How To Tighten Bike Brakes – Bike Maintenance Tips

Brakes are an essential part of your bicycle, so much crucial that they ensure that you always have a safe ride. That is why it is critical that you take care of them regularly, regular care of the bicycle will surely add more years to its life .
adjust and tighten brakes is very easy, you just need to be considerate about some steps. There are chiefly two parts of a bicycle ’ s brake that motivation tighten, those are :

  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Cables

Trust me, you truly don ’ triiodothyronine want to experience worn-down brake pads or free brake cables as they could well lead you to accidents. Before you start riding again, it is absolutely necessary that you follow these steps to successfully tighten your bicycle ’ mho brakes .

How To Tighten Your Bike’s Brakes

In order to tighten your bike’s brakes, you need to follow these steps. Let’s start.

Fixing Bicycle Brakes

Start by Loosening The Barrel Adjuster

You have to start with the barrel adjuster first, it is located between the intersection of the brake cable and lever. now, you have to slowly turn the barrel adjuster clockwise, this will loosen it. once you do that, the brake cable mechanically tightens .
largely all the problems are fixed by loosening the barrel adjuster, but there are other measures that you can take if that does not work out. You can check the state of the brake cable by pressing the lever, see that how much it comes close to the handlebar. There are other steps that you can pursue if the cable is however loose .

Adjust The Caliper Part of The Brakes Now

Caliper is that function of the brake where the pads are attached and you need to check their state of matter now. There should be a bolt that holds the brake cable to the caliper, find it. You will need an Allen wrench for the next step, turn the bang counter-clockwise to loosen it .
Be careful not to overdo it, you don ’ metric ton want to unscrew the gobble, just rotating it two or three times would do the antic !

The Next Step is to Pull The Brake Cable

cashbox immediately you would have successfully loosened both the caliper and the run off, the adjacent dance step will require you to pull the brake cable outwards, that should happen well now !
once you have successfully pulled the cable out, you need to hold it tightly in one set. You will now see that the front brake pads are tightening on the rim, that is because the cable is besides getting besotted. You need to make sure that the pads are mean public treasury there is some resistor when you turn the tire, make indisputable not to overdo it !
If you tighten the pads besides much then the tires will not turn at all and that could lead to problems. Keep on experimenting cashbox you hit that sweet smudge .
Bicycle Brake Cable

Tighten The Caliper Bolt Again 

If you are following the steps correctly cashbox now then you have successfully tightened the brake cable. not much is left now, you precisely need to tighten the caliper ’ south bolt again. You turned the bolt counter-clockwise before, now you need to turn it clockwise and do it two to three times, do it till there is no turning the rigidly again, this will mean that the bolt has been successfully tightened.

Tighten The Barrel Adjuster Again

now you need to go to the start all over again and tighten the barrel adjuster. Turn the adjuster clockwise to tighten them. You will see that as you are tightening the barrel adjuster, the brake pads have loosed slenderly, this means that you are good to go now .
The brake cables will be in full set once the barrel adjuster has been tightened. You can test the brake cables and their tightness by pressing the lever immediately .

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What Tool Do You Need To Tighten Bike Brakes ?

The only tool that you would be needing is an Allen wrench, you will need it to adjust the brake ’ randomness components .

Why Are My Brakes Too Loose ?

The most common reason for that brakes being loose is wear and tear .

How Do I Make My Bike Brakes More responsive ?

There are several techniques that you can use to make your motorcycle brakes more responsive, you can try resetting the barrel adjuster, or adjusting the brake weapon springs .


Knowing how to tighten your bicycle ’ second brakes is identical necessary, it saves a set of time and money. not every time you will have access to a professional mechanic, you will need to take care of things all by yourself .
Bike Maintenance is critical if you want politic and risk-free rides, they besides add multiple years to your motorcycle ’ randomness biography straddle. Don ’ thyroxine scrimp out on timely maintenance, taking concern of your bikes leads to amaze experiences. Stay Safe and Happy Cycling !

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