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bend this way, tie that way, rapier here. An african print headwrap is a beautiful way to finish your look, and it ’ s so easy to create that anyone can master it. All it takes is just a short commit and, in five minutes or less, you have a spirit that is fun, colorful and fabulous. here are five casual ways to a tie an african print headwrap so you besides can create a look that is ampere individual as you .

Style #1 – The Criss-Cross Top

1. Adjust the headwrap for sizing and space around your steer .
2. Pull the ends at the spinal column of your head and necktie into a mean nautical mile.
3. Twist each end tightly and bring both to the front of your head.
4. Criss-cross the ends into a knot.
5. Tuck the ends into the criss-crossed sides securely .

Style #2 – The Big Bow

1. Adjust wind for sizing and position it around the binding of your head towards the nape.
2. Pull the ends towards your frontal bone to begin a knot while tucking in any loose ends. once in rate, tie a compressed knot.
3. Fold the two ends into a crouch and align for volume tucking the loose ends into the bow flaps .

Style #3 – The Low Bun

1. Adjust the headwrap for sizing and place around your head.
2. Tie a close knot at the back of your head and begin to criss-cross the ends together tightly.
3. once you ’ ve finished criss-crossing, twist the ends into a gloomy bun put at the nucleotide of your head.
4. Tuck any loose ends into place.

Style #4 – The Nefertiti

1. Adjust wrapping for sizing and place around your head.
2. Tie a knot at the front of your frontal bone and tuck in any free ends into the front below the knot.
3. Criss-cross the ends tightly twice before bringing the left end of your headwrap over your head directly behind the knot. Alternate with the proper conclusion before it crosses over to the forget.
4. Continue to criss-cross on both sides until you can tuck both ends into the wrap.

Style #5 – The Top Bun

1. Adjust headwrap for sizing and place around your head.
2. Begin tying a nautical mile at the front of your brow while tucking in any loose ends. once in place, tie the ravel securely followed by one more knot.
3. Begin to twist the ends tightly until you reach the end. Place both ends together at the crown of your capitulum and wrapping into a bun. Tuck the ends securely into the bun to finish .

african Print headwraps are beautiful, versatile, and easy to wear. They will amp up every outfit, and will give you a chance to express your heritage and love for african fashion .

We hope you find the We hope you find the Five Effortless Ways to Tie an african Print Hea dwrap video recording and blog utilitarian. Let us know what you think in the comments below !
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