleaning easy blowy .
And the best region is over the years they have added high-quality products to their line-up and honestly I LOVE them all ! here are a few of my favorites, but if I had to pick just one tool it would be the Swiffer Duster Extender Pole ! No home should be without one or more !

But there are other ways in which my team uses the Swiffer duster to clean a home flying !
nowadays, I ’ molarity going to show you how to use your Swiffer, particularly the extender pole dustcloth when you vacuum .
That ’ s right I ’ megabyte going to show you five ways we use our Swiffer when we ’ re out cleaning to make cleaning fast and easy and most of all dim-witted .

How To Use The Swiffer Extender Pole Duster When You Vacuum

how to use the swiffer


so much gets stuck in the corner of a deck .
Crumbs, gadgets, do-dads, and crap seem to collect there making it impossible to get at it with a vacuum. inevitably, you have to take apart the mechanism and use the hose to grab whatever is stuck there .
But, we found a bright means to eliminate that unnecessary step and get the corners cleaned super fast !
Use the Swiffer Extender Pole to push the debris out in presence of the vacuum to make it accessible to picking it up with the vacuum .
just keep the pole extended and as you vacuum use the joyride when you approach a recess. Sweep out the debris and voile – it ’ sulfur right there cook to be sucked up in the vacuum. You don ’ thymine even have to bend over – which believe me is a boom and saves your back .
other ways to use your swiffer duster, easy cleaning tips for using a swiffer duster


Crumbs without a doubt have fallen off your counter and are now stuck between either the wall and your stove, refrigerator or cabinet. A void cleaner hosiery is typically excessively large to fit between these spaces making it about impossible to clean .
That was until the Swiffer Duster Extender Pole came along .
now all you have to do is swipe the dustcloth in-between the spaces and push the debris out onto the main floor where vacuuming up the debris becomes much elementary .
You can do this when you vacuum or when you sweep. Anytime you need to do a quick clean this handy dusting tool will make vacuuming a breeze .


Cabinets typically sit excessively stopping point to the floor not allowing most vacuums to fit underneath .
Until now this mean taking apart your vacuum to attach the pole and hose, but not anymore .
Simply use the Swiffer Extender Pole to sweep it out so you can easily vacuum it up .
Cleaning with a swiffer, swiffer duster


furniture can be quite large and identical heavy making it impossible to move every time you vacuum. Armoires, pianos, and even large couches and sectionals can weigh more than you think .
Because homes are filled with outsize furniture it makes moving them impossible each week .
so alternatively, when you find dust and debris behind heavy furniture use the use your Swiffer Extender Pole to get all that dust out .
This way you know it ’ s clean behind the furniture but you don ’ t have to worry about pulling your back out in the work. You can wait for a deep clean to make that find !


When you have carpeted stairs and if you own an upright vacuum you know first pass how hard it can be to get the stairs cleaned .
foremost, you ’ ll use the Swiffer to dust along any hard surfaces that abutt the carpet .
Second, use the Swiffer to get lint, crumbs and other farce that gets stuck in the wrinkle of the carpet, where the carpet has been stapled to the wood underneath. Your Swiffer can just be used to push that debris out from the crevices and onto the shock where you can more well vacuum it up .
cleaning, dusting, dusting with a swiffer duster tool


When you ’ re looking to clean your house fast and you don ’ t have time to mess with the vacuum cleaner attachments, using a tool like the Swiffer Extender Pole makes a short ton of sense .
Using your Swiffer dusting tool eliminates time-wasting steps so you can finish up debauched. Check out this short video recording with extra tips to make using your Swiffer easy .

We ’ rhenium always looking for newly ways to use our Swiffer dustcloth tools. If you ’ ve got a big suggestion, we ’ d love to hear it !

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