Follow These 5 Steps to Remove Press-on Nails In a Flash

Press-on nails are a great way to achieve a professional-looking manicure in minutes. Whenever I ‘m in a rush and do n’t have meter to get a manicure, they literally save the day ! The only downside is that removing press-on nails can be a conflict .

If like me, you love press-on nails but find the removal process a moment of a challenge, we ‘re hera to help. Below, we asked fame manicurist and KISS Nails stigmatize ambassador, Gina Edwards, to share tips on how to remove press-on nails easily, without damaging your natural nails .

step 1 : Soak Your Nails

” If you used breeze through glue to apply your press-on nails, you ‘ll want to soak them in an acetone-based collar polish remover mix with a little child oil, to prevent dry skin, ” says Edwards. “ Soak them for about five minutes and check them regularly. ”

On the flip side, if your press-on nails have a awkward adhesive support, it ‘s best to soak your nails in a bowl of affectionate buttery water before removing them, this will help to loosen the adhesive material. To start, pour warm water in a stadium and add a few drops of pass soap. then place your fingertips in the water and let your nails soak for about 10 minutes .

step 2 : Apply Cuticle Oil

To help loosen the press-on nails and moisturize your natural nails, apply a few drops of carapace oil to the areas equitable under the press-ons and let the oil overcharge in. After a few minutes, check the nails to see if they are loosen enough to take off .

” Avoid prying off the nails before they are fix, ” says Edwards. “ You ‘ll know it ‘s time to remove them if you feel a light dismissal between the press-on and your nail go to bed. ”

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step 3 : Use an Orangewood Stick to Loosen the Press-On Nails

” Slowly take an orangewood lodge or KISS Glue Off around the edges of the press-on nails to loosen them, ” says Edwards. “ KISS Glue Off is a favored of mine, it has an applicator point that helps to remove press-on nails efficaciously. ”

Make sure you take your meter and have solitaire. “ Work lightly and lento, this will help to prevent wrong, ” explains the manicurist .

step 4 : Peel Off Any Leftover Adhesive

once you ‘ve removed the press-on nails, use an orangewood pin to lightly peel off any adhesive material, then apply complete polish remover on a cotton ball to remove any sticky remains.

step 5 : Give Your Nails Some TLC

After you ‘ve removed your press-on nails, you ‘ll want to give your natural nails a little TLC. “ Push back your cuticles and use a 240 grit buff to lightly smooth the coat of your nail, ” says Edwards. “ A good bridge player dissemble does wonders angstrom well — add your front-runner lifelike petroleum so it all soaks in. ”

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