How to Turn On a Mac

Got a new Mac and are n’t sure how to turn it on ? Do n’t worry, it can be trickier than you ‘d think, but we ‘ll show you how. When you first get a Mac, everything feels unfamiliar. You might not even know how to turn on your Mac, let alone do anything else with it .
Do n’t worry, we can help you get started. here ‘s how to turn on every different kind of Apple Mac computer .

How to Turn On Any Mac

No matter what manner Mac you have—MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, or Mac Pro—all you need to do to turn it on is press the exponent release. Do n’t hold it down, fair give it a firm press for about one second .
You should hear the familiar whizz, beeps, and chimes of your Mac coming to life. If not, it could be a sign there ‘s a problem with your Mac .

Where Is the Power Button on My Mac?

now sure where the power button is on your Mac ? You ‘re not entirely, as it can vary widely from Mac to Mac. here are the baron button locations for every type of Mac that Apple makes .

MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro

generally speaking, with newer MacBook computers, all you need to do to turn it on is receptive the screen. If that does n’t work, press the power button alternatively .
The baron release on a MacBook is at the top-right of the keyboard. On newer MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers, this is besides the Touch ID detector, so it might merely look like a blank space without a might icon .
MacBook Pro power button

iMac or iMac Pro

To turn on your iMac background computer, press the power button on the back. The button is concave, so you can normally feel it by running your finger behind the bottom-left corner of the display .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY If not, spin your iMac around and look at the bottom-right corner to find it on the back .
iMac power button

Mac mini

The Mac mini features a small, circular power button on the back of the calculator, to the leftover of the power cable .
Mac mini power button

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro has seen a few drastically different designs over the years, and the power release moves somewhere new with each of them .
If you have a Mac Pro from 2019 or former, find the circular might button on peak of the computer column, between the handles .
Mac Pro power button
With the total darkness Mac Pro purpose from 2013, the ability button is above the might cable on the back .
Mac Pro 2013 power button
If you have an older Mac Pro, from 2012 or earlier, the exponent release is on the front of the computer loom, above the USB ports .

Mac Pro 2012 power button

What If Your Mac Doesn’t Turn On?

As we mentioned earlier, you should n’t need to hold down the power button to turn on your Mac. A effective tauten iron ought to do it. If your Mac does n’t turn on, there ‘s something wrong with it. The dependable news is that with a little trouble-shoot, you should be able to figure out what the problem is.

Mac Wo n’t Boot or Start ? How to Fix Issues With a Mac not Turning On
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