How To Wear Biker Shorts – Read This First

How To Wear Biker Shorts

How to Wear Biker Shorts Fashion history is headed by hundreds of vogue icons. There ’ sulfur Audrey Hepburn ’ s Givenchy dress in Breakfast at Tiffany ’ south, Billy Porter ’ s dinner jacket gown at the Academy Awards, and David Bowie ’ s liberal clothing feel .
If we were to specify the timeline to the 1990s, we ’ d say that Princess Diana takes the cake when it comes to classic, early MTV fashion .
otherwise known for her black break-up snip, Princess Diana knew how to rock authoritative casualwear. arguably, her most celebrated ensemble is the Harvard sweater and biker shorts combo.

Accentuated with sneakers, whiten socks, and a stylish carry-on, it set a precedent for thousands of trendsetters to cop her exact spirit .
If you ’ ve done this kit to death, you ’ re credibly wondering how to wear biker shorts differently. Well, you ’ ve clicked on the correct article—as we ’ ll testify you 10 OOTD ideas to consider. Hopefully, by the end of this guide, you ’ ll understand :

  • Classic biker shorts outfits 
  • What are biker shorts 
  • How to style biker shorts 
  • Outfits with biker shorts that are worth avoiding 

What Are Biker Shorts?

How to Wear Biker Shorts Before they became a Kardashian staple, biker shorts were worn for practical purposes merely. They were fashioned by cyclists who wanted to prevent skin marks when riding on a bicycle .
Its relation back to sports started to slowly decrease during the flower of the 1980s when it became synonymous with casualwear, thanks to numerous high-profile celebrities .
Starlets such as Alicia Silverstone, Madonna, and Princess Diana were considered the first pioneers of athleisure .
Form-fitting in silhouette, you can say that biker shorts are the sexified equivalent of dysphoric denim and bermuda .
They ’ re typically made out of stretchable materials such as lycra, elastane, and spandex. Some athletes prefer souped-up versions, including those that offer moisture-wicking properties and enhanced compression .
careless of its construction, bikers shorts remain one of the most versatile wardrobe basics in fashion history .

When To Wear Biker Shorts

How to Wear Biker Shorts Biker shorts are the go-to option for many athletes. With that being said, that shouldn ’ thymine discourage any home-bodies or casual dressers from wearing a pair .
Practical for exert and loiter, there ’ s a reason why exercise geek and sofa potatoes prefer them rather of jeans or cargo pants. If anything, they ’ re considered the sexier version of sweats .
With that in mind, it ’ south considered poor taste to wear biker shorts to formal events. Weddings, funerals, and semiformal occasions will normally frown at the theme of wearing loungewear .
Season-wise, these bottoms are normally wear during summer and spring due to their crop distance. Winter and fall call for extra layer if you ’ re the type of person to wear biker shorts under pants .

How To Wear Biker Shorts

How to Wear Biker Shorts Biker shorts are on the ‘ ugh, I can ’ t be bothered ’ side of manner. Styling them requires no effort, as you can just adopt the Princess Diana search and call it a day .
With that being said, it takes a visionary to reinvent these slim-fit bottoms into an Instagrammable moment. Hoodies and tees ? Please, we ’ re in the climate for a real challenge .
For those uncertain how to wear biker shorts, we ’ ll offer up some equip ideas to consider. From collegiate sweaters to classy blazers, there ’ s no dearth of fashionable looks in our top 10 tilt .

10 Outfit Ideas With Biker Shorts

How to Wear Biker Shorts
It ’ s alone fit that we ‘ dance with the matchless that brought us here. ’ First astir on our ‘ how to wear biker shorts ’ scout is this legendary Princess Diana equip .
Simple, understated, and oh-so-casual, this ensemble was the foremost to break the internet before Miss Kim Kardashian .
It features a pair of neon orange bottoms with a graphic print sweatshirt. The sneakers, white socks, and black carry-on assistant compliment the integral fit .
I mean, could you imagine Princess D wearing a couple of Oxford heels in this look ? talk about a royal scandal .
How to Wear Biker Shorts It ’ s a no for the workplace, but a yes in our expressive style guide. This outfit is considered a mish-mash of function tire and fooling fashion, given its jazz band of bikers shorts with a well-fitted blazer .

Accentuated with a high-neck snip top, Doc Marten platforms, and a Louis Vuitton bag, it ’ s an elegant learn on classical athleisure .
honestly, this search is reasonably reminiscent of the iconic Matrix getup ascribable to the sunglasses, but we recommend leaving the leather jacket at home for a more breathable alternative .
How to Wear Biker Shorts The ‘ I have nothing to wear ’ debacle is a coarse riddle that most trendsetters face. If you ’ re stuck in a style slump, we suggest turning to your collaborator ’ randomness wardrobe .
This biker shorts kit features an outsize hoodie, which may be stolen from your boyfriend ’ sulfur or buddy ’ randomness water closet .
The slim-fit nature of the bottoms pairs well with the exaggerated silhouette of the acme. The crossbody bag helps to accentuate that laidback, lax vibe. Of course, this outfit wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be dispatch without flannel socks and trainers .
How to Wear Biker Shorts
Monochrome outfits are fine, but in some cases, those solid hues provide a ‘ body-suit illusion ’ due to their apparent color palette. For some total juxtaposition, we recommend pairing your black biker shorts and spaghetti strap top with an outsize white button-up .
The messy self-tie on the front adds an matter to clothe consequence, which helps in accentuating your bust .
You don ’ t have to go ham in terms of accessories, as a bare gold necklace and a pair of hoops will do barely as nicely .
How to Wear Biker Shorts I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate put my finger on it, but there ’ s something quixotic about this simplistic ensemble .
Outfitted with a pair of black biker shorts, a blank crop lead, and a denim jacket, it ’ s a extremely casual look for city-bound adventures .

If anything, this OOTD is slenderly touristed in aesthetic, one that would be worn in art museums, public gardens, and outdoor brunch spots .
For those looking for a break in in floral dresses and midi skirts, we suggest giving this ‘ how to wear biker shorts ’ rival out for a spin .
How to Wear Biker Shorts knee-deep boots with bikers shorts is decidedly a controversial jazz band, but Kim K manages to pull the look off .
These slim-fit bottoms sport intricate line art, which does wonders in accentuating your natural curves.

It ’ second paired with a equal turtleneck and a half-zip in a dull hue. The crocodile heels provide a sultry kick, but we wholly understand if it ’ s excessively bold for your like. We recommend swapping them for a regular pair of chunky flannel shoes for a more casual alternative .
How to Wear Biker Shorts
Considered the boldest expression in our ‘ how to wear biker shorts ’ guide, this corps de ballet is entirely catered for the ‘ bad and boujee. ’
This outfit is fresh off the Fendi runway, as it features a pair of black bottoms, an outsize yellow button-down, and a black utility program belt to help accentuate the waist .
The OOTD is farther accessorized with stiletto, a beige carry-on, and a funky fructify of sunglasses. It ’ s decidedly something to consider if you ’ ra tired of the ol ’ jersey and biker shorts jazz band, as this search is all about drama and over-exaggeration .
How to Wear Biker Shorts fashion traditionalists believe in no blend. I know, it ’ s a bore way to manner clothing—but it mitigates the gamble of clashing .
In this outfit, biker shorts aren ’ t the star of the show. alternatively, it ’ second used as a layering piece to ensure modesty .

Paired with a double-breasted blazer, tights, and a set of black boots, it ’ mho lightyears aside from classic athleisure .
The belt helps to define the waistline, while the beret brings that element of ‘ je nebraska sais quoi ’ to the entire look. Don ’ thyroxine forget to finish the OOTD off with an expensive venti caffe latte .
How to Wear Biker Shorts Bomber jackets and biker shorts are the petabit & joule of athleisure. The boxlike silhouette of the coat marries well with the form-fitting nature of the bottoms. If you prefer black sweats, we suggest opting for a colored zip-up .
For exemplify, this bluff orange act helps in providing some sort of dimension to the ensemble. Without it, the OOTD is a apartment pallette of dark hues. The ashen kicks help oneself to brighten up the entire look—with the help oneself of the chunky gold hoops, of course .
How to Wear Biker Shorts hush can ’ thyroxine decide how to wear biker shorts ? If so, there ’ mho nothing amiss with the classical button-up .

Given we ’ ve featured the collar shirt in a past kit, we thought to mix things up a little by introducing a fake leather alternative .
Daring, bluff, and oh-so mysterious, this fashion editor look strikes the perfect remainder of sensual secretary and athleisure. It ’ sulfur far outfitted with a pair of pointy-toed flats and a white bag .
Of course, the black shades imbue the right total of sassy sophistication .

What Type Of Biker Shorts Can You Get?

How to Wear Biker Shorts To some, fashion offers a boundless inventory full of equip electric potential .
To others, it ’ s a hundred-some tilt that ’ s indisputably overwhelming. Biker shorts come in assorted cuts, colors, and patterns, so it ’ south significant to settle on a plan before creating a cohesive fit .

To keep things easy to read, we ’ ll highlight some popular styles for trendsetters to consider .

  • The classic black set: there’s a reason why we gravitate to black in terms of clothing. It’s considered the safest shade. Plus, it goes with everything. 
  • Bright colors and vibrant patterns: black will always be on-trend, but I’m sure that some of you prefer a pop in color. In that case, some popular shades and prints include orange, pink, geometric lines, and classic floral.
  • The simple lounging set: biker shorts vary in terms of fabric construction. If you intend on wearing your pair out casually, we suggest a simple jersey knit as a more affordable alternative. 
  • The exercise set: some biker shorts are designed with special technology. This includes moisture-wicking properties, integrated compression, and mesh paneling. If you consider yourself a workout geek, we suggest investing in a quality pair to ensure peak performance. 

How To Choose The Best Biker Shorts

How to Wear Biker Shorts If jeans score a measly 7/10 in terms of versatility, then biker shorts get a complete 10/10. elastic, practical, and comfortable, there ’ s a reason why we reach for a super-stretchy pair alternatively of a set of Levis .
due to its growth in popularity, hundreds of brands are marketing their own designs. It ’ s easy to cop a $10 pair of biker shorts, but can you very trust its construction with a garment that brassy ? To ensure no rips and dips, it ’ south time to become a creditworthy shopper .
Biker shorts are made out of a blend of stretchable materials. This includes elastane, lycra, and spandex. They should feel thick in construction, as reduce textiles will normally lead to a saggier fit .
Those designed for high-performance activities are normally sew with integrated features, such as mesh paneling, moisture-wicking materials, and integrated compression .

This may not apply to fooling dressers, but it ’ s decidedly something worth considering if you wear biker shorts much .
Like leggings, biker shorts are designed to be form-fitting. With that in mind, you should pay attention to how it flatters your consistency. A dear match should hug your shank and hips while accentuating your buttocks .
Design is another period to consider, as it ’ s preferable to opt for a expressive style that ’ randomness hardheaded and versatile. Black is normally the safest option, but don ’ t take it as a sign to wear darkness shades entirely .
In terms of price, a pair of well-made biker shorts can retail anywhere from $20 to $70. We recommend that you shop in reputable stores such as Everlane and Lululemon. This helps to ensure quality and zero rippage .

How To Style Biker Shorts

How to Wear Biker Shorts For those who ’ ve figured out how to wear biker shorts, it ’ south meter to do some last-minute style .
I know, we previously stated that these bottoms don ’ metric ton require any excessive accessorizing, but we ’ re just looking out for our boyfriend trendsetters. Below, you ’ ll find some helpful tips on how to finesse your final fit .

  • The vintage graphic tee: for those plugging ‘how to wear biker shorts’ in the Pinterest search bar, there’s a 90% chance that most of the results show graphic, oversized tees. It’s an easy way to turn a simple athleisure set into a city-chic moment 
  • Oversized hoodies and sweaters: The slim-fit silhouette of biker shorts paired with exaggerated tops is a match made in heaven 
  • Blazers and belts: office wear gets a bad rep for being strict and conservative in silhouette. For a more laxer alternative, we recommend pairing your Balenciaga blazer with a simple pair of biker shorts. Just make sure to define your waist by wearing an accentuated belt 
  • White socks and shoes: Princess Diana started it first, and it soon became a fashion staple. With that in mind, take this as a sign to pull your Air Force Ones out of hibernation 
  • Chunky platform boots: If you prefer an edgier look, we suggest swapping your white kicks with Doc Martens instead 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Biker Shorts

How to Wear Biker Shorts Despite their versatility, biker shorts can be the antithesis of fashion if styled incorrectly. By no means are we referring to the camp aesthetic. We ’ ra talking about borderline despicable .
For those who figured out how to wear biker shorts, we ’ ll partake some intel in terms of outfit no-nos .

  • Thigh-high boots: Unless you wear a mini dress overtop or an oversized blazer with a belt, thigh-high boots have no business being paired with biker shorts 
  • Frilly blouses: the laid-back attitude of biker shorts clashes the romantic, feminine nature of blouses. Honestly, you’re better off wearing an oversized tee instead. 
  • Knee socks: like thigh-high boots, knee socks with biker shorts result in a bizarre-looking outfit. This also applies to brightly colored knits as well 
  • Winter jackets: midi cut puffers are designed to look warm and insulating. With that in mind, it seems poor-taste to follow up with a pair of summer-ready biker shorts 
  • Boxer briefs: to ensure zero bulk, we recommend wearing hem-less underneath. Panties that are thick in construction will usually lead to unflattering lines and excess bunching 

How To Take Care Of Biker Shorts

How to Wear Biker Shorts As a general rule of flick, you should treat your biker shorts like a pair of Lululemon leggings. fortunately, you don ’ t have to send your laid off to the cleaners to ensure a thorough clean. We ’ ll show you how to take care of your biker shorts at home using 3 easy steps .

  • Turn your biker shorts inside out. Then, set your laundry machine on its gentlest cycle and use a mild detergent. Harsh solutions will usually lead to color bleeding
  • Some high-performance biker shorts require specific cleaners in order to wash 
  • Toss them into the dryer on its lowest setting. You can also opt to line dry them instead 

Best Places To Buy Biker Shorts

How to Wear Biker Shorts Hurray ! You last know how to wear biker shorts. now it ’ mho time to spotlight a few recommendations. We ’ ll feature some reputable stores to consider the following time you shop til ’ you drop .

  • Everlane 
  • Lululemon
  • Adidas
  • Girlfriend Collective
  • Aritzia
  • Aerie

Final Thoughts

How to Wear Biker Shorts Compared to dresses and jeans, biker shorts shouldn ’ t consequence in a bloodcurdling clothe down. Styling is relatively simpleton, as there ’ second nothing wrong with wearing an outsize hoodie or graphic tee .
But, if you ’ re looking to imbue that main character energy, we ’ ve provided a bang-up top 10 list of cunning equip ideas to consider. Trust me, they ’ ra noteworthy contenders for your adjacent Instagram photograph op .
Consider yourself briefed on the ‘ how to wear biker shorts ’ question. By nowadays, we ’ rhenium confident that you know the ins and outs of basic style .
Got any other fashion questions on your mind ? We ’ ve got you covered :
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