How to Play a Tibetan Singing Bowl

Have you ever wondered how to use a scorch bowl ? In this station, we provide a complete guide to playing a sing bowl using the most park methods. We besides share several tips and tricks to make the sing bowl easier to play. Let ‘s dive right in !


singing bowl placed on a colorful pillow mallet beside placed on a white marble surface

Many of our customers who are modern to singing bowl come to us with questions about how to play their stadium. Playing a Tibetan sing bowl for the first clock can be challenging, but with a short drill, it can be easy, playfulness and reward !
There are two ways to play a whistle bowl. The first gear is to strike the side of the bowl with a mallet. The moment is to rub the brim of the bowl with a mallet. In this web log post we explain each method acting more thoroughly american samoa well as some advanced techniques you can besides explore once you become more familiar with playing singing bowl.

Method 1: Striking

Striking is arguably the easiest way to play a scorch bowl. This is a capital initiation to playing the bowl and is desirable for all ages .

  1. Simply hold the bowl in the handle of your non-dominant handwriting, and the mallet in your dominant hand .
  2. Hold the mallet like a baton and lightly strike the bowl with the pad side of the mallet on the bowl ’ s mid-exterior wall .
  3. Striking the stadium will produce a pleasant, rich tone .
  4. We recommend striking the bowl once and letting the sound and vibrations amply dissipate before striking again .

Method 2: Rimming

hand holding a singing bowl in one hand other hand holding mallet and rimming singing bowl

This method can be more challenge but can easily be mastered with practice. If it is your first time attempting to play a tattle bowl, anticipate practicing a few times before being able to master this proficiency. patience is identify !

  1. Begin in a loosen seated position with a straight spur while maintaining a natural breath .
  2. Hold the bowl in the palm of your non-dominant hand, and the mallet in your dominant allele hand .
  3. This time, grip the mallet in the concentrate with your index and flick like a pen with the embroider end of the mallet gently resting in the web between the thumb and index .
  4. lightly strike the bowl on the mid-exterior wall to ‘ warm-up ’ the bowl and before the vibrations dissipate, immediately position the mallet vertically near the rim of the bowl and begin circling the rim in a clockwise gesture. It is important to start circling the brim vitamin a soon as you make contact with it to start the singe. If you place the mallet against the rim without moving it, the initial sound from striking will be dampened and you will have difficulty making the bowl whistle .
  5. Circle the roll at least five times using a full-arm movement until you begin to hear the female overtone build. The circling gesture is exchangeable to stirring a batch and it ’ s important to keep the mallet vertical .
  6. As the female overtone builds you can slow your speed and make firmer contact between the mallet and rim. As you continue, the female overtone will sound fresh and clear. It ’ s authoritative to continue to apply pressure as the friction between the mallet and bowl produces vibrations which result in the sing fathom.

You may besides start circling the flange without beginning striking the bowl, however we find the vibrations produced by initially striking the bowl make it a lot easier to play for beginners. As you get the hang of it, you can experiment with different techniques.

Breaking in Your Mallet

When you receive your raw Tibetan spill the beans bowl, it comes with a mallet made of Himalayan hardwood with a embroider surface. When you play your bowl with the rimming method acting, the clash of the mallet produces vibrations which result in reasoned. To start, the mallet will be smooth on both ends, but as you use it, it will begin to develop ‘ micro-grooves ’ which help grip the rim of the bowl better. We broadly recommend playing your bowl with a newfangled mallet for about five minutes to sufficiently break in the mallet. As you continue to use the mallet, you will notice the bowl has improved sound and is easier to play .

Video Demonstration

For a ocular instruction on how to play a sing bowl, please see our video below. Like our video recording, you can place the bowl on a flat surface like a tabletop, shock absorber or carpet to play. alternatively, you can besides rest the bowl in the palm of your hand or on your fingertips as per the rim instructions above. Holding the roll can be easier and besides feels amazing because you can feel the rapport from the roll as it sings .

Advanced Techniques

Water Bowl Sounds

Adding a little measure of water to the bowl produces a very limited reasoned evocative of dolphins singing !

  1. Add about ¾ cup of water to the bowl being careful to not get any water system on the flange or away of the bowl .
  2. Play the bowl using the rimming method outlines above .
  3. Move the mallet off from the rim and let the bowl continue to sing .
  4. Tilt the bowl slightly so the water moves towards the rim. Continue tilting the bowl until the water begins to swirl .
  5. Afterwards be sure to empty the stadium and dry thoroughly .

Try this method with different amounts of water to see the different effects. by and large the least amount of body of water produces the most beautiful good but the sum needed can vary depending on the size of the singe bowl .

Rimming with a Padded Mallet

You can besides circle the bowl with the embroider english of the mallet for a unlike sound. We love the sound of a tattle bowl when played with the pad side of the mallet, but it can be more ambitious. Follow the rim method acting outlined above but hold the mallet with the embroider side facing down and use a abstemious pressure when circling the brim. This method will produce a more of a bass tone that is identical pleasant and relax .
We invite you to get your own Tibetan tattle bowl or quartz glass sing bowl nowadays !

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