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Video professionals and others who need to upload large transferred files to their Google Drive accounts ( or any other conceivable finish ) promptly, faithfully, and securely can besides use MASV .
As I mentioned up top, we ’ ve already implemented super-smooth integrations with Google Cloud and Google Drive. That means you can reliably save all your large transplant files to Google Drive directly from MASV with fair a chatter or two, with no more download files from MASV and then re-uploading them to Google Drive. Once you or your collaborators receive a file, all you have to do is the follow :

  1. Visit your MASV download page
  2. Select “ Save to… ” and navigate to Google Drive

After the recipient saves their charge package to Google Drive, a MASV booklet is automatically created on their drive ( the package is saved in this booklet under its original box name and includes all the original files and folders ) .
copulate things to keep in heed : Although MASV itself has no charge size limits, the box size can not exceed the available distance in your Google Drive account, and all file uploads must conform to Google ’ s daily file upload limits ( a soap of 750GB over 24 hours ). Zipped files can not be transferred to Google Drive, and Google Drive transfers using MASV must be performed using the browser, not the desktop app.

even when using the browser-based adaptation, however, there ’ s no software to set up or plugins to install with MASV. It uploads big files to Google Drive faithfully and fast no matter which firewall, antivirus, reference, or other plugin software you or your partners use.

That ’ second because MASV ’ sulfur dedicated global accelerate network of more than 150 servers worldwide means high handiness and performance anywhere in the world with an internet connection. All files are encrypted in flight and at remainder, and can be password protected. MASV users can besides upload terabytes of data with no storage limits either through a web browser or the crazy fast and reliable MASV app – all upload files are available for 10 days, and users lone pay for files that get downloaded at MASV ’ s pay-as-you-go price of $ 0.25/GB .
You can even use separate MASV Portals for different clients and partners to keep things organized, and invoice your clients accordingly .
So the adjacent time you run into delays or instantaneously failures when uploading bombastic files to Google Drive, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pay back frustrated. Just get MASV ( you can even send your first gear 100GB of data for free ) .

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