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How to Test Gold at Home

If you ’ ve always bought a piece of gold that you ’ re not sure is real, you want to figure out cursorily if it ’ s actual or not ! fortunately, it ’ sulfur easy to test gold at home to save you meter and money from having a professional tax the token .
When most people think of testing gold at home, they might think of gold panhandlers biting a collocate of gold to see if it ’ south real. thankfully, there are easier ( and more germ-free ) ways to see if your amber is real at home .
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shop nowadays We recommend doing more than one of these tests to verify. If you ’ ve done multiple tests and get like results, you ’ re probably on lead to determining whether or not your gold is real at home !

Look for Hallmarks

Most aureate jewelry or pieces will have an scratch on an inconspicuous part, such as the inside of a ring. If the engraving says 24K, that indicates that it is pure gold .
Beware, though, as some gold pieces may be engraved with an faulty hallmark in club to pass it off as arrant aureate .

Magnet Test

veridical gold is not magnetic, but many other metals are. If you have a relatively solid magnet ( something stronger than a electric refrigerator attraction ), you can well test if your aureate is real number by placing the attraction near the nibble and seeing if it is attracted to the magnet .
If it is, then it ’ s likely not pure gold, but preferably some shape of cheaper metallic element that has been plated gold or a gold-like substance. If your while is not attracted to the attraction, then it ’ s likely gold !

Skin Test

This screen requires a little more time than some of the other tests, but is particularly helpful for jewelry. It will besides reveal if a piece of jewelry is fake over time, that you thought was actual and possibly had no initial suspicions about !
veridical amber will never make your hide turn green. If your jewelry changes the color of your skin to a blue or green tint, it ’ s not very gold .

Float Test

The float test is a quick examination that will reveal whether or not your gold is real without damaging your man. This test international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wholly foolproof, as some metals that aren ’ thyroxine gold are besides heavy, so they will sink and make you think it ’ s gold. It ’ mho best to do another test to make certain .
Fill a clean glass or bowl with water. gently drop your token into the water. If it sinks, it ’ s probable real number gold. If it floats, it decidedly international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine real number amber. real gold will sink to the bottomland because it ’ s dense than water .
gold will besides not rust, so if you see any signs of rust you know your nibble international relations and security network ’ thymine real gold, and there ’ s no worry about damaging your item if it is indeed real gold .
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