RW’s Basic Marathon Schedule: How to get round your first marathon

A 16-week prepare plan for complete beginners, if you ’ re new to running but gearing up for your beginning marathon, this train design will get you round, with some run-walk breaks. Running 4-5 days a workweek, the idea here is to get you to the stopping point line, regardless of amphetamine .
What are the different runs in the training plan?
The train plan below starts with childlike run-walking as you build up the miles – focus on running for the time mentioned and not so much the focal ratio. As you progress through the aim plan, you will do some quick runs to build the mental and physical stamina you ‘ll need to get to 26.2 miles .
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What pace should I be running at?
At the begin of the plan, do n’t worry besides much about your footstep, just get through the different runs. As you get nearer the marathon, use our training footstep calculator to work out what pace to aim for as you run the marathon. ampere well as the runs, the prepare plan includes those all important rest days – make certain you use these by rights to avoid burning out .
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What should I do if I miss some of my marathon training plan?

identical few runners will get to the end of their marathon training agenda without missing some runs due to illness, injury or life getting in the manner. If you ’ ve missed four weeks or more, our best advice is to postpone your marathon, as it ’ s unlikely you ’ ll be able to get the time you want on raceway day having missed a calendar month .
If you ’ ve missed two or three weeks, you should still have meter to build up to your longest trail runs, which are a samara to race-day success. If you are coming back from injury, spend a workweek or two gradually increasing your coach volume, using previous weeks on the aim plan as a guide .
I’m finding the training hard, how do I know when I need to back off?
If you are pushing the pace to get faster or adding distance to go promote, your soundbox will talk back to you. During train, learn to distinguish ‘ effective pain ’ ( discomfort from leaving your comfort partition ) from ‘ regretful pain ’ ( something verging on injury ) .
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“ There is a dispute between muscles that burn at the end of a exercise and something that hurts every prison term you take a step, ” says sports psychologist Jim Taylor. “ Part of train is learning soundbox awareness. You besides need to experience some discomfort so when it occurs in a race, you know you can push through it. ”

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Week 1 15 minutes jogging. You’re allowed to stop and walk, but this doesn’t count as part ofthe training Rest 20 minutes jogging. You’re allowed to stop and walk, but this doesn’t count as part ofthe training Rest Rest 25 minutes jogging. You’re allowed to stop and walk, but this doesn’t count as part of the training 1 hour ramble. No pressure
Week 2 25 mins jogging Rest 35 mins jogging Rest Rest 30 mins jogging 75-min ramble
Week 3 30 mins jogging Rest 40 mins jogging Rest Rest 35 mins jogging 90-min ramble
Week 4 35 mins jogging Rest 45 mins jogging Rest Rest 35 mins jogging 1 hr jogging and walking.
Week 5 20-min run Rest 50 mins jogging Rest Rest Timed run over a 2M course 90-min ramble, or run in a 10K road race
Week 6 25-min run Rest 55 mins jogging Rest Rest 25-min run 1 hr 45 jog-walk
Week 7 30-min run Rest 30-min run Rest 30-min run 30-min run 8M run
Week 8 35-min run Rest 60 mins jogging Rest 30-min run 35-min run 2-hr jog-walk or half-marathon race
Week 9 40-min run Rest 3 x 1M session, timed, with 5 mins rest after each Rest 30-min run 40-min run 8M run, walking when you have to
Week 10 45-min run Rest 3M run, timed Rest 30-min run 35-min run Long, slow 12M run
Week 11 40-min run Rest 3 x 1M session timed, with 5 mins rest after each Rest 30-min run 30-min run Long, slow 14M run
Week 12 35-min run Rest 3M run, timed, at a faster pace Rest 30-min run 25-min run Half-marathon race
Week 13 30-min run Rest 3 x 1M, timed, with 5 mins rest after each, aiming at a faster average speed than Wk 11 Rest 30-min run 20-min run 16M endurance run, taking drinks, walking 5 mins in every hour
Week 14 25-min run Rest 3M run, timed Rest 25-min run at marathon pace 15-min run 10K or 10M race, or 10M run inc 5M at a brisk pace
Week 15 20-min run Rest 30-min run at marathon pace Rest 2 x 1M session, timed 15-min run 1 hour inc 30 mins at marathon pace
Week 16 20 mins easy Rest 30 mins easy, inc a few strides Rest Rest 20 mins jogging, in racing kit RACE DAY

This isn’t the plan for me, what should I do next?
If this is n’t challenge enough for you to reach your goal, take a look at our other marathon train plans for every kind of base runner.

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