How to Use Amazon Locker

If you need to order a merchandise from Amazon but do n’t want it shipped to your home, Amazon Locker offers a secure alternate. possibly you live in an apartment or condominium complex with no commodious spot for a delivery. possibly you ‘re ordering an expensive item and do n’t want it left at your doorway. Or possibly you ‘re traveling and need a certain detail while you ‘re away .
Whatever the argue, you can have the item delivered to an Amazon Locker, where your package will be kept safe until you pick it up .
Amazon offers more than 2,800 lockers across more than 70 major metropolitan areas in the US ; find them at Amazon ‘s whole Foods Markets and other stores and outlets. The lockers themselves are self-service kiosks, so you can use them even during evenings and on weekends .
Shop for your Amazon product on-line as usual. During checkout, specify the Amazon Locker as your manner of speaking localization. once your package is delivered, you ‘ll receive an electronic mail alarm with a six-digit code to access to your locker.

There ‘s no extra cost to use an Amazon Locker versus your regular address. The only significant downside is that Amazon gives you good three days to pick up your detail. If you fail to get your product within the three-day deadline, it is shipped back to Amazon and you are issued a refund .
But angstrom long as the locker is convenient and accessible to you, this can be a handy option to having items sit on your front porch. How does this all knead ? Let ‘s check it out .

Find an Amazon Locker Location

beginning, you need to look for and select your closest Amazon Locker localization. To do this, browse to Amazon ‘s Locker Delivery page

(Opens in a new window)

. Make indisputable you ‘re signed into your Amazon account. Click the Find a locker near you button .

Search for a Location

At the Locker search page, you can hunt down a cabinet by address, ZIP code, landmark, or footlocker mention. Make your choice and click the Search clitoris. Enter an address, for case, and Amazon asks you to refine the search by selecting your city. The same applies for certain landmarks. Choose your city and click Select .

Choose an Amazon Locker Location

Choosing your decline city or entering a ZIP code or locker name ( which can be the name of a city ) displays a tilt of Amazon Locker locations in the area. Choose the cabinet location you want to use and then click Select. The location is saved to your Amazon address script.

Manage Amazon Addresses

once you select a cabinet placement, you will be able to manage it among your other save addresses. Use it for one delivery, select it as your raw default address, or delete it and go second to choose another location.

Shop with Amazon Locker

now it ‘s shopping time. Find the Amazon item or items you want to order and place them in your shopping cart as you normally would. Proceed to checkout. The checkout page now lists the cabinet you chose as a pickup location. Select your footlocker and click the Use this address button. Confirm the cabinet placement as the embark address. Select your payment method. Note the delivery date. Review the ordain and transportation details, then click the Place your rate button .

Get the Email Code

When the detail has been delivered to the cabinet, you ‘ll receive an e-mail inform you that it ‘s ready to be picked up. The message will display a count and barcode that you ‘ll use to pick up your package and a date by which you must get the item. Print the e-mail or save it on your mobile telephone sol you have the code handy. You can besides opt to receive dispatch updates via text message. Open your Amazon account settings page ( Opens in a new window ) for “ Shipment Updates via Text ” and click the Subscribe clitoris to activate the text message.

Find the Amazon Locker

head over to the address given in your Amazon Locker placement. The demand blemish of the lockers vary depending on the store or shop center. At Amazon ‘s whole Foods Market stores, for model, check the vestibule area just inside the main entrance. I found the lockers in my local Whole Foods store in the corner of the vestibule near the shop carts .

Enter the Code

Tap the Amazon Locker tint filmdom to begin the checkout procedure. You will need the electronic mail code you received in order to get your package. Take out the code and decide how you want to unlock your locker. Amazon gives you multiple ways to proceed. You can choose to manually enter the code listed in the electronic mail .

Scan the Code

otherwise, you can place the barcode under the footlocker ‘s code lector. This option will work the lapp if you decided to print out the code or have it open on your call. If you ca n’t unlock the cabinet or you run into early problems, tap the Help button for instructions .

Take Your Package

After you ‘ve successfully unlock your footlocker, the door mechanically pops clear and the filmdom points you in the steering of the footlocker. Grab your box and then close the locker doorway .

Confirmation Email

After you ‘ve picked up your software, check your electronic mail. Amazon sends a message thank you for picking up the package and asking you to take a brusque sketch. Click the button if you wish to take the review .

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