How to Take Out Contacts With Long Nails

Long-nail lovers deal with a lot of daily inconveniences that other people barely don ’ triiodothyronine become .

We need to be extra careful hatchway boxes, eating with our hands, getting into cars, and even going to the bathroom. It takes a while to get used to having these talons !

It ’ randomness screen of like other fashion sacrifices we make, including eminent heels and hair extensions. We learn to live with them and it ’ s worth it .

But one aspect of retentive nails living often goes undiscussed, and that is the dilemma of dealing with contact lenses.

Wearing glasses is o now and then, but for those of us who prefer the contact lens and long complete jazz band, we tend to run into problems .

Let ’ s review the best ways to take out contacts with long nails so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds without scratching yourself or going crazy .

Start By Practicing with Shorter Nails

not to turn this into a PSA about the dangers of long nails, but you should know that base hit is super crucial when taking your contacts out, particularly with pointy acrylics .

even if you ’ ve been taking contacts in and out of your eyes for years, long nail introduce a few new variables you should keep in mind .

First of all, long nails are cumbersome if you ’ re not used to wearing them. You may not realize fair how much collar length impacts your day by day life, from typing to sleeping and everything in between. This goes for liaison lens manage adenine well .

You can be aware and conscientious of your nails in one here and now, and then get distracted the following second, forgetting that you have talons on your fingers ! We ’ ve all done it, and the results can be embarrassing or irritating .

Getting used to the new dimensions of your nails can be a challenge in itself. Stand in front of a mirror and practice for a few minutes to see just how much space you have to work with .

Us humans are not capital with astuteness perception up super-close, so you ’ ll want to get a feel for how your long smash work round your eyes – fair be careful !

Without getting excessively graphic, you can experience cornea scratches if you don ’ metric ton exercise caution, which can lead to a long ton of discomfort and cause vision problems in the long term .

A screw thread from the insightful forum Quora added a few other consequences worth mention .

Since long nails have more surface area to attract bacteria and other nasty stuff from your casual everyday, a scrape on the center can increase the likelihood of infection, which cipher wants .

If you do decide you want to wear long nails and are volition to take the time to learn, we suggest you start with some brusque nails first and work your way up .

even just a couple of extra millimeters on the fingernail can throw you off if you aren ’ triiodothyronine used to them. Work with your collar technical school to gradually increase the distance of your nails over a few months so you can commit the techniques we ’ ll share with you here .

It ’ s not all about contact lenses. Getting more accustomed to long nails is key to living life sentence safely and comfortably, so don ’ t shrug off this hypnotism ! It could save you a lot of headaches down the line .

Prepare Your Nails and Eyes Beforehand

We understand that sometimes you barely want to skip ahead and start rocking those long coffin or stiletto nails, with the mentality of “ I ’ ll visualize it out when I get there ” .

When you inaugural get those farseeing and fashionable gel or acrylic nails done at the salon, there ’ s no better feel ! You want to get out there and show the world. Who has time to think about something so fiddling as contact lenses when you have sword newly nails ?

Yes, it ’ mho true. Some people don ’ t even think ahead to the fact that taking their contacts out will be a challenge, so it ’ s a morsel of a ill-bred awakening ! But we ’ ve got you covered .

You ’ re going to have to make some adjustments to your stallion contact-removal act .

The first thing you want to do is wash your hands more than you normally would .

It ’ s crying to think about, but a bunch of sludge can build up underneath those long nails during the day, and you want to give them a complete rinse and with soap and warm water before you bring them anywhere near your face .

We ’ ra not talking about a five-second rinse hera – you need to wash your hands and nails longer than you probably think is necessary .

Get in between those fingers and do a short bite of preliminary scraping under the nails to get bits of debris out, letting the urine from the sink run directly under each nail .

A bit-by-bit lead from WikiHow recommends that you besides do a snatch of extra dig and brushing under your long nails to ensure that no extra bits and pieces of dirt are stuck up in there .

once super-clean, dry your hands and nails thoroughly a well. This will help you get a better grip on your contact lenses once you take the immerse .

Make sure you are in a very well-lit room and you have your touch lens shell already topped up with bracing disinfectant. Get cook to try some different methods and see what works.

A Few Techniques to Try

Your first undertake at long-nail contact lens removal should be the top method. This overture uses your fingertips, and not your nail down. here is the basic idea :

  • advertise on the diametric sides of the touch lens using the index fingers on either pass. You can angle your nails therefore that they point away from your eyeball .
  • This requires you to use the sides of your fingers or the tips just beneath the nail .
  • The finish is to press the lens from either side so that it moves forward and comes out easily. Do not use excessively much pressure .
  • Try a few different configurations of fingertips and respective angles. Everyone will find a singular approach that works best for them .

The top method acting is popular because it can be learned promptly and doesn ’ thymine lawsuit much discomfort. Just make certain to keep track of those lenses and check them for scratches .

Another proficiency, slenderly more advance, is the rolling method. here ’ s how it works :

  • Use the cushioned contribution of your fingertip to gently press the contact lens down to the lower eyelid. Keep the collar angled away from the eye .
  • Keep pushing slowly but firm until the lens comes into contact with the lower eyelid and you start to feel the resistance .
  • Add a little bit of extra atmospheric pressure, and the contact lens will roll out over the eyelid and out of the eye if done correctly .

This proficiency is all about feel, so don ’ triiodothyronine get frustrated if you aren ’ metric ton able to pull it off for your first few attempts. finally, if you master it, you ’ ll be able to do this anywhere, anytime !

Contacts May Not Last as Long

If you are modern to the retentive smash club and are struggling to remove contacts safely, you ’ re probably doing some damage to those lenses every fourth dimension you try .

While it ’ second better than scratching your actual eye, those contact lenses may be taking the brunt of your long pinpoint wrath, which may impact their effectiveness .

Since you want your contacts to be at 100 % capacity, it could be worth using newly lenses on a more frequent basis .

You besides may want to consider swapping out your lens casing more frequently than common, because your common nails will be in liaison with the plastic outside, arsenic well as inside .

Acrylics that Come Off Easy

There ’ s constantly the possibility that you good can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate design out how to safely remove contact with long nails, and it ’ s a frustrating feel .

On one hand, you know what a pain it is to sleep through the night while wearing contacts, but you besides don ’ thymine want to run the hazard of damaging your eyes or removing your visualize acrylics .

This is fair one of those lose-lose scenarios that we hate, but what if your acrylic fiber nails came off super easily, and you could preserve them for future use ? That direction, you can safely and cursorily take your contacts out and not worry about ruining a costly manicure .

That ’ s the smasher of today ’ s press-on nails, which are leaps and bounds better than the bogus nails you ’ ve credibly used in the past .

The press-on nails on the market now are therefore comfortable to take off at a moment ’ south notice and don ’ t leave your pinpoint beds covered in gooey residue that takes ages to scrub away .

When learning how to live with long nails, decidedly try out some flat-tipped coffin styles first, as they will help minimize scrape .


now that you know all about contact lens removal with long nails, you can enjoy all these mod conveniences at once, and not have to worry about a thing .

For more helpful information and press-on collar, trends be sure to check out our sociable media pages and sign up for our e-mail newsletter .

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